Using a phone book to share Jesus

Using a phone book to share Jesus

So what does a phonebook have to do with sharing Jesus with someone? It reminded me of this story where I just used exactly this, a phone book. Now I was involved in something in Perth a number of years ago where there was some strong men that would break bricks and blow up hot water bottles and share the gospel using this kind of method and I learnt how to rip up a phone book. So I decided to use that as one of my strategies one night when I went out to the streets of Perth, and I was going along and saying “do you think I could rip this phone book in half?” a little bit strange I know… but I managed to actually stop a guy who actually didn’t care whether I could rip a phone book and half or not… and we ended up having this conversation which led to a much longer conversation. The interesting thing was it started to rain while I was talking to him. So I asked him “do you want to go underneath this shop shelter?” and he said “no I don’t”. So I kind of hid the phone book underneath my clothes because it was starting to get quite wet and starting to rain quite heavy and I remember just folding my arms over the top of it and carrying on talking and he asked so many questions and wanted to know so much stuff and at one point he asked me something… I think it was along the lines of to do with dinosaurs and anyway I just had to say to him “look I’m sorry but I don’t know how to answer you”. He said to me… “You are the first Christian that I ever met that hasn’t had an answer”, and that “You’re the first Christian that I’ve met that hasn’t come up with some stupid thing to say”. “You’re the first person that said they don’t know”. I said well I want to apologise actually because I feel like God was saying for me to start learning a little bit more about dinosaurs but honestly it’s not something that I’m interested in. Anyway that statement made so much impact on him and after us standing in the rain for I think it was probably about an hour, he said “you know I believe what you say… because you’ve been willing to stand in the rain and get wet to share with me something that you believe in and you also haven’t given me any stupid answers. Now that all started with a phone book and I’m gonna see if I can rip this in half. I’ll tell you a story about that in the next video.

Daniel Ostrander

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