Will this $1000 Nike Abandoned Storage Unit Pay off?

Will this $1000 Nike Abandoned Storage Unit Pay off?

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Will this $1000 Nike Abandoned Storage Unit Pay off?

  1. Oh bleezy says:

    I have that same invicta watch case. Fun fact they only gave those cases out on carnival cruise ships. And the watch is a limited edition carnival invicta.

  2. Luis says:

    His heart was beating before he opened that nike box he was im bout to coppe some new nikes in his mind than oh this is a nice iron

  3. Hnsey says:

    Those yeezys are worth 900

  4. Oneeb Farooq says:

    "uh we could donate these" skims over yeezys 😂

  5. Bros before Hoes says:

    I’ll buy the iPhone 6s Plus for $ but I don’t live there

  6. E * says:

    i love your channel big fan

  7. FireKicks says:

    Yo those are Yeezy V2 in that box

  8. lil JB young says:

    You got som yaeszes

  9. Armed Assassin says:

    You passed over the yeeezysss

  10. Eyoseyas says:

    Did you see the yeezys

  11. Archie Lu says:

    PS4 controller go for 20 – 50

  12. DreDay4201 4201 says:

    Invicta is cheap

  13. Luid_ Dark says:

    Those balugas are worth around 500 to 600 dollars

  14. Dann kl says:

    You could sell all those drugs and make ur money back lol

  15. Addelyn Cook says:

    He just looked right over the yeezeys and said “ we just got Nike’s “

  16. BeardedBuilder says:

    You passing over those Beluga Yeezys was tragic

  17. Gabriel Pereyra says:

    It’s kinda sad to think of the people’s lives that were in that unit and the circumstances that lead them losing the unit.

  18. Andre Guinto says:

    I feel like those belugas are fake bcs the orange mark is far from the tip of the shoe unlike the legit ones

  19. XeX Savage says:

    The pills gonna sell

  20. Jacey Chmelar says:

    That fendi box is honestly probably for a belt or small accessory

  21. Arvy Lim says:

    Trash commentaries HAHA ur channel sucks!

  22. mathew w says:

    Jordans looked kinda fake

  23. Hype Vlogs says:

    Damn he passed on the yeezys

  24. Obed Calvo says:

    If those yeezys are real the could go for 300

  25. Ovx says:

    26:31 was that a designer belt?
    Seen the fendi box, could be it

  26. BissettFN says:

    Reminds me of storage wars, love it

  27. Duckisthename says:

    The yeezys😐

  28. Henry Lyskava says:

    24:43 No way lol if those yeezy belugas are real your making a ton of money for those lmaooo

  29. Alex Franks says:

    925 is sterling silver

  30. Liam Castell says:


  31. alexander moreno says:

    Fake it to make it..

  32. AznZ Tyliz says:

    Theirs yeezys in the box it will cost u 1000$

  33. Gavin Bergollo says:

    24:38 who else got triggerd when they saw the yezzys

  34. Joryn Walker says:

    Being a cultured person this video aggravates me

  35. Steven Eaton says:

    Subbed. Been looking for a genuine content creator like this for a while now! Keep up the great work and I’ll keep viewing in👍🏼

  36. Gavin Bergollo says:

    32:38 fortnite: oh I found a chest

    Opens chest : oh bandages

  37. EilishSuff says:

    Yezzy's are really expensive

  38. Ghostslayer5202 says:

    I love that he starts playing mario. Lol

  39. sav boys says:

    Those go for 500

  40. bikelife dante14 says:

    This man got yeezys in the shoe box an said he only got nikes💀😭

  41. A L says:

    Yeezys are dead so don’t worry what’s a yeezy

  42. mikey gibson says:

    I woulda been checking what’s in those bill bottles those worth some money 😂

  43. mikey gibson says:

    How much them yeezys go for

  44. Mr.Unknown Cali-Life says:

    Your so lucky . Maybe a drug dealer got busted lost his storage lol

  45. Broski Dhddbddbbxb says:

    U ignored the orange and gray shoes that are worth more then your whole storage

  46. Izaq Vlogs says:

    U found yeezys u can sell around 500$ if they are good

  47. Kellerwärter says:

    24:43 the gray shoes with the orange stripes are worth 500$ with the box

  48. Sedric TheGamer says:

    finds g-shock “I’ll look this up later I never assume anything”🧐but he jus assumed those belugas are Walmart shoes so how doe that work 🤭

  49. DK RIDES says:

    Them yeezy fake asf

  50. AK Videos says:

    3:20 it is cool brand

  51. Caution true gamer says:

    Did u find out if the yeezy beluga was real or not?

  52. Alvin Romeros says:

    You left the yeezys

  53. Trayvon Johnson says:

    Anyone else notice the pair of yeezy’s

  54. Anthony Garibaldi says:

    If those are real Jordan 1 oGs you can pay for the whole unit with just one pair.

