Why is There NO Record of Ancient Humans? – Randall Carlson

Why is There NO Record of Ancient Humans? – Randall Carlson

there has been some kind of a universal
system at use in the ancient world And these various cultural groups whether it
was the Egyptians or Sumerians or Mayans or the Hopewellian’s or the megalithic
builders had access to some universal system from some source that was outside
their own cultural context and I suggest that the source of that goes back into
deep time that takes us back beyond the threshold of known history into the
realm of mythical history which means we’re going back like into the Ice Age
back into the pleistocene to use the geologist term back into the to
the deep recesses of the human tenure on planet earth whose only memory has come
down to us, not in the form of recorded history, but in the form of myth and epic
story and legend and so forth because as it turns out if we in this way this is
again as a is a good topic first the sacred geometry class when we analyze
plato’s description of atlantis. Plato basically gave the date of the
sinking of atlantis as 9,000 years prior to Solon, the Athenian poet and statesman. Solon did a 10-year exile in Egypt
and brought back the tale of Atlantis and presented it to the
to the Greeks and Solon basically made that journey around 600 BC so if you had
the nine thousand years to the 600 BC we come up with a date of about eleven
thousand six hundred years ago for Plato’s date for this the demise of
Atlantis well it’s very interesting that the date eleven thousand six hundred
years has been independently discovered by geologists who look
at the tempo of various catastrophes that have occurred on earth and to those
catastrophes is where I’m now going to turn Catastrophes in the time of man: the
tempo of global change. What I’ve done here is I put a time bar that goes from
the present right here this is us now this is today right here is May 3rd at 4
o’clock. Is it 4 o’clock? that’s right here and this is a hundred and fifty
thousand years ago and the reason I used 150 thousand years is that some of the
earliest skeletal remains ever discovered of modern humans date back to
150 – even to 180 thousand years skeletons that appear to be
indistinguishable from a modern skeleton which suggests that modern humans with
presumably equivalent intelligence to our own were present on the planet at
least this far back so here we’ve got a hundred and fifty thousand year time
span. You’ll notice this little red bar at the end, that red bar represents the
span of recorded history, which is basically the advent of Sumerian
cuneiform writing so if it turns out that there were modern humans living
through this whole span of time Why is there no history? Well now you’ve
got to do is turn to these various things that I’ve put on here these are
events that have occurred and I used a certain criteria for these events and
here’s the criteria I used. I began studying the record of geological change,
climate change, environmental change and I focused on events that could be
considered catastrophic and catastrophic to the extent that were an event of an
equivalent magnitude to occur now it would basically end civilization as we
know it. That’s the criteria. What would be the magnitude of an event that it would take to terminate our modern
industrial civilization? That’s the criteria that I used. Then I begin to
search through the record of all the events that would be of that magnitude
or greater and the events that I found so far have been entered onto this graph
and they’re listed all here you can see them. and how many do we have here?
and this is not complete necessarily but we have at least 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
12, 13, 14, 15, 16 of them in a hundred and fifty thousand years so at least 16
times in the last hundred and fifty thousand years there have been climate
or environmental or geological catastrophes powerful enough that were
they occur to occur today would essentially put us back into the Stone
Age. Would essentially if you think about some of the small catastrophes we have
seen in the last few years from the the destruction of New Orleans to the great
tsunami you know to some of the big earthquakes that we’ve seen. You know New
Orleans is still not recovered, but you’ve got to imagine what would happen
if an event that was one order of magnitude greater than Katrina happened?
By that I mean ten times worse. Let’s say that we had ten cities decimated to the
extent of New Orleans. We could certainly recover from that but
it would be a major effort to do so. Now, what if we were talking about two orders
of magnitude? let’s say to put it into a rough equivalency an event that could
could cause the decimation of a hundred major urban areas. Could we recover from
that? Questionable. Now, let’s go three orders of magnitude and now we’re
talking about the equivalent of a thousand major cities completely
