VLOG  #016 The Team Visits Ryan Serhant | Sothebys Auction | Million Dollar Listing New York

VLOG #016 The Team Visits Ryan Serhant | Sothebys Auction | Million Dollar Listing New York

– It’s gotta be worth my
time, otherwise I don’t care. – [Person Offscreen] Um hmm. (“Empire State of Mind”
by Jay Z instrumental) – [Amber] Hey, we are in New York. We got the team here and we’re gonna be doing
some really fun stuff today. Visiting the auction house,
interviewing Ryan Serhant, and hopefully touring a
beautiful property here in town. But, Uber just got here, so we gotta go. (“Empire State of Mind”
by Jay Z instrumental) (cello music) (intense upbeat music) – Only six to eight million
dollars for that one. It looks like scratch, chicken scratch. – [Camera Man] I think Ann
Marie drew something like this about a week ago. (intense upbeat music) (camera clicking) (scratching) (cash register bell) – What? (intense upbeat music) – [Auctioneer] And 11
million, two hundred thousand, fair warning. At eleven million, two
hundred thousand dollars. – [Amber] Oh my god,
it’s not going to sell. – [Auctioneer] Last chance. – [Amber] Oh my god. – [Auctioneer] 11 million,
three hundred thousand, thank you Brad. It’s your bid and I can
sell it at 11 million three. It’s against you here, it’s
on the telephone and selling. – [Amber] You should call Katie– – [Auctioneer] 11 million,
three hundred thousand, fair warning, at 11 million
300 thousand, last chance, at 11 million 300 thousand. (pounding) Thank you Brad. – [Amber] Oh my god! (intense upbeat music) So we just finished up
a tour with Tina Marie, she is our liaison for the auction house and Sotheby’s International Realty. It’s super important that we
have this amazing relationship. A lot of our clients
have art in their homes and our relationship helps facilitate that resource that we can give to our clients. But most importantly,
the art here is amazing and they are having
their auction coming up. All of the stuff we got
to see today will be gone, hopefully, and we couldn’t be more in awe of what we saw today, something
I’ve been wanting to do for ten years working for this company. But we’ve got a lot to do, so we’ve gotta head on down to SoHo
and have a little lunch. (upbeat music) So, we’re in New York, with
our whole team you can tell. This is called team building, (chuckles) fitting four people in the back of a taxi. Visiting other cities is super
important for our business ’cause we have clients
from all over the world. This was a great opportunity, I think, to have the entire team understand not just some of the
reality side of things but also the auction
house and where it starts and just be along for the ride,
which will be kind of fun. (upbeat music) (soothing music) The rain! (building atmospherics) (indistinct chattering) – Hello. – [Camera Man] Hey, how’s it goin’? – [Ryan] What, you flew
all the way here for me? – [Amber] We did. My husband and partner, Brandon. – [Ryan] Oh, sorry, Ryan Serhant. – [Amber] Stacy– – [Stacy] Hello, Stacy–
– [Ryan] Ryan Serhant. – [Amber] Katy’s my marketing director. – [Camera Man] I got ya. – [Ryan] Hello. (chatter under upbeat music) – [Ryan] Yeah, from their
office you can see the water– – [Man Off Screen] They’re
crushing in the races. – [Ryan] They are, they
are, those guys are crazy. And that’s certainly why
a long time ago when like, they first came out, this
first one I got four years ago in Hawaii when they first started doing it and their story is like, so cool. And then, because it’s San Diego, all of a sudden, there’s
a company called Bird, sees me on one and it
sends us two scooters. (group reaction) Which you can’t really use in New York. – No way. – Yeah, because you
would kill yourself here. (group agreeing) San Diego, first of
all, has regular roads, like if your rode it around here, de Blasio doesn’t give
a shit about anybody. Like there’s potholes everywhere, the sidewalks are all like this. If these show up, in real
life here, everyone will die. – That’s why, has anybody
ever come here to pitch you, because you have all these
fires, to sell their house? – Yes.
– Okay. – Fire’s our main
business on the sell-side. – So, I brought the video to show you. This house is only 12 9-9 o, 13-million, in San Diego La Playa up on the hill, it’s the only contemporary, like, Dan Bilzerian lived here for a year, it’s like one of those properties. – Really? – Yes, rented it, he didn’t buy it. These are two brand-new homes on the side that are not yet on the market but we had two people
