US buying Greenland: Trump considers the idea but it’s not a priority

US buying Greenland: Trump considers the idea but it’s not a priority

Greenland, I don’t know,
it got released some how. It’s just something we
talked about. Denmark essentially owns it. We’re very good allies with
Denmark, we protect Denmark, like we protect large
portions of the world, so the concept came up
and I said certainly I’d be, strategically it’s interesting
and we’d be interested but we’ll talk to them
a little bit. It’s not number one on
the burner, I can tell you that. Essentially it’s a large real
estate deal. A lot of things could be done. It’s hurting Denmark very
badly because they’re losing almost $700 million a year
carrying it, so they carry it at a great loss and strategically
for the United States it would be nice and we’re
a big ally of Denmark and we help Denmark and
we protect Denmark and we will. In fact, I’m supposed
to stop, I’m thinking about going there, I’m not necessarily
definitely going there but I’m maybe going. We’re going to Poland and
then maybe going to Denmark. Not for this reason at all
but we’re looking at it. It’s not number one on
the burner.

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “US buying Greenland: Trump considers the idea but it’s not a priority

  1. Guardian News says:

    Trump confirms he is considering attempt to buy Greenland ►

  2. T M says:

    Make Mexico pay for it BTW!

  3. pixel girl says:

    What's the bet that it'll turn out this conversation never even took place?

  4. Venzulla Zulla says:

    Buy it

  5. Mariana Florea says:

    Trump it bad president,and big liar

  6. Karl MACH says:


  7. cary bary says:

    Trump secretly flew to uk to assault Owen jones.

  8. simply luk says:

    I demand Trump to be cloned for ËÜ president

  9. David MacArthur says:

    "Its number one on the burner ,I can tell you that" yet it will melt. Trumps not buying it , he is just a puppet.

  10. Andy Sefayan says:

    No one laughed when Louisiana or Aleska was purchased.

  11. Joe Majors says:

    Maybe Trump could trade California, Washington, Hawaii, and the Northeast states for the unoccupied parts of Greenland. I'm sure that the current residents of Greenland wouldn't want to become part of Trump's America. I'd feel bad about how non whites and poor would be treated by the South and Midwest that are still part of Trump's America. so maybe Trump should allow the urban areas areas to secede. Trump's America could then be the white America that Trump loves and doesn't mind being sacrificial pawns For Trump's agenda.

  12. 121212 says:

    Ice new headquarters

  13. Spiritbear TV says:

    More baloney from the Distractor in Chief…

  14. 121212 says:

    They could have a NBA team called the snow 🏀

  15. Carsten Simonsen says:

    Not for sale – and both he and the US of A will dearly be regretting should they wake up Holger the Dane!

  16. Tim K says:

    US would be crazy not to buy it, theres only so much land on Earth! You just don't get opportunities like this. Maybe Denmark should go to market

  17. musicmaster101 says:

    Doesn't discuss the serious issues that are happening – Today– Greenland's ice sheets melting right at this moment. No, but he wants more and more property to exploit. Doesn't care that the melting ice in Greenland will raise sea levels all over the world -caused by climate change – no, just want to BUY it so he can take their resources once the ice melts and then if that isn't enough maybe build a trump hotel there since they are failing in New York.

  18. 112Hasenmama says:

    Grönland Oil Trump

  19. TheTruth Spy says:

    Does anyone live in denmark here?.

  20. FAT COUNTRY says:

    We must buy it

  21. Daniel Hopping says:

    Looks like manifest destiny is still kicking. Fun fact a US considered buying Greenland and Iceland in the 19th century

  22. Zol z says:

    Why stop at greenland? we should own the world

  23. 112Hasenmama says:

    Gelogen Dänemark ist das mit Stabilste Land in der Eu 💖

  24. 112Hasenmama says:

    🤮 Amerika is so …😭🤧

  25. nicola tillary says:

    The us offering denmark 1.1 trillion dollars for greenland none of you even noticed the number

  26. ilovebollywood12345 says:

    I feel USA has too much money and power and such power is in the hands of a money hungry businessman who has no regards for the people or mainly the environment. Just having money will not save planet earth. Invest that money in cleaning up the oceans and reducing environmental damage and planting more trees

  27. Demosthenes says:

    Canada is next

  28. xrmk 889900 says:

    Trump will surprise the world😳… in A positive way. 🍏🥒🌽🥦🥗🍻

  29. Mountain Stream says:

    BUY IT!!!

  30. J- Leone says:

    There is many oil there the last time i check

  31. Nan Matau says:

    Does the Orange Dotard even realize that Greenland is 88% non-white?

  32. Octavio Flores says:

    United States should focus in Paying off their debt they owe

  33. Ison Reign says:

    I love Trump.

  34. Glenn parent says:

    usa could not buy a can of pop-your 23 trillion in debt -lmao

  35. Chris Edwards says:

    It's really not that crazy. A lot of people are gonna be wishing they live in Greenland a few decades from now.

  36. T K says:

    Jeff Bezos should buy it just to piss trump off

  37. Blaster Elforg says:

    If you end up in Greenland there is not much else to do other than play at the casino if one is around. Either this or building an igloo.

  38. Mike G. says:

    Slight problem: it's not for sale.

  39. ScorpionXII says:

    Yeah wonderful news for Greenland, they get to have the America's broken health care system, broken gun regulations, no paid leave, no public colleges, stagnant minimum wages, highest drug prices in the world, lackluster renewable energy, and all the other great American accomplishments.