decimated. Okay, at that level, three orders of magnitude, that’s what these
are. Those are events that essentially would be three orders of magnitude. Once you begin to ponder this it becomes
apparent why there isn’t a record an extant record of what’s been going on
for the whole time that we humans have been here. Now, at this point you probably
haven’t tied this in with what we’ve been saying before other than I’ll point
out a few things to you that should be on set of the late Wisconsin ice age.
26,000 years before present. Remember the great year and the processional cycle? Add
about 80 years to that we’ve got 26,000 of course 26,000 you consider a figure
plus or minus a few centuries now you come through that cosmic lock that I
showed you right halfway to the cusp of the age of Leo.
twelve thousand nine hundred years ago roughly rand what happened? We have
something that happened twelve thousand nine hundred years before present onset
of the Younger Dryas climate catastrophe, first phase of the megafauna
extinctions. hmm let’s here what I’ve done is I’ve entered some green dots. Now
look at what the green dots are the green dots are basically derived
directly from the model of the great year based upon cycles of six thousand
four hundred and eighty, twelve thousand nine hundred and sixty, and then twenty
five thousand nine hundred and twenty and you’ll notice how high of a
correlation there is between the tempo of events the actual events that have
been derived by scientists without any reference to this great year model at
all and the timing of these ages of the world. Remember the six thousand four
hundred and eighty years? That was the the bull the lion the eagle and the man.
And according to the traditions each of those seasons of the great year is
inaugurated by some type of a great even.t
A transformative event a catastrophe if you will. And what I’ve done here is I
have developed a data set that shows the correlation it certainly seems from a
study of this graph that these intervals, these event nodes as I call them, the
susceptibility of something happening goes up exponentially for a short period
of time. Here’s the analogy that I have used. You’re out driving along a quiet
country road you’ve got it on you know cruise control you’re kicking back
you’re listening to some tunes you’re not paying much attention you know
you’re talking on your cell phone not much traffic
okay now you come up to a major highway the cars are like this well you’re
crossing that intersection and while you’re crossing that intersection now
suddenly you got to put your cell phone down and start paying attention because
if you don’t you’re going to get t-boned Right? Well obviously you’ve got your
whole journey and each time you cross an intersection of a major highway you know
the potential of a catastrophe increases considerably over what it would be while
you’re out there on the lone lonely country road. Well you see our planet is
on a cosmic highway around the galaxy and we’re now beginning to understand
the fine structure of the galaxy and we realize that there is a pattern in an
order to it and there’s our a tempo of these orbital revolutions there’s a
tempo of the galaxy and there’s a wave pattern of the earth moving up and down
above and below the galactic plane and within that there are sub orbital cycles
as well and we also discover that there seems to be a tempo in the delivery of
cosmic matter to the inner solar system it doesn’t seem to be random and this is
going to be beyond the scope of today’s lecture but what I’m getting at here is
that the evidence now supports the conclusion that the delivery of cosmic
material and energy energy pulses that would be affecting
earth are non random ,that they are on some kind of a cosmic timetable, a cosmic
tempo if you will. And I think this is one of the most important insights we
get from these ancient traditions is the measurement of cosmic time and how it
relates to us here on earth. You just got to know what to look for and where to
look for it. Once you begin to become aware of it and you begin to see it you
begin to realize that the cosmic fingerprints are everywhere about us
we’re in fact living in and upon the wreckage of the former worlds the rubble
of these former worlds is all around us but we haven’t had the scale of
perspective to see it and that’s where we’re at now I’m completely thrilled
with things like the emergence of Google Earth because Google Earth is now
allowing us to just somebody all of us to sit at our computers and see the
cosmic perspective of Earth and when you look at it from you know from the from
the extra-terrestrial point of view things begin to show up that we don’t
see when we’re right down here immersed on it’s so close that we’re like ants
walking under rubble and can’t can’t see what what’s around us but we do see that
we literally have built our own world in our own social system on top of and out
of the wreckage of former worlds