fly out from New York, so I figured it would be– – Awesome. – You know, it’s one of those that– – That’s really cool, that’s
a great place to live, retire, and have a vacation house. – Oh yeah. – Most brokers aren’t consistent, right? – Yeah. – It’s easy to try
something at the beginning, and then it’s have to be consistent, and then it’s tough to pocket, right? So then it’s like, well who’s gonna do it, and I gotta pay them, so
really produce results. – Yeah. – Like have I sold anything
from a really long time? More than anything, the vlog is my hedge against
TV goes away, but that’s it. – [Amber] But you do believe
that that’s happening? That’s what? – I mean everyone believes it, right? So it’s, it was moved to next year, might not be for 20 years. – What is your email,
specifically, marketing plan for your clients, meaning, do
you do a weekly newsletter? Or a monthly newsletter? – [Ryan] Do a monthly
newsletter to everybody I know. Just about what we would do. – [Amber] Every month,
you don’t do it weekly? – No, because we send
so many emails anyway. Like e glass un-listings,
and parties and open houses. – [Amber] So just do monthly ones. – I do one newsletter a month, I wouldn’t know what to say once a week. My newsletter a month,
about just what we’ve done in that month, where
the market is, kind of. We’re not really doing market
reports or anything like that ’cause so many people do them and it’s all public information. I’ll incline on something that I think is interesting at the time, but
other than that, I won’t. We do several updates on the
week, and writing, by email, main places where our
listings are featured online. This is the online traffic, so you can see things are good or things are not good. – [Woman Off Screen] When
you are gonna go into doing a vlog with him, does
he have it all completely plotted out for you? – We don’t plan anything. The only thing that we’ll
think about is like, that morning, we’re like, so what haven’t I talked about yet? – Right. – ‘Cause I’ll talk about the
same things all the time. – Yeah. – And I don’t want to do that,
so I’ll go into a listing that’s, I don’t know, crazy overpriced or in a different area and we’ll
talk about that in some way and then try to talk about
that and make it vague for other people who don’t do the same. – [Amber] Yeah, you have
good content, though, in your vlog– – And also I wouldn’t
do it if it was just me. I have a separate vlog
camera sitting at my desk. At least once, I would never do it. – Same with her. – I can’t actually do it. – [Amber] You used a– – Yeah, that was the one
time, and my whole family, and Amiliah, hated it the entire time. – What else? So who is you Sand Diego referral? Do you have one? – Uh, you now? – Well thank you, for– (chatter) – Let’s take a photo! – [Woman Off Screen] Oh
yes, let’s take a photo. (camera clicking) – Good to meet you, thank you. – Very nice to meet you. – [Ryan] For sure. – [Camera Man] Great meeting you. – [Ryan] There ya go. – Yeah, we did it, didn’t we? (elevator beeping) So we just left Ryan Serhant’s office, got a lot of great ideas. Collaboration of what
he does here in New York that we can bring back to
what we do in San Diego. It is raining right now
so we’ve gotta get goin’. Hit a bar, restaurant, something,
and we’ll see you soon. (upbeat exotic music) (laughing) – [Woman Off Screen] This
side, this way, this way. (loud beeping) (laughing) – She goes, tuh! (upbeat piano music) – [Woman 1] I like taking the cars. (laughing) – [Woman 2] She’s experienced, here. Experience. (exotic upbeat music) – Hey, so we just got back. We had to fight the rain
but we’re gonna have some yummy dinner at Dan Marino’s and then head to see Cuba
Gooding Jr. in Chicago. (upbeat jazz music) (passengers singing) ♪ Ride, ride away ♪ ♪ Ride away ♪ ♪ Rockin’ on this train to ♪ ♪ Everything today ♪ – [Man Off Screen] We are so thankful! – [Man With Bag] Thank you, thank you. – [Man With Hat] 34th street, come on man. (upbeat jazz music) – Here I am, standing in
front of the freedom tower, which is so impressive. I’m finishing up our New
York City vlog with he team. We had an amazing time,
super super success. And if you have not yet
read Serhant’s book, (bell dinging) you’ll have to check it out. If you don’t have the book,
stay tuned for our upcoming vlog as we’re gonna be giving
away a hundred of them. So as always, thank you so much for your support and for following. If you haven’t yet,
subscribe to my channel. And of course, ciao caio for now. (jazz music)

Daniel Ostrander

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