Viber iPhone App Review: Save Hundreds of Dollars Each Month, Build Key Relationships

Hello and welcome to the Viber iPhone app
review. Viber is an app that allows you to make free phone calls and send free text messages
to other users with the Viber app installed. Itís a pretty amazing app and itís growing
really quickly in the app store. I have been using it for a while now and the only thing
I need to do now is to get all my friends and family on here because itís a pretty
amazing app. So this is the screen that comes up with the
keypad. What I love about this app is it natively integrates in using your current phonebook.
So you donít have to actually add anyone or send out friend requests like you do for
Messenger and Skype and Fring and all these other apps that allow you to do that. It automatically
integrates your current contacts and tells you which one has Viber installed or not. So let me show you an example. By tapping
on CONTACTS here, thatís my phonebook. And these are the people with Viber on itóthat
have the Viber sign next to it. And an easy way for me to just isolate that is tap on
VIBER. And here it shows all the people with Viber on it. So as long as you have an internet
connection, you can call these people for free or send them a text message for free,
which has just happened in the last update which I thought was an awesome update and
took this app to the next level. Obviously, you can set people as your FAVORITES
and you can add more contacts as well as you would on your normal phonebook. This tab down here shows you if there were
any recent calls or miscalls you may have had from the app. And this tab here, the MESSAGES icon, keeps
track of all the messages just as if you were tapping in on the message icon in your own
iPhone. And it shows you all the conversations youíve been having and the conversations
youíve sent. So itís pretty awesome in that sense. If I tap on the MORE icon down here, it just
tells me what Version it is about, Invite Friends, Share on social media, Privacy Policy
and Deactivate Account. So Iím not going into any of those. Pretty self-explanatory. Uses: So let me tell you some cool ways to use and
enhance the app or how I use it. Firstly, obviously, youíve got to figure
out the people you most regularly call and interact with and thatís whatís going to
rack your phone bills upóby calling them. Somehow convince them to download the app. As I speak and record this, thereís currently
no Viber app for Android. However, it is in production. So by the time youíre listening
to this, it may very well be already released. I would definitely get all those people on
to Viberóyour family and friendsóand you can call them for free. You can text them
for free and there are no limits. I also love to use this app to network and
maintain and build relationships. In the past, for me, one of my excuses for not maintaining
relationships with people was that it cost quite a lot of money: calling people on their
mobiles, texting them all the time. It would actually cost a fair bit doing it properly
if you have a big network and you like to contact them regularly, that is a barrier. But with the Viber app, as this growsóitís
only in its infancy nowóbut as it grows, itís going to have massive implications.
A lot of people are going to be downloading and using this app. And keeping in touch with
networks, maintaining relationships and building relationships is a really good way to use
this app. I set a goal of a couple of calls a day to key networks and maybe several text
messages a week just to keep in touch with people that I normally would lose in contact
with. So as I said, the app itself has the capability
of your phonebook in it. The sound quality is kind of dependent on your internet connection.
If you donít have a running connection or it kind of drops in and out, then your conversation
will drop in and out. So thatís a not-so-good point. But it is fantastic in that it doesnít have
ads everywhere. So thereís no annoying pop-up ads or sliding in or out. And if an international
friend or person has Viber, it has no international charges at all so you can talk internationally,
free of charge for as long as you want for unlimited time. So itís just mostly positives with this app.
I guess the only negative that could possibly happen in the futureóI remember Skype not
so long ago was restricted by a lot of phone networks because they didnít like the fact
that you could call using the internet and not use their phone and therefore theyíd
be losing out on money. So itís obviously not Skypeís fault but you need to keep that
in mind, that that might happen with this as well. So other than that, you know, itís a free
app. Thatís another beautiful thing about it. There are only positives. The only other thing that pops in my mind
is I donít believe you can adjust the ringtones? So itís kind of like a blanket ringtone.
But that may change in the future and I might just need to go to my settings and change
that as well, which Iíll post as an annotation to this video if I find that. Overall, Iím going to give it an 88%. I love
the fact that you can make calls for free. Talk for as long as you want. Have good sound
quality. And as it grows, youíre just going to be able to make more and more contacts
that you can reach for free without having to add them and request friends like you do
with other apps. So good job to the team of Viber. And I hope you enjoy this app and Iíll
see you in the next app review.

Daniel Ostrander

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