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Why is There NO Record of Ancient Humans? – Randall Carlson

  1. After Skool says:

    It is rare to find someone who is an expert in multiple fields. Randall Carlson is such an expert, and because he has such deep wisdom in so many different fields, he is able to make profound connections that have been lost in the sands of time. I am so incredibly thankful for this man and his work. If you are not familiar with Randall, I highly recommend listening to his podcasts with Joe Rogan or check out Sacred Geometry International.

  2. ableasdale2000 says:

    Sheer crackpottery.

  3. Be Unstoppable Fitness says:

    There’s a tempo and a timeline. Doesn’t see fit to tell us how close (estimated) we are to another event

  4. bicylindrico says:

    What is Mr. Carlson's opinion on the pole reversal theory?

  5. theipsni says:


  6. Utkarsh Madhav says:

    After school, before tuition!

  7. linda chandler says:

    This is the easiest to understand explanation I have ever heard. Thank you.

  8. flat earth Jackal says:


  9. micheal coler says:

    This is what I’ve always thought and it is a pleasure to see someone putting it out there in a comprehensive understandable way for people to consume this knowledge and perspective thank you Randall Carlson it opens up endless questions and I’ve never believed any person that says they know for sure exactly how the history of earth happened it’s crucial to keep a open mind to allow new discoveries and understand and you are bringing just that to the table

  10. IMMORTAL SWIF says:


  11. Electric Eclectic says:

    Blah blah blah…. I do not agree what anything you are saying. You theory is garbage.

  12. John Seipp says:

    Huh? There's TONS of evidence of Ancient Humans! 300,000 years ago there were 9 human species! Homo Neanderthalensis, Homo Erectus, Homo Rhodesiensis, Homo Naledi, Homo Luzonensis, Homo Floresiensis, Homo Denisovans and us, Homo Sapiens! And then of course we hove tons of actual evidence of our more distant ancestors!

  13. MsLettucelady says:

    We could check the vaults in the vatican and smithsonian.

  14. Zod of Heaven says:

    Witnessing a paradigm change. Something you'll remember.

  15. Michael Fuller says:

    I've believed this for most of my life.
    Civilization has risen and fallen many more times than we are currently aware of.

  16. Mike Riley says:

    You have made pre history so much easier to understand . Ty

  17. Spinnen Drrr. says:

    Allegedly existing moon structures were probably built by some of Earth's ancient advanced technological civilizations.
    Or even martian or venusian, for example. Catastrophic/apocaliptic events also occur(red) cyclically on these planets.

  18. Seekerone D says:

    But why are there no fossils?
    Not answered

  19. Jesse West says:

    Been following this guy since 08. Hes legit. Gone to the scablands many times and verified all of his flood data. Naysayers to randall are scared became people are no longer turning to the rigged monetary extraction system called university. So much so that there is essentially a debunking industry. That is totally worthless.

  20. Phi Music says:

    I get that asteroid activity would be in a repeating temporal pattern, but why would it match up perfectly with precession, which is caused by the earth wobbling on it's axis?

  21. Pradhumn Raghava says:

    Man this feels like a secret high level knowledge

  22. Cory Holt says:

    History written by the victor is non credible, inaccurate , unstable, and psychotic,. Good job humans, (slow, clap)

  23. toag says:

    if you are looking for Ice age civilizations, you are probably looking in the wrong place, without the right equipment. Get yourself some scuba gear, and go off shore. The sea levels would be much lower as all the water was frozen in miles deep glaciers.

  24. Oscar Goldman says:

    by decimating 1000 cities, does that mean we only lost 100 cities?

    I wonder if shoehorning events into at one end into strangely specific date threads, while at the other end having lots of leeway, and placing the results into dubious charts is the reason we dont record history properly.
    Lets be honest here, there is little in ancient history we can nail down to the nearest decade (except for the battle of the eclipse), so pretending we have accuracy of less than a decade for things that happened 25,000 years ago is not even wishful thinking…. its fairyland.

    Its almost like he chose the pattern he was going to find… and guess what… It confirmed his prediction!!!. I guess we can use that chart to confirm the dates of other events… IT WORKS!!! and we haven't even had to leave the house!
    Sorry, he started off well, but then dragged us into some weird pseudo science magic circle thing that only predicts things in the past that you already have the information on (but if we find anything else, then with a little adjustment, it will be found to have predicted that as well.)

  25. johnny walker says:


  26. CORY INJAPAN says:

    Reason #1: Cataclysm
    Reason #2: Cover ups.

  27. Nath C says:

    So there are skeletons up to 150000-200000 years old, yet almost no structures remain beyond around 5000 years? Maybe that’s because there were no significant structures?

  28. weshard1 says:

    Wasn’t Atlantis pure allegory, and not intended to be taken as a real location?

  29. Mountains made of Ice says:

    It’s just like the campaign of the video game mass effect. It’s done deliberately as a game for advanced psychotic aliens races. Who like building us up to enjoy wiping us out.
    Wikipedia mass effect campaign folks. It’s just a video game of course. But it strikes the unconscious in a weird way.

  30. Pickle says:

    Because conventional methods of recording thoughts and events are easily eroded

  31. debured one says:

    Because the human race as we know it evolved on other worlds. 300,000 plus years ago. Atlantis is interstellar Pass through the Pillars of Creation (Pillars of Hercules) into the furthest reaches of the western cosmic ocean. You will come to the island known as Hoags Object. This is Atlantis, Garden of Hesperides, Garden of Eden. Multiple ethnic peoples have myths about coming from the stars. Think on it!

