VIDEO ONBOARD EMERALD PRINCESS IN MAJOR STORM: Cruise ship started listing in high winds

VIDEO ONBOARD EMERALD PRINCESS IN MAJOR STORM: Cruise ship started listing in high winds

it’s Bruce here with Travon if Bruce got
some breaking news here about the emerald princess the ship right now is
in the Mediterranean she had to cancel a stop in set he France today due to the
high winds and luckily for me I have some friends on board the ship they sent
me some photo on some video and I thought you might enjoy this there in a
balcony suite right now and they took a photo on some video for us and here’s an
idea of the how the ship is doing there in a in a storm the waves are high the
winds are high look at the glass take a glass of water and tilt it so that you
can get that angle of the water that is the angle of the ship at one point today
and here’s a video I’m going to stop talking just listen to the audio itself
and you get an idea how the ship is performing Lowen
and lean and leaning his way over we’re a small team the waters between the bridge that carry
experience because it is the very wind past other side this should be better by
tolling and we are in a navigational East a condition at this time we are in
safety we ask that you remain where you are and avoid unnecessary users around
the metal using a hammer okay how about that I I didn’t want to
talk over any of that clip I wanted to give you a sense of the sound and the
feel you can tell by looking at the video how the wind was coming over the
ship and the cabin that my friends are in or on the downward side so they can
actually look out a little bit as the ship is being blown from the port side
or starboard side there on the port side but all is well they’re now on their way
to Barcelona tonight and they will they will be just fine they’ve let me know
they’re okay but it was an interesting experience the ship performed
beautifully and they’re doing great stay on top of this story and we’ll keep you
post everybody bye for now

Daniel Ostrander

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30 thoughts on “VIDEO ONBOARD EMERALD PRINCESS IN MAJOR STORM: Cruise ship started listing in high winds

  1. Linda Thompson says:

    Good morning!! From Winnipeg.

  2. T R Wolf says:

    How does Princess compare in price to Celebrity or NCL or HAL?

  3. Fred Bach says:

    Are you kidding? I have been through far worse. But not on the Mediterranean.

  4. George Fiori says:

    Of all of our cruises it seems we have run into the worst weather in the Mediterranean.

  5. Edward Travels. Rail & Cruise says:

    Stormy days happen and really should be expected as no one controls the weather. I always find the first hour of a storm is fun but after that I’m ready for it to end Keep cruising 🚢

  6. Grayce47 says:

    Thank you for posting this! I am in Barcelona right now waiting to board the Emerald tomorrow.

  7. Glenda dale Jones says:

    We cruised few years back,and we had caught the edge of storm Ophelia crossing the bay of biscay. It was a storm force 8- much worse to be had,but my god it was awful…bay of biscay on top,made it worse.thought I’d share my experience ☺️👍

  8. Ted Baxter says:

    I just came from the Caribbean – sunny, warm beautiful.
    That said, I’d rather be aboard this ship today than being where I am at now!

  9. Gray Geezer says:

    Cruising should be an adventure and these hearty travelers seem to be taking it in stride. I’ll be cruising the North Atlantic this February and it’s ok with me if we get some bad weather. Stay on land if you’re not willing to take what the sea gives you.

  10. Kat Rose says:

    I bet it was

  11. Joseph McClain says:

    Have seen much worse

  12. Sylvain Forest says:

    A rainy day, a bit of a wave, quite a bit of wind, slight rolling, no evidence of pitching, a glorious day at sea if you ask me. Having a bit of a wave in your wine glass is a good thing: it helps aerate the wine and makes for a more enjoyable libation. As usual in roughish weather: eat, drink, hydrate, have fun, repeat.

  13. Stephanie A Dory says:

    Not so bad. I've been in a really bad situation on a Carnival Cruise. We couldn't stand up. One of the Stabilizers stop working. We finally had to Stop over night, then slowly coast into Galveston 6 hours late. This Ship held it's own. Well done.

  14. Cruise with us says:


  15. Paul Nardelli says:

    I experienced this on the carnival sunshine once coming back from Bermuda. These ships are top heavy so when they get into big winds this can happen. It’s scary while it happens.

  16. Allen Myers says:

    In 2013, we were on the same ship in similar conditions off of Iceland. The pool water went over the side, and the deck furniture would have done the same thing except the railings which prevented that from happening. We have 50 mph winds from the starboard and the sail area of the superstructure of the ship made it "heel to port." While uncomfortable for the guests, the ship is designed to encounter such a situation.

  17. Belinda N says:

    Where did the cruise start from? I’m trying to get an idea of where they were when the storm affected them. Glad all is well. I’ve done the Sapphire and Diamond. 👍🏼 Like your updates.

  18. Mister X says:

    That’s nothing…… try a REAL US Navy ship with no stabilizers……lol……sissies!

  19. jseales99 says:

    That doesn't look that serious. It looks like a normal storm day at sea

  20. Sarah Love says:

    I’ve been in worse. Not fun but you are fine!

  21. Jamin says:

    This was nothing compared to the Carnival Vista December 2nd sailing 2018. According to the Captain we were fighting 75+knot winds. Temp dropped from mid 80's to low 40's and the waves were big enough that stuff was falling off of shelves in our cabin. We ended up arriving a few hours late to port for debarkation. We were on the ship drinking 7 days earlier at about 11am and we didn't get off till after 1pm because of storm i cant imagine what time the next passengers finally got on…. And i loved every second of it!

  22. The River Pirate 13 says:

    Time to order some Hurricane Rum cocktails mates!

  23. Emily Archer says:

    They def want ppl to stay where they are!!! Very understandable!!!

  24. Andy Anderson says:

    I miss trade winds and those won tons don’t play in that casino especially the lottery rip off !!

  25. mark A says:

    On the Edge now and was worse than that 2 nights ago approaching Palma from Toulon. Coated in salt the next AM had the washers spraying it down. Salt crystals on the pool deck railings. Furniture was like Fantasia movie pool deck what hadn’t been tied down then they locked us out of exterior decks rest of the night. Magic carpet hasn’t reopened since due to high winds. Now past Gibraltar on the way to Canaries and still rocking a decent amount. Was pretty smooth earlier approaching Gibraltar. Yee haw this is fun.

  26. Vickie Gandiello says:

    My husband and I were on this cruise. We were sitting in the World Market Place on Lido deck 15 eating breakfast when this happened. Suddenly the ship listed violently to the left and dishes came crashing down off the tables and in the galley bread and food came flying off the buffet. People found themselves with food all over themselves. The captain announced their surprise of an 80 knot wind gust which is over 90mph. We were asked to leave the port side. We went back to our suite on the starboard side. We could feel the boat leaning. I was a bit unnerved, but my sailor husband (US Navy) kept calm. I was never so glad to see land as I was when we finally got to Barcelona. It will be a long time before I ever cruise again.

  27. rogerpenney says:

    Ive seen worse on our boating lake

  28. Nancy Zahradnik says:

    Looks scary to me. I know cruise ships go through bad weather, but I hope the captain knows what he is doing!!!😉

  29. Lushrex says:

    Hi. Was on the same cruise as you. This was when we didn’t get off to sete. Was very annoyed

  30. Travelling with Bruce says:

    Click this link to see the latest cruise ship news @t

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