Venezuelans Fleeing Socialism Find Community at a Miami Storage Facility

Venezuelans Fleeing Socialism Find Community at a Miami Storage Facility

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Venezuelans Fleeing Socialism Find Community at a Miami Storage Facility

  1. mindxcloud says:

    Send them back

  2. Alberto Perez says:

    Its amazing look a lot people held. I love Venezuela and USA

  3. The Underdog says:

    Socialism is evil. If you agree, feel free to subscribe to Libertarian News. I post similar content to ReasonTV and John Stossel.

  4. Vintagegamer says:

    Socialist policy is despicable. All it does is give the government permission to steal, and causes more deaths than any other ideology. My grandmother lived in Nazi Germany and it still makes her angry when people try to push to make governments socialist. Ask anyone who lived under the oppression of socialism how they feel and I will guarantee they despise it.

  5. Paul Valentine says:

    then why do Latinos vote for Socialist when they move here, what makes them think it wont be the same here?

  6. Bob Beckel says:

    Wow! The people of Venezuela don't know how Socialism happened? The people of Venezuela did not vote for Socialism? Are we getting the true story of how Socialism happened to Venezuela? The American people need to wake up to the fact that the Venezuelan people walked into Socialism with eyes wide open. And, that the American people are about to do the same thing. We are just as dumb.

  7. Liam Moss says:

    If the US wants to turn the tide on its youngsters calling for more state involvement in the economy then you should hand out millions of conditional work permits to Venezuelans. Let them come, work hard and tell the story of their home country. They will become the best Americans and the poster children for capitlism in the battle against the evils of socialism.

  8. Flying Solo says:

    Welcome to America. Please respect the country and its history and learn to speak English. Not a lot to ask.

  9. fisharmor says:

    Whoa there, Reason, if you keep spreading stuff like this then our massive and senseless public waste project on the border might stop seeming like such a good idea.

  10. Pirusiandres says:

    Colombia opened its borders to the humanitrian catastrophy caused by the socialist in Venezuela. I thought, finally Colombian politicians did something correct. The vast majority of journaist, politicians and influencers here in Colombia agree that is imperative to keep the frontier open. I know there is some xenophoby, but the vast majority accept this, uncomfortable, situation.

  11. hmmm says:

    And they don't understand that if they vote for the same leftist policies here that destroyed their countries as the majority of them do, we have nowhere to flee

  12. Martin Stringer says:

    bank managers, business owners degreed people. People that WANT to work, that aren't in a gang or working for a cartel. These are the immigrants we need by the bucket. These people all seem grateful. they want to be here, to be Americans, to help, to work, to be productive. But especially because they're grateful, not entitled.

  13. Nigel Palmer says:

    Fleeing Socialism or fleeing USA aggression and sanctions? Fleeing a country that just built 2 million homes for homeless ppl, What a load of Bollox this title is I won't bother to watch the video. An idiot below me mentions how many ppl Stalinism killed. I wonder if he can count high enough to measure the ppl Capitalism has killed, probably not.

  14. Jim Bob says:

    No more immigrants!

  15. Adam Leho says:

    Verdadmente triste lo que ha occurido en Venezuela, espero que un dia las cosas sean mejor

  16. Ms G says:

    Cubans slaved for free GIVING Venezuela their food until Obama freed trade, then Venezuela lost their slaves. Oops. No more food. I don't feel sorry they starved when Cuba stopped being their slaves. NO MERCY to slavers.

  17. Bruno Foca says:

    I has worked with Venezuelans refuges here in Brazil and personally helped relocate more than z 5.000 people, I now have many Venezuelans friends and some of them still believe and want socialism. They still don't get why the country broke.

  18. Ryals D. Jacob says:

    How is a community of people gathering together shared resources and handing them out according to need not socialism? Sounds like maybe it wasn't socialism that made them flee their homes but deeper political strife that requires a stronger understanding of what is going on than just a red scare.

  19. 99guspuppet says:


  20. Kassra MZH says:

    How many generations should lose everything to the socialism plague until we learn the lesson…

  21. sdozer1990 says:

    An issue with giving away free stuff to refugees is that they become dependent and decide the government must provide free stuff, too. WalkAway from socialism!

