Volvo CE – The Megaproject Listing #8 – Building a tunnel under the sea

Volvo CE – The Megaproject Listing #8 – Building a tunnel under the sea

That is the sea dripping in. We are about 150 meters below the sea surface. We don’t have more than maybe 40 meters
of mountain above us. Knut Storli is one of Norway’s most
experienced tunnelers. Today, he is involved in the most complex
construction project of his career. The Rogfast tunnel, that will become
the world’s longest and deepest road tunnel under water. What makes this Rogfast project so interesting
is that it is so complicated, a lot of difficult bedrock to blast through and
of course the length of the tunnel. It is very long. The tunnel is part of a complete reconstruction
of the Norwegian west coast, with tunnels and bridges replacing ferry crossings. To succeed, Knut Storli and his team need
to blast their way under the Norwegian fjords. Building a tunnel under water means
that you always need to know what you have in front of you, so you don’t hit anything and suffer water leakage
with all of the problems that would bring. To make sure we don’t bump into any problems,
water or bedrock, we probe and drill a
few holes in the working face. When we bump into water or bad bedrock we
have to handle that. For water, we drill like an umbrella around
the tunnel and inject a mix of water and concrete to seal a screen around the tunnel. Today NCC are building two support tunnels,
each 2 km long. They will serve as ventilation shafts once
the main tunnel is finalized. The team works 24/7 on site and the tunnels
become about 18 meters longer each day. First of all, this is a very big hall inside
the bedrock. It is secured with spray concrete, then we have put bolts in the bedrock, you see those white plates. That is because of the strain and the
dimensions in the hall, we have five meters of screw in the overhang and then
four meters on the walls. This is maybe a stupid question,
but what happens if you remove the sticks? Then I wouldn’t want to be here. Of course, in these big halls you need to
secure the walls. It is for our security. But also because this is supposed
to last for more than 50 years. The Rogfast tunnel is projected to open
for traffic in 2026. Knut Storli will drive through with pride. When I’m driving through a tunnel that
I have been involved in constructing, when you’re a passenger, of course you
tell everybody about that. It makes you quite proud.

Daniel Ostrander

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