  32. N. Holbrook says:

    I think this guy is making too many assumptions. It is absolutely true that humanity has been around for about 2.5 million years. All this has happened before and will again. But the idea that humanity left no records is predicated on the idea that those records must conform to the type of records we keep now. With a few million years to develop their technology, our ancient human ancestors wrote their histories inside our DNA. We just haven't decoded it yet.

  33. Truth says:

    So Plato in 400 BC told us about Atlantis in 9,000 BC? Yea ok

  34. Truth says:

    One event you missed happen in the mid 1800s. The Carrington event. A coronal mass ejection today would destroy the entire grid and within weeks humans would be eating each other. Without electricity you can't even flush your toilet and all transportation stops.

  35. jae ayala says:

    Great info here👍

  36. santo diaz says:

    And just who conveyed all these titles on this "Genious"?

  37. Donn Mckee says:

    It's good you put the video here but shame on you for the clickbait title. Randall never asks the question "why there is no record of ancient humans?".

  38. kosmonaut dan says:

    Atlantis? You do realize Plato actually admits he made it all up? Yea, "they' never tell you that, because it doesn't fit this pseudohistory mumbo jumbo.

  39. Donn Mckee says:

    Original video https://youtu.be/QxxJkkUiRxw
    From Randall's channel Sacred Geometry International

  40. Gregory Sullivan says:

    You know how many times people ruined records by book burning? If they were Extinction level we wouldn't be here today to talk about it. Just saying.

  41. Croccy C says:

    It was easy to wipe out vast amounts of people when the populations were so low compared to now. Life expectancies were about 40 years in Western Europe not all that long ago.

  42. 211212112 says:

    When learning about prehistoric humans, Egypt, Sumerians, etc it seemed that a culture existed before the founding societies. However, some of these types of folks seem to mix in stuff that makes the idea seem looney. If you are going into this field please be very skeptical and evidence based. I understand that is a very tall order, but this is the way to attract academics to the field.

  43. Truth Express5 says:

    Why don't you ask the Vatican…

  44. Jessica Bosman says:

    There are over 4,400 cities on Earth today. A mega tsunami or Richter 10 earthquake could wipe out a whole country – heck, let's say it wiped out 50 countries, how unimaginably insane would that be??! And we'd still have 145 countries left. Filled with humans, not suddenly living in the Stone age because some other countries got wiped out. This videos' argument isn't based on logic or reason.

  45. Patrick Heaney says:

    It looks like we are due (or overdue) another major cataclysm when you look closely at his graph and the 26,000 years cycle. But, his cosmological model is fantasy, and I believe the cataclysms are more due to Divine intervention in order to Reset creation, very like the birth and death cycle. It makes sense.

  46. Bri F says:

    But what about god creating the white people earth 5000 years ago?

  47. Ryan S says:

    Lol. How stupid can you be.

  48. Tim Robinson says:

    This is so great for Randall to get this kind of exposure. The man truly deserves it. Keep fighting the good fight Randall!

  49. steven davis says:

    Because the “out of Africa theory is bollocks , and they don’t want you to disrupt their political agenda.

  50. Compellingly High says:

    Where's Eddie "Look into it bro" Bravo when you need him?

  51. Daniel Murray says:

    match quality whiteboard graphics to an absolute nutjob spouting words and it sells like he's personally read all the lost "universal" mumbojumbo… fuck off.

  52. parker barefoot says:

    This model is wrong. Every ancient belief speaks of a world wide flood. There was 1 flood, many incorrect dates. It's most logical to believe biblical flood. Why? All the ancient, beginning languages are semetic. We get semetic from Noah son, shem. If Shem is real, Noah is real. If Noah is real, a literal Adam and Eve, are our literal ancestors. Meaning, we can be saved from death. Through Jesus. He's real. He's wonderful. Really is, good news

  53. Patriot OfGod says:

    I have been storing food for over 75 years. Is there an expiry date on ice cream?

  54. parker barefoot says:

    Cosmic finger prints, kinda like when God made the heavens for signs and wonders. Open your Bibles my brothers. The Truth is there. Final conclusion is Christ

  55. Electric Universe Eyes says:

    Randall… is it ⚡️electric ⚡️?

