White Pages Opt Out Of Public Record Database – Spencer Coffman

Hey guys today I’m going to show you how you
can remove yourself from the white pages internet database this is like the phone book for the
internet it is the Google of public record they retrieve your information from anywhere
and everywhere and they have it in a database so anyone can look it up so to do this you
need to go to the website secure dot white pages dot com slash me slash suppressions
that link will be in the item description now if you are a member of white pages which
means you have created an account email and password then you will be directly taken to
this page Which means you have created an account email and password and you will be
taken directly to this page so you can paste your URL of the profile in here if you are
not a member you’ll be directed to this page that says login all you need to do is click
sign up then you enter in your name email and password they will send you an email that
you need to confirm when you confirm that email you will be directed automatically to
this page if you have gone to this URL otherwise you’ll be taken to the white pages home and
then you know you can use the link in this video to get to this page it’s obviously what
you need to do is type in your name first and last your city and your state any city
and state that you lived in of course and then find your profile when you find the one
that is yours copy and paste the URL of that profile right here as you can see it gives
you nice example so you paste that here hit opt out and then you’ll confirm that you want
it opted out they’ll probably send you an email that you need to click on and then your
information will be removed from the white pages database

Daniel Ostrander

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