  22. Paulman50 says:

    Let's hope the Democrats don't win or you'll be back in the same situation.

  23. Bill Boze says:

    These are the immigrants we need. They are never voting for Bernie or Elizabeth.

  24. Alucard says:

    Cool, so where are you storing people fleeing capitalist Ethiopia?

  25. Andy Jordan says:

    And they say Capitalism is in humane? God bless these people and I hope their home country can regain its status as one of South America's best economies. Communism starves and kills.

  26. MrFluffysteel says:

    Soooo…they left a socialist utopia because it is failing and came to a country where capitalism affords ex-pats….free stuff?

  27. Mean Mr. Mustard says:

    Most of these people would vote for Bernie Sanders.

  28. s0nnyburnett says:

    Any of them vote for Bernie or the other pinko traitors they can go back.

  29. Chuck Solutions says:

    I am happy to help anyone in need and seeking assistance, but PLEASE become American. Learn English and truly assimilate into American culture. Otherwise, get healthy and go back to Venezuela and reclaim your country. I understand both are very challenging and you all have been through so much but if you don't really assimilate, you continue to fracture my country.

  30. Dylan Hart says:

    Some of the comments here from the 51 dislikes are ugly. Xenophobia should not be tolerated on the right. We need to return to the pro-immigration views of Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush.

  31. Jason Paul says:

    If you don't like Socialism, please don't accept your Unemployment checks. Or your Medicare and Medicare treatments and benefits. Or your Social Security checks. They are all socialist programs, that is, EVERYBODY pays in so that EVERYBODY benefits. Don't be fooled (and I know its human nature never to admit you were especially when you were. And the ones doing the fooling KNOW this about you) by wealthy politicians who tell you socialism stifles innovation, creativity, job growth blah blah blah. They know socialism will require THEM (and their benefactors) to pay higher taxes to benefit YOU. So they attempt to keep you focused on the "promise" of capitalism and the "opportunity " it creates for all. You don't have to PUBLICLY admit you were fooled. No, in America we have the secret ballot. You can go in the booth, cast your ballot, and no one will know you voted to Make America Sane Again and stop believing the "What a Great Economy" BS. And the day after the election, in the privacy of your garage, you can scrape off the Trumper Sticker off your vehicle.

  32. Gabriel's Garage says:

    Central Planning kills, voluntarism saves.

  33. Voice of China says:

    Reason TV is propaganda media! I just subscribed so I can voice against your propaganda! You are on my watch list buddy!?

  34. Christian Rodier says:

    Welcome, we too as Americans were once refugees running from a regime that didn’t respect our rights

  35. Gianni Marco says:

    But, but, Democratic Socialism! Bernie and the Dems say that Socialism is good and Capitalism is bad. Maybe we should take in the refugees from Socialist countries who WANT to assimilate to America!!

  36. George Cortes says:

    “Only politicians talk about socialism” that’s it right there

  37. Lycaon1765p says:

    Remember that socialism kills. Not just people, but your hopes and dreams.
    I hope we reform our immigration system so that people like this could escape such a horrid situation easier.

  38. René Casaña says:

    I hope they vote for Trump once they get US citizenship. Good hard working people.

  39. jcritch42 says:

    Mutual aid societies and Churches can provide better charitable relief than ANY government agency!!!

  40. Rum Have says:

    Lets all agree that billionaires are worth demonizing and we won't be able to have a place people can escape to.

  41. Rum Have says:

    Bernie Sanders is more dangerous than 50 greedy American billionaires.

  42. Antonio Yousoufian says:

    Bernie 2020

  43. Ellipsis of Triple Tap says:

    America is full to those that don't share our culture, values and language. Go somewhere else you ungrateful shits…

  44. meateatercat says:

    Then come here from the country that THEY destroyed with their voting patterns… What kind of fucking politicians do you think they are going to vote for once they are here? Pure insanity.

  45. vjm3 says:

    Fuck Socialism. From Fascism to Marxism to Communism, fuck Socialism.