  56. Jason T says:

    There's no history because we didn't have a necessity for writing until we started farming and building cities. We had a sudden necessity to keep written records of crops, animals, and money. Before agriculture we didn't really need a writing system. It's not that mysterious people. If you're constantly on the move with a group of say 30 or more people where you're all hunting and gathering resources you don't need to keep a written record of anything. But once you settle down and start building and farming you suddenly need to keep track of everything. Some of the earliest Cuneiform tablets we have found are literally lists of resources like vessels of grain, goats, bundles of wheat and barley etc. Etc.

  57. Philip Freeman says:

    Look up mudfossil university , Roger is right , the flood preserved history .

  58. 1lightheaded says:

    What universal system is he talking about? As soon as he said sacred geometry I knewe he was full of it. That is magical thinking in the absence of evidence you make it up. Humans probably had no language. No way of passing down knowledge and not enough population density to create a civilization. There is a mix of woo and intellect in this presentation

  59. D Jenser says:

    2:40 I know it was posted a couple days ago, but how long ago was this video shot? Those time frames he's referring to have since doubled. The earliest modern human remains now known to exist go as far back as 315000 years…

  60. Ghostdog4 says:

    He failed to mention that prior to a few hundred years ago people were smart enough to Not Build a City below sea level and right next to the Ocean. He needs a better Locus than NOLA

  61. Mike Kappen says:

    The second car accident recorded was recorded in Chisinau, Moldova. I recognize that intersection… 🙂

  62. MeMyself AndEye says:

    Each successive race covers up the knowlage to use for itself againsed the people.

  63. Draztiq Meshaz says:

    When was this talk first recorded?

  64. Mike Mason says:

    "Wgy is there no history"??..
    "Skeletal remains"… Translation… A fragment of a monkeys jawbone" a skull fragment found 20 God damned miles away and a mandible frag found another 15 miles away and 12 feet deeper.. Please… Don't insult my intelligence. Then they draw a gd picture of a fucking monkey with human eyes 👀 and present this BULLSHIT as established facts.. Seriously.. Stfu..
    The FACT is, that we have NO FUCKING CLUE as to our beginnings or even WHY we are here. Okay? You have a brain??? Then you know what I'm saying is true.. Seriously…stfu

  65. Doc Equis says:

    So if I vote to eliminate farting cows I will definitely be able to stop the inevitable event the great wise AOC has forecast in 11.2 years?

  66. Mohamed Shaddad says:

    He sounds a bit like Ray Romano

  67. Brian Paquin says:

    Next ele is in 3 years

  68. Renee Carter says:

    We can predict the next catastrophe.

  69. Catherine Meeson says:

    My album the Call of Oma comes out on December the 11th on World Mountains day and tells this story, please stop by my youtube channel to check out the three videos, 'Come Back', 'The Call of Oma' and 'I am song of the Earth,' or go to Bandcamp and all digital outlets. We rise we fall we remember we forget we become great elders and little children playing with bones all in one cosmic breath! such is the great cycle. Great presentation Randall love your work. Thanks for sharing After Skool, great video

  70. Sirellyn Y says:

    You realize how long it takes for exponential growth to get going right? In the last 50 years, we've advance indescribably over our entire history.
    There are still plenty of tribes with no written language, and nothing but verbal storytelling to pass down the lessons of the past.
    The premises this is based on are quite the stretch.

  71. Sirellyn Y says:

    Well, at least this isn't nearly as crazy as intersectionalism.

  72. Dirk Jenkinz says:

    Another nutjob making wild unsubstantiated claims based on wishful thinking. Oh hum.

  73. El Samurai says:

    I've always wondered this as a kid 🤔🤔.

    If recorded human history goes way farther back than the Egyptians, where is the evidence??? 🤔🤔

  74. Rapture749 says:

    With all this technology around us, it's easy to forget that we humans are fragile creatures. A mass extinction will happen again.

  75. Will G says:

    Makes sense, if 'modern humans' have existed at least 200,000 years, we know only a fraction of our species history. Imagine what marvelous civilizations were lost to time. The possibility that there were multiple intelligent species at one point….maybe one of them got off this rock? The story of Atlantis is interesting, how they disappeared with no trace. No artifacts. Nothing. It makes me wonder how many times we've repeated history.

  76. Nechama says:

    This was an incredible video

  77. matrixab435 says:

    Democrats and lunatic Greta would say all these extinctions was due to global warming and carbon emissions

  78. Cok van Gaalen says:

    MYSTERIOUS DISCOVERIES Advanced Ancient Civilizations Existed BEFORE These Megaliths Where Constructed https://youtu.be/LluniE1TcRY

  79. Art Deco says:

    People are really sleeping on Randall. The world needs more teachers like him. I’d go into debt to learn what all he knows!

