Using Layering Stamps with Markers

Using Layering Stamps with Markers

Hey everybody!
In this video I’m going to show you actually kind of an older technique for
adding just one more layer of depth to color layering stamps, in this case the
beautiful new My Monthly Hero Kit from Hero Arts, and I have some other projects from
this month’s release that I’ll show you along the way! So I’m working with this
month’s My Monthly Hero kit. It’s beautiful! It has cherry blossoms, it has
layering grass, it has all kinds of beautiful Japanese-themed images. I’m
using my creative corners with my MISTI so that I can have the grass image going
off both sides of my card front. I encourage you to use these creative
corners with these wider stamps. You can see that the grass stamp has a second
layer, and I’m just going to position it so
it’s hanging off a little bit off each edge and making sure that it’s up in the
corner of my creative corners. Then I will pick up the stamp with the lid of
the MISTI 2.0, coming soon in a couple of months, and I’m using the solid grass
image first with this beautiful Lime ink. I recommend getting the ink cubes
especially for color layering stamps, because they have so many tonal shades
in their ink line, that it really helps when you’re doing color layering stamps.
Now you can see there are some open areas that look like rocks in this image,
and those really help you to line up this second layer when you go to put
that on. I am going to stamp the base layer twice just to get it a little
darker, and then always make sure your cardstock is back in the corner before
you go to the next layer. I have ruined many an image just by not
doing that one simple task! And now I have the second image down
without making you watch the back of my head while I line it up! You really have
to get over a good layering stamp to get it lined up and then I’m coming in with
Moss ink for the detailed layer. And here’s my trick! This is called
“thumping.” I hold a water based marker – this is Karin markers – very loosely and
kind of shake my hand to get as a random a pattern as I can on to the layering
stamp and I always do this on the second layer or whatever the top layer of your
layering stamp is, and then you just press it down and you can see that it’s added quite a
bit of detail to the grass. Now I’m actually going to clean this off
and I’m going to add a second layer (which I should have done first) of the
Moss ink just to show you that detail and how the Karin marker layers into
that. Right now it’s still a little bit faint, so I’ll ink that up again and
stamp it, and I do have a coupon code for these beautiful brush markers on my blog
and I’ll put it below the video too – you can get 15% off of these. I love these –
these are my favorite brush markers. So now that darkens up you can see the
detail a little bit, and you can also see those fun darker spots that are made
with the Karin marker and I’ll show you a side-by-side at the end of the
video again as I did in the beginning just to show you the difference between
using this thumping technique on a layering stamp image, and stamping the
image just the way that it was intended. They’re both beautiful – they’re just
different! Now I’m using Cup ‘o Joe – this is such a
great brown. I love this brown it’s as close to my sepia watercolor Daniel
Smith that I think any
really gets – it’s beautiful. Then I’m also going to take a dark
brown marker and just do the same thing, adding a little bit of texture with the
brush sideways to the tree. I’m not holding it quite as loosely just because
this image is smaller so I don’t need that kind of all-over pattern.
I just want little sort of notches into the bark of the tree
you’ll see this better in the photograph – it’s kind of a cloudy day today so my
studio is a little bit dark. Now the tree is beautiful – it’s a cherry tree or it
can be any tree – like a pear tree – depending on what color ink you stamp it in, but
I’m stamping it as a cherry tree and there are also some loose cherry
blossoms that I’ll add to the card which I think are just stunning.
I wish we had trees like this where I live but we don’t.
So I’m layering the pink for the first layer and I don’t care if this layer
didn’t get completely inked because you’re adding so much texture with the
second layer, which is Pale Tomato ink, and then I’m going to take
the pink Karin marker and do the same thing, just to add some little spots of
darkness around thee petals of these flowers for a little bit deeper tone.
Once you’ve stamped it once you can always go back just with the marker and
the stamp and add a little bit more and what’s great about it being random is –
it’s random! So it doesn’t you don’t know where you had the marker the first time
and so when you go to put it on the second time it’s truly random and it
adds so much interest to your projects. So head over to my blog for more
projects and the discount code on the markers and a fun giveaway from Hero
Arts for this month’s release. I think you’ll really like this entire release
especially if you love Asian-themed stamps, and I’ll have two more videos
coming with products from this release in the next few weeks! Thanks so much for

Daniel Ostrander

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    Lovely! Looking forward to the next projects

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    You must be kind of psychic, Lydia. I so needed to hear your voice today. Our oldest cat, Pepper (age 16), has disappeared. We know she is in the house, because she is an indoor-only cat and we know she didn't slip out. Mama thinks she has gone somewhere and died, but we absolutely can't find her. 🙁 So I am just heartsick today. Pepper has had a malignant tumor on her left hip, but because of the type it is, the only "treatment" would be to amputate her whole leg. Which is something I would not do to a cat her age. So we were just letting the cancer run its course, and would have her put down when the time came. But neither of us has seen or heard her since last evening, which is more than highly unusual. I just hope she has died, and is not suffering somewhere in silence. But it would be better to find her before her body starts to decompose anyway. Mama asked St. Anthony & St. Francis (patron saints of lost items & animals, respectively) for help, but so far, nothing. Our other 3 cats aren't helping to find her, either. It's just awful. So I am glad you had a video up today. I'm trying not to be sad, but it's just getting harder. If you could send some positive vibes this way, I would appreciate it. Thank you, and I hope you have a great day.

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    Ack! I loved this so much! And I’m so bummed the March kit sold out before I could finalize my order!

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