  46. Brooklyn Style ☑️ says:


  47. Daniel Daniels says:

    They’re all speaking jibber jabber

  48. Robert Fernandez says:

    Reason manufactures consent with Fake accounts making fake comments spewing Propaganda, time for an United States civil war to kill off the oligarchs and those who promote it. Death to Warren Buffet death to capitalism death to the dollar. Spew that Propaganda REASON TV

  49. Robert Fernandez says:

    Your fake accounts and fake comments are easily incoherent, fuck your Propaganda REASON TV

  50. Ø says:

    Storage unit businesses are a cool hack. They also sound like exactly the kind of idea that regulation-toting bottleneckers would love to crush.

  51. William Hermanson says:

    Don't mean to sound like a terrible person but I dunno how I feel about this. I feel America could help in a better way then allowing a system like this to harm people. I also found it funny when they were like we want to help America but will send all our American dollars back to Venezuela.

  52. guy says:

    Ah-ha, so this is what immigrants look like… Welcome!

  53. The Grim Critic says:

    Don’t worry ya’ll. Venezuela isn’t real socialism.

  54. Anti-Confederation.Party says:

    How is it they can immigrate to the USA and me as a Canadian with deep roots(Mayflower and more) in the USA has no options except if I have $500,000 new business capital.

  55. RyeOnHam says:

    I love all these people. Vote Libertarian when you get your citizenship.

  56. D.E. Sarcarean says:

    Such a bias, ReasonTV should do videos on all the people fleeing Capitalist countries for countries with socialism.

  57. johngalt857 says:

    But are they coming here for freedom, or free shit promised by leftist poliTRICK$ters like Comrade Bernie?
    The problem with evading reality is that YOU STILL LOSE demographically and those engineering your replacement buy state elections, as has happened in Virginia.

  58. Tim Giraud says:

    When people flee from the US into socialist places… then and only then can anyone claim socialism works

  59. Johnny Darvall says:

    I wonder how many of these people voted for socialism

  60. TechYK says:

    This is for anyone saying "you should go back and change your country" no, there is no changing that shithole, we need to live for our family and our kids.

  61. Capitalist Revolution says:

    It's ok to punch a sozialist.

  62. Critical Tweaker says:

    I'm a trump voter and it's hard to see this.. I'm for the wall and a stop to illegal immigration but this really pulls on my heart strings. Considering that Venezuela is a communist shithole I see no problem with Venezuelans coming here. It's the disrespectful and arrogant migrants from central America that I dont welcome… they piss on our flag and demand we let them in, one ungrateful woman spit out a tortilla and bean free plate of food handed to her. This immigration situation is very complex, and I think American needs to take this on on a country by country basis. Hope these new arrivals find peace in America.
    Trump 2020

  63. rumbly in my tumbly says:

    These are the true migrants. Not the border hopping criminals coming from mexico

  64. Rick Roll Rizal says:

    Wow. Where can we donate?

  65. Denise Imbault says:

    Don't like the headline!!!! The capitalists have not helped this country prosper Poor governance, greed and corruption have brought them to this place.

  66. AMBA says:

    Oh yeah…. The famous quote from Bernie- 'Lets be more like Venesuela' (said nobody ever) SMDH #Bernie2020

  67. taino 20 says:

    We want anyone willing to be AMERICAN!!! Help us help the world. If the usa fails, who's going to help us.?

  68. Larry Dugan says:

    No such thing as democratic socialism! The guns always come out to enforce compliance with the ideology!

  69. better call Saul says:

    Osea de el socialismo al comunismo? Osea mientras se agarra las cosas gratis buenas está bien pero porque no luchan en su país? No que yo diga que no hay que irse cuando se puede morir pero veo el contraste de un comunismo y luego caer en el socialismo

  70. gene pierce says:

    What is the name/address of this group for those who would like to donate?

  71. Gorilanator says:

    Show this to Bernie Sanders supporters and film their reactions please.

  72. Jt Williams says:

    Lovely people. Just don’t bring the socialism here. But, just asking, are they legitimate refugees? There are probably two billion human beings, at least, who could be considered refugees if poverty is the standard for asylum seekers

  73. macsnafu says:

    If we keep letting them (the politicians) ruin the U.S., where will Americans escape to?

