World Record Soda Mentos Geyser

today is a very important day in the history of nickipedia today we are attempting the soda mentos geyser world record it’s gonna be great so here’s what’s gonna happen people come over here come join me so we have here marked off little increments here we have five feet ten feet we have just over five meters just over 16 feet which is the record we knew we couldn’t do this just a regular old bottle right because well you know what we’re going to show you exactly what it looks like with just one bottle ok now as you can see there’s just there’s a limited amount of soda there’s a limited amount of mentos so what we need is we need a bigger container because well here next video we want to go big right so here I’m going to put five gallons of diet soda here we’re going to wreak arbonne 84 carbonate this case already carbon-dated we’re going to you know add any combination that we lost in the pouring process with our co2 tank just like how I sodastream works gonna do that all over here that’s the dangerous part okay because if it blows up I don’t want this thing coming out my face because that would be bad nobody wants then where we’ve divided we’ve created this device very similar to one you just off all right but we made it bigger so what we did is we took that exact same steve Spangler device and we made it ten times as big ok we all know it looks like 24 there’s my apex mentos so the mental looks really smooth but actually if you look at on a microscopic level there is all these little deviations and crevices right and so those serve as nucleation sites and so what happens when the co2 is dissolved in that liquid it hits that little pocket of air in these little tiny crevices and then creates a little tiny bubble and as that bubble grossed more co2 comes into that bubble and eventually overcome buoyancy and goes upwards as foam as a bubble if we get a lot of those a lot of those bubbles then we’ll actually get pressure enough to create almost like a foam mountain that will be like a projectile out through the top older soda holds onto dissolved gas more right so gases dissolved in colder liquids a lot better than warmer liquid so if we keep it on ice then this you will stay on their lot easier when i’m doing this poor then after we re carbonate up with our method over here with like actually taking up to about 30 psi was very dangerous we’re going to see off the top we’re going to put in this little video here good dump this in their old nice and carbonated we’re gonna bring it back up to room temperature at that point the co2 will be ready for its debut to break the world record for the largest soda and mentos geyser ever are all right i’m gonna go ahead and do the hardest part about it was actually born all the soda here now we tried this once before we showed up way too much to the top here as we pulled the Mentos react to quickly and actually push the Mentos back up into our device I’m gonna bring it down to about right here this time around and was going to give it a try else to happens more in lab coat not because I feel like I’m in danger of the diet soda many sorts because i don’t want to be wearing diet soda for the rest of the day I here we go three 22 I gotta work work work and don’t oh my god it totally worked Wow look at the record look we’re went bow wow wow yeah wow science science nickipedia 1 coke mentos thing well he won last time so thick it’s gonna be 100 ms guys are one but we eventually guy we’re going to make science grade again people all right I’m recap it a hundred that works as you can see over here all the Mentos finally got inside wewe kind of like tape this area off so we can keep all the pressure in there about half usually do this in a two-liter you get like you know down to you almost all the soda yeah I’m still in shock that’s amazing I can’t leave work so i have you liked this video go ahead and give us a thumbs up on the comment section below let me know like what do you think I mean we did it we we broke the record so i did this boy your mind as much as it blew my mind we do this whole collaboration with the la CI the link to la CI is in the description below what you check them out they’re always doing new stuff I definitely you guys check it out very cool we could not have done this without them so we owe them a huge thank you and yeah we’ll see you really soon as we have a lot of new videos just like this one we’re gonna be doing a lot of really big science experiments release videos on Tuesday and on Friday and i’ll see you guys listen

Daniel Ostrander

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