  55. Michele Lawing says:

    WooHooooooo your first video that got 1000K views! Congrats Grimes Finds crew! ♥

  56. Tomos Hawks says:

    I got triggered I was click baited and then he looked over a pair of 350s lol

  57. sniper435rogerfu YT says:

    Yeesy are very expensive

  58. DeVon Productions says:

    Hey bro any chance I can have the XXL mags

  59. chaney crosby says:

    Yo he didn’t even notice the grey and orange 350 yeezys going for $350 thag kills me he said we can just donate these

  60. A L says:

    If you seriously need help with shoes comment on this

  61. Cat S says:

    Hale$ yeah. Hope you get something good

  62. Mahmoud Rubeya says:

    Sent by the hale$. Keep up the good work

  63. Francisca Lopez says:

    Grind Finds what the Hale$, Yeezy? Lots of foot wear that is!

  64. Grimes Finds says:

    Y’all checkout my community tab post to see who’s on the next episode sneaker heads!

  65. Lucas Stout says:

    I love how with the testosterone was for steroids it could have been had a deficiency where they didnt produce enough or the person could have been trans.

  66. W P says:

    But the Kobe magazine too … fam doesn’t even know where the $ is

  67. Christina Carnicom says:

    Treasure hustlers sent me new subscriber woot woot

  68. Thrift Trader says:

    Dang bro. Those watches. Holy smokes!

  69. Patdees 72 says:

    Wow great for you guys over 120,000 views.

  70. Haidyn Long says:

    Hey, did you sell those yeezys that I found with the hats? If not message me I want em

  71. Zero Fursy says:

    Still got that Louis bag?

  72. byBirthh says:

    Those aren’t real… orange stripe is too short.

  73. Grimes Finds says:

    I GET IT!!! I MISSED THE YEEZYS LOL!!! So I went to get schooled by one of the best in The Business… SLOBBY ROBBY from Generation Cool!

  74. YEEZUS Vids says:

    When he missed the OG belugas I was trippinnnn

  75. Andrew Nguyen says:

    Yeezy 350 bulugas

  76. jason waycott says:

    Pirate sent me

  77. AlllieBow says:

    Why don’t you have more subscribers? Your channel is very entertaining. Keep it up.

  78. Robin Huntley says:

    Grimes views go up. Plants Yeezy’s in every video from here on out. (Not a bad idea). Lol (I saw em first) ♥️ you Justin!

  79. ZeldaMaster John says:

    Cool video friend awesome channel much support

  80. DianeDeeTrying says:

    Hi, Grimes Finds.

  81. DianeDeeTrying says:

    Great intro music. Hi, Grimes Finds. I came over from a live channel to show you support. Thanks, for sharing.

  82. Reviews On This and That says:

    Hello, met you on the Pusa Studios Live Stream, Very cool video man, gosh that unit had so much stuff in it, thanks for sharing my new friend

  83. Jacqueline xo says:

    Hi guys! This is a great channel! Very interesting and funny! Have a great week !!

  84. Sheila Grimm says:

    O my goodness

  85. Glenn Ewell says:

    Hey Grimes, just seen you on what the Hale's, and Jeremy said check you out so I subscribed to your YouTube channel. I hope Jeremy gives you the message call because I noticed your cover on your head.

    And I am assuming I am right that you served in the United States Marine Corps, one jar head to another I served in 1972

    Welcome home brother

  86. Ejmr 311 says:

    The messed up thing is this video has like 127k views but you only have 8k subscribers

  87. Leah Lynch says:

    New subscriber. Came over from Locker Nuts. ☺️

  88. Dr Fish says:


  89. Sharon Guzman says:

    Blair Underwood is a African American actor

  90. Jamie Sullivan says:

    Happy late birthday david

  91. Debbie Stidiford says:

    Don't make them smaller I enjoy them as they are

  92. Dasweetestmc Mc B says:

    Wow! Great find! Much love!

  93. Shawn and Mel says:

    Hello we are new Subscribers to your channel. We love the content and hope we can stay connected ❤️. Very awesome Channel by the way 👍😀

  94. Hunting and Stuff with J and J says:

    Great to meet you

  95. LDG 508 says:

    You had to touch the flower on the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS to use the Flower

  96. OP Famine says:

    I love Invicta! I have like 8 of their watches, including the silver and blue one he found. I also a few of their limited edition ones.

  97. Dutchoffgridhomesteading says:

    heya, comming from pusa studio's I'm paul from (country) HOLLAND hoop you wanna be my friend too

  98. Davsan Esyaları says:

    24:00 for nikes

  99. Good Deal Reseller says:

    He looked right past the yeezys😬

  100. Edward Nygma says:

    Cared more about the nikes than the yeezys 😂

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