What is Active Directory? | JumpCloud Video

What is Active Directory? | JumpCloud Video

Hey, it’s Vince with JumpCloud®. Welcome to another episode of our “What Is?” video series. In this episode, we’ll be talking
about Active Directory® (AD). So, what is Active Directory? Well, first and foremost, Active
Directory is Microsoft’s® on-prem directory services platform. It was
designed to store core windows user identities, and manage their access to
on-prem, Windows®-based IT resources. Active Directory not only served as the
core identity provider, but it could also manage user access to Windows-based
systems, applications, files, and networks. On top of that, Active Directory also
introduced the concept GPOs (or group policy objects). All of which enabled IT
administrators to manage their entire Windows-based IT network from one
centralized location. Back in 1999, when AD was initially released, IT
environments were almost exclusively on-prem and Windows-based. As a result,
Active Directory quickly became the default identity management solution in
most IT organizations. These days, however, it is not uncommon to find a mixed OS
environment running multiple non-Windows and SAS applications, third-party storage
solutions, wired and wireless networks, and a variety of non-Windows IT
resources. Active Directory was never designed to support the complexities of
modern environments. In fact, it was never designed to support anything but on-prem, Windows-based networks. As a result, the Microsoft platform is not as effective
at managing the cloud forward IT ecosystem of the modern office.
Fortunately, JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service® is the first cloud identity
management solution that was designed specifically for the modern enterprise.
JumpCloud is a cloud-based directory services platform that enables users to
securely access their systems, applications, files, and networks–regardless of their platform, provider, protocol, or location. That means IT
organizations can once again leverage a single identity management solution to
control their entire network. This time, however, it can be done without
anything on-prem and without being locked in the Microsoft ecosystem. JumpCloud even offers its own cross-platform GPO-like capabilities, called Policies
in JumpCloud parlance. These are a few of the reasons why we like to think
of JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service as Active Directory reimagined. Signup
today and you can demo the full functionality of our product for free.
We’ll even throw in 10 free users to help get you started. Of course, you can
also contact our team to answer any questions.

Daniel Ostrander

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