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And joining us now is someone who apparently doesn’t want the government looking into her browser history It is tech advocate and video game designer Eve Beauregard Now Eve, I obviously know what metadata is Laura does too because we’re both very smart But for the audience, what is it in layman’s terms? So metadata is data about data if that makes sense It’s a very kinda vague term It was once infamously described as the envelope but not the letter, that’s not necessarily true It’s more accurately described as an x-ray of all of your communications on the phone or via the internet Now that still sounds really vague, so a way to make it more personal Do you ever use Google maps? -Yes -Oh yeah Kay, so if you open the Google maps app and you go to your location history you will see basically a map of everywhere you’ve ever been How long you were there and it tracks basically the last two years of your life Wow, I did not know that Terrifying So the government stores that information, now imagine cross-referencing that information with every phone call you’ve ever had, every email you’ve ever sent The y don’t get the contents of it, but they get the who, when, where, how long Right, so We might know you went to a bar, you were there for a few hours, you went to a kebab shop, you were there for half an hour Then you went home and you sent a text message to your ex-girlfriend We don’t know what it was, but we can kinda get an idea of what it might be That does sound slightly terrifying Just a little There have been some concerns around privacy, if you’re not doing anything wrong does it really matter? Yeah, but if you’re not doing anything wrong why not microchip you and put CCTV cameras in your bedroom?

Daniel Ostrander

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