  74. Yuri Michelle says:

    For anyone interested in donating to this amazing non-profit, they are @raicesvenezolanasmiami on Instagram and their paypal link is on

  75. George Kaylor says:

    At least here if they both work low end jobs they can give one pay check to the landlord and still have a little left to eat and maybe send the family 50 bucks

  76. Saint Michael says:

    I’m happy you escaped that Communist Hell Hole!! Now go to every University/College campus and tell the students what it’s really like to live under that wicked ideology.

  77. alon rimon says:

    And the day the arrive America becomes socialist !!! Hahah

    Want to bring immigration to zero? Vote for bernie!

  78. Pedro Diogenes says:

    They remind me that The Matrix scene where Neo comes out of that egg and unplug the cables connecting him to the program. Many people in Venezuela still believe that socialism Bullshit, it's like they developed an stockholm syndrome

  79. jazeboy69 says:

    Communism killed way more than the nationalist socialists yet one is considered trendy:

  80. MrAnymeansnecessary says:

    Venezuelans fleeing socialism…American sanctions are whya? externalities?

  81. Scorpion mk2 says:

    now this is what i want my tax money to go to for real. cause then these political refugees can definitely have the things they need to atleast live and then start working so they can afford their own home.
    Edit: these Venezuelans like others that come from other countries WANT to better society are more than welcome to stay in america permanently

  82. Michaél Richardson says:

    Democrats are stupid!

  83. A. Jamison DeLozier says:

    2:28 I'm choking up too! God bless these amazing survivors. I pray they have long, happy, prosperous lives in America…..they know how bad things can get with the wrong politics

  84. Alex Mac says:

    The government should give them free housing. Especially with how expensive it is to live in miami. Fireballs 19 bucks a shot

  85. K M says:

    "The economy is such a mess…" What the heck is he talking about? Maybe used clothing stores aren't doing well because the economy is doing excellent and people are buying new because they can afford it now.

  86. Eric says:

    I hope they don't vote for there own demise..

  87. american freedom says:

    it's seems like socialism/commie, cultural marxism, shitty parents, shitty teachers andunions and their gang stalker armies… seriously, gang stalking is real.




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    read sual alinksy's rules for radicals

    45 goals of communism and the naked communist,

    socialist/commie/marxist trash are gang stalking people , hitting people with V2k, dews, frequency-based mind control weapons,

    google: psycho electronic weapon effects/TOTAL INDIVIDUAL CONTROL TECHNOLOGY



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    The Devices Gang Stalkers Use With Neural Monitoring – How They Look And Work #KevinChristian

  88. Chuck Farley says:

    According to aoc this is fake news. If she was a real “Latina” she would know the history of her own people and the absolute destruction socialism has caused on them

  89. michael lamoy says:

    Community, not Government, doing what should be done and how it should be done.
    Regardless of personal gain or loss.

    Congratulations showing the true virtue of being in America.

  90. Egor Harrowsmith says:

    I wonder why they left the old county? 😉

  91. Dr.Jekyll says:

    They wanna help by voting for democrats so they can turn this country into Venezuela part 2. Very smart people 😒

  92. t c says:

    Stop all financial aid

  93. censorship bites says:

    Truly touching to see real community among the Venezuelans.

  94. R.a. Wheeler says:

    But wait, they came from socialism.. they have everything, so why are they so down and out? It's so great. Just ask Bernie. This is just propaganda from the CIA. lol….

  95. Jah Reigns says:

    I visited Czechoslovakia and Hungry in the 80s. They were poor and the people preferred American dollars and German marks.

  96. vijay surendran says:

    so they left venezuela where they got free stuff and came to USA to get more free stuff .. lolz ..the curse of venezuela is not socialism .. ITS OIL .. AND USA AND ITS ADDICTION TO OIL

  97. Andrew Henderson says:

    My heart breaks for these people. Socialism = DEATH.

  98. Riddickk says:

    We should take all the welfare money we give these people ( 63 percent of non citizen households are on welfare) and invest it into their country to make it safer and help them rebuild.

  99. lapamful says:

    Just gotta say, yet another display of kindness by the American people allowing these people refuge. God bless you all.

  100. Sheldon Cooper says:

    I hope these Venezuelans don't vote for what they fled. If they do they deserve to be in poverty for destroying our country as well.

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