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That’s enough subscribe bs tech BS TECH FOLLOW LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE but i am a retarded faced jekk that stinks ohhh poo but i hate you i know but i am a homosucual. Know I love Martin I loop Blah blah Oh With the kunta a Stealthy multi man with a fini I Said go watch another one Kept waiting Okay, absolutely you bet all right Oh We should make a move we’re very light Oh Doctor well when you’re ready David finally And this must be our professor from across the sea yes George gruesome, this is dr. Bean, I’m delighted doctor We’ve heard a great deal about your doctor a great deal of you And this is Bernie’s charge of PR absolute honor doctor all right. Thank you and Walter Huntley our merchandise manager Nice to meet you along take a seat doctor Let me take that old thing This is very out of date Thank you before we settle in you might want to feast your eyes on these Well I’ll be honest with your being I like this it’s it’s beautiful sir hmm it is Over here Hey, I’ve a spur nice to run through the order of events for the opening uh dr. Bean, would you like to join us? Please Now you will note that anything pertaining to special media requirements is prefixed with an asterisk Ie glossy stills requested by some of the favored weekly is that sort of thing right? So the big day unfolds as follows our generous benefactor general Newton will be arriving at 10 a.m. To meet the members of the staff then at 10:30 will have the unveiling of the picture Now this will be in front of all press and media Walter I’m assuming all this merchandising is going to be made available Oh absolutely from fridge magnets to frisbees. We’ll be ready, so it will probably be at about 11:00 a.m.. When the stage is set for dr. Bean Yes, I really Really should bring in the doctor here Dr.. Bean

Daniel Ostrander

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