What is a Git Repository? [Beginner Git Tutorial]

What is a Git Repository? [Beginner Git Tutorial]

What is a git repository? Git is a
program that tracks changes me to files Once installed it can be initialized on
a project to create a git repository a git repository is the dot git folder
inside a project. This repository tracks all changes made some files in your
project to build a history over time this means if you delete this dot git
folder then you delete your entire projects history let’s see how this
works in GitKraken as an example let’s create a folder in finder or File
Explorer where we plan to build out our project to start tracking changes
let’s open GitKraken and initialize the repository by navigating to the
folder icon in the upper left and then selecting the init tab browse for the
folder previously created and click create repository this creates the dock
git folder in your project which watches and tracks changes to your files this
includes any new files you add any files you rename change or remove from the
repository simple enough right if you liked this video please subscribe
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Daniel Ostrander

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7 thoughts on “What is a Git Repository? [Beginner Git Tutorial]

  1. James Martin says:

    Clear, simple explanation.

  2. FileHorse says:

    Very useful tutorial! GitGraken <3

  3. Игорь Савинский says:

    really nice explanation without unnecessary ado!

  4. Kyle Bolduc says:

    Remove the background music. It adds nothing but distraction.

  5. Chris McQueen says:

    Excellent explanation!

  6. Ryan says:

    Best explanation of a Git repo I have seen yet. Great presentation!

  7. trumanhw says:

    GO SYNTH!! 🙂 Keep that keyboard intro on all your videos please.

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