  80. _ 911wasaninsidejob _ says:

    So eg. the extinction auf australian megafauna would put all societies back to stone age? highly doubt that

  81. The Dragon Trilogy says:

    Written language is recording. That's it.

  82. cutcc says:

    This theory would make for a very interesting videogame.

  83. The Five Elements says:

    I’m really interested as to how our civilization has made such technological leaps compared to previous. I know they did some amazing stuff, but we know harnessing electricity, nuclear, computer tech, space travel are modern achievements. Is it the gap without catastrophe? Building on the knowledge scraps of our ancestors? If anyone can recommend further reading that would be great. I’m guessing either this guy or Hancock.

  84. Matthew Starr says:

    Sling it with ya fake universe cgi photos of earth

  85. M Siemons says:

    It's fun to listen to these stories, but they're just that: stories.
    History starts when writing was invented, prehistory comes before that. There is no such thing as mythical hystory. (Although it would be cool to find Atlantis ;))

  86. Holden Robbins says:

    He seemed to neglect pointing out where we are in the current cycle…

  87. Greensky02 says:

    Around 98% of all species to ever have existed have gone extinct. Humans are just another percent in the species pool, albeit better at survival than the rest because of our cognitive brains. If we don't colonize space and spread out to different planets (to destroy those ones too like locusts), humans will eventually go extinct too. At this point probably because we've destroyed our own planet and wont be able to live on it for much longer…

  88. Native Tongue says:


  89. Vox Populi says:

    So what you're saying is Donald Trump is our modern day extinction event catalyst. I knew that grifter was bad news.

  90. Roy says:

    Still rocking that Dell Inspiron laptop. 🙂

  91. Steve Mahoney says:

    I didn't know John Goodman was a scientist.

  92. Ocean Blue says:

    A timeline!Finally!

  93. Bruce Sanchez says:

    And it’s our fault that it will happen this time. Lol

  94. kenneth chamberland says:

    The Great Deceive’s
    [email protected]
    Kenneth Chamberland on FACE BOOK…

  95. Nicolas Berney says:

    When we say decimated, does it mean no human left, or just a few alive (for each race) to keep the humanity as we know it?

  96. John Curtis says:

    In thinking about all of those prior events that wiped out other animal species (woolly mammoths, etc.) I've come around to the reason why it hasn't (yet) happened to us. We've a high-level intelligence built into us. Some of our fellow species are probably just as intelligent; porpoise and whales come to mind. But ours is an intelligence curious in all things, one which also has the built-in tools of opposable thumbs and flexible digits to assist that curiosity.

    As a consequence we have the advantage in being able to maximally react and adapt to any and all situations thrown at us. It's what has allowed us to get thru all the events noted by Carlson. It seems it would take the obliteration of the planet to kill us off, though clearly there have been "total reset" times that almost accomplished it.

    So…that said I think the likes of Elon Musk are right. We need to get off this rock.

    It is becoming increasing apparent, at least to those cognizant, that it's the bulls-eye in a cosmic shooting gallery. We need to spread the species out and around the solar system folks. And this time around, unlike (perhaps) times past, we have the technical sophistication (and population mass) to pull it off.

    This should be priority number one; priority UNO, for the entire species don't'cha think? Because to a very real extent we've been lucky to date. We may not be so again; and I'd prefer to not go pushing our luck.

    Because it will happen again.

    The proof is before our eyes, as elucidated by Carlson and others. I'd like to see us survive any future assaults. I'd like the human species to go on and outlive the dinosaurs. We're intelligent enough to do this; so to the extent it's ever even possible let's take control of our destiny in this matter and, like bee's do when confronting a full hive, start the process of swarming off this target Earth. Let's go on out there to all the new future vistas that await us.

    The Universe is a very big place, so let's go out there; play and evolve into whatever the Fates and Destiny decrees will be!

    American Net'Zen

  97. PlesiothX says:

    Read the Law of One
    Extraterrestial beings have moved the stones of the pyramids, by communicating with the spirits of the molecules.

  98. Raynayk says:

    Such good info!!!

  99. RIGZ MOON says:


  100. sunmanpatoo says:

    I love anybody who knows and shares info about the younger dryas period.


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