WORLD RECORD in the Himalayas 2018 ?! | RokON Vlog #53

WORLD RECORD in the Himalayas 2018 ?! | RokON Vlog #53

We are climbing up the Himalaya I’m running for 10 hours Marathon, I told you we’re gonna do some extreme stuff guys. I’m joking he’s only 10 seconds Ronnie the bike is in this car so We’re bringing my freestyle bike high in the mountain. I go back in the car You just arrived at the starting line of the only nice paved road here in the Houston area So I’m gonna just race now up to the highest point I can we try freestyle Duke and drop some cool tricks So let’s do that. Let’s start the adventure Okay, I’m just gonna quickly introduce our friend from maple. My name is Agustin. She’s gonna Help us with drones because it’s legal for us foreigners. I’d like Rhonda These are support all shots our friend We have some dukers in him alive who would’ve thought that right 600 you know from this place you just asked me is rock over there, yeah Yes, what is out there go and get a photograph, so he you travel 600 kilometers to come here is there ever a 16-7 75070 So this what I call a true rockers. He just raised the level What means to be a rock on fact man? Thank you very much? It’s on the limit luckily we have crash pages and subpages They have my back hurts my back hurts It’s a long traveled two days of up and downs in the mountains, but we are here now Dominic You know where we are it was dark area But I don’t know exactly they told me where we are in muktinath Mustang and we are on 3664 metres man You’ve been higher in your life. No never me too man. So I feel a bit breathing, but we came here to make history If these are a bit on my social media that we’re gonna make history But I didn’t want to say what exactly we’re gonna Do I didn’t know if we even arrived here since it’s so far so we are here now and we’re gonna do guys Are you ready? We’re gonna do a world record the highest stunt riding show on the planet. We’re gonna attend it I’m gonna try my best, and hope I’m gonna do it and what I need to do It’s 20 minutes show, and it sounds may be easy but since we are so high It’s very hard to breathe so we prepared our oxygen box. Why is that important if I fade? I hope I will not fade when I do tricks that means a hard crash And we don’t want this so the only thing that gonna. Take me back to the hospital is a chopper and Yeah, if I feel bad I need to stop they told me and to breathe and maybe I can bleed or puke or it’s very hard and another big point That makes my job hard the bike has 30 horsepower in the normal attitude and now when we are so high at 3664 metres we have around 30% less power making tricks and for 20 minutes That’s gonna be a tough one to make it official we prepared two phones right Markel this one is what? It’s for time and the other one for altitude altitude and the camera so it’s shooting everything So we have the proof for the world record and maybe Both of them so let’s see are you ready ready Man, but without my lucky jacket the rockin jacket I will not attend this trick so to change this jacket Won’t go on the spectators are already waiting. Yeah guys, are you ready? Okay, let’s do the world record my Katie our family’s real ready Without them. I wouldn’t be here so thank you guys, so let’s make the world record I see only white spots This is the hardest show Rather than in my life nobody we did it it was worth it. We cannot say sure that the world record is done We need to send a video to the goon. You know for the record right Michael come here, man KTM a pawn, those are the guys that brought us here to make this possible Guys I need my oxygen tube 250 is now Rocking Nepal also and rock in the world. See you in the next vlog until then Thank you KTM maple man You guys are amazing without you this wouldn’t be possible So you brought us like we’ve been travelling 2 days that we can make this world record, and yeah, I I’m speechless I’m just happy I start 10 years ago to do this Sport and it brought me here on the top of the world, but without you guys I’m sorry, but this emotion is trying to reel in the Kerala and Headlands without you we wouldn’t be here so we did it Marco, that’s the blow from Apple. That’s our last adventure once again. Thanks to KTM Apple. See you See you see you in the next block

Daniel Ostrander

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