  40. flying fast says:

    That's funny I'm global news today they said that it was absurd that Trump Eaves suggested that and that they would never sell their country to the US and the reason why is once all that ice melts there's Bookoo minerals and Bookoo oil but Greenland will do it the right way they won't destroy anything

  41. flying fast says:

    Anyways Greenland said the circus clown will never own our country bottom line

  42. jappie jappo says:

    China must get it before the US does. Greenland is Asians’ land whites have nothing to do with it. China also should invade Canada then liberate all those Inuit people being tortured and slaughtered by whitest.

  43. Cipriano 92 says:

    If it's not on sale,they could trade Florida for Greenland,great deal.

  44. David S says:


  45. Princess Random says:

    This lunatic never ceases to amaze me

  46. CxTyler says:

    The US should just buy half of Greenland. They don’t need the whole thing.

  47. Blaster Elforg says:

    Trump learned a new word yesterday "strategic" so he thought he could find some policy he could apply it on, and Greenland just came up. Beyond that he's just old and confused.

  48. Cengiz HAN says:


  49. Messiah Franc says:

    Don't feel too bad Donald. You'll be getting Hell for free. Bon voyage.

  50. commiesarentpeople says:

    Maybe we can bribe every greenlander with a Florida timeshare during the winter.

  51. Peter Rasch says:

    Let's buy Donald a more fitting legacy — the planet Uranus.

  52. Parasmunt says:

    Denmark would be stupid to even consider such an idea.

  53. Benjamin Christensen says:

    We are not Melania, you can't just buy us! -Sincerely the people of the Kingdom of Denmark.

  54. Golden Gun says:

    U.S is 22 Trillion dollars in debt and this is what they want to do

  55. Kumori says:

    Can Denmark buy the US instead? Their healthcare system is top notch, and they've been ranked the happiest country in the world multiple years.

  56. The Duuderino says:

    Greenland is a separate country and not available to sell or purchase so there's no chance Trump can buy it.
    He might as well try to buy Canada.

  57. Gregory Powell says:

    So thats it USA is running a world wide protection racket. Organized crime/politics.

  58. RB5steve steve says:

    Lol. What is this man like. He probably wants it for a military base and another golf course like he did in Scotland displacing people from where they lived to build it. England next?

  59. Michael Woolhouse says:

    Nobody buys Greenland better than me!
    He doesn’t need Greenland, Boris is going to sell him the U.K.

  60. euggri says:

    Why doesn’t he buy Slovenia 😂😂😂

  61. euggri says:

    Sometimes it’s better, easier and cheaper to buy viagra

  62. Gio Pirro says:

    What a big mouth!

  63. Maximiliano Aedo says:

    I can see Greenland declaring independence any moment now. Trump should keep his hands off Greenland.

  64. mark rush says:

    $22 trillion in debt…..wheres the Tea Party?

  65. manoj joshi says:

    Greenland is 90% ice right?
    What's strategic about it?

  66. Karatheya Roxan says:

    Protect Denmark from??

  67. hitler fan says:

    if usa buy Greenland than Denmark buy new york love from Pakistan

  68. Harry Apple says:

    The president is a whack job… and I’m amazed someone hasn’t whacked him yet. The US is the laughing stock of the solarverse!

  69. timmo491 says:


  70. Kamfa King88 says:

    You can buy that island with your money because we know you are rich but you cant buy the citizen`s heart .. what a stupid idea buying a big island likes greenland .. lol

  71. john adamson says:

    Hey Denmark, not nice when somone tries to take parts of your country is it?

  72. Mareike Dregger says:

    Didn’t he want to conquer Mars first?!

  73. John Patterson says:

    Trump is a real piece of work. If he gets reelected I will fear the direction of travel the US is headed. Surely out of 3 hundred million people you must have better qualified people than Trump to run the country

  74. Cecilia Moncada says:

    Our defense department is critically dependent on China for a component used in almost every single fighter jet we have. Rare earth metals, specifically magnetic rare earth metals. Greenland is littered with this resource. Yes, Trump has the right idea.

  75. Jasper Morrow says:

    Trump will be re- elected haha

  76. Kaptain Kid says:

    Trump couldn't get Mexico to pay for the wall, so now he wants Mexico to pay for Greenland and then he would ship all the people currently seeking asylum on America's southern border to Greenland . . . . problem solved by Donald Trump (in Trump's mind)

  77. Christoffer Sjöblom says:

    Maybe greenland for Texas?

  78. Eric Handley says:

    Next thing you know Trump will discuss buying Africa even though it's a continent made up of 54 countries. Can you imagine him saying.." I have been in discussions with the President of Africa, a very fine man and he's on board. Back home African Americans are very supportive and I've gotten the calls. No President in history has even considered buying the country of Africa, I'm the first and it should have been bought a long time ago". Yeah he's that stupid.

  79. Donald McChmohan says:

    The thumbnail tho😂😂😂

  80. Grzegorz1006 says:

    Wait till they find WMDs there.


    Greenland doesn't want Green Card.

  82. karla Hammond says:

    ….tax player money is needed for more important things like GUN REFORM not purchasing Greenland. What a sleazy thing to consider at this time. Fix the US broken systems.

  83. karla Hammond says:

    Put a sock in it. They don't want you to go there.

  84. 7saany says:

    Hands OFF, TRUMP!

  85. Crystal the half monster human says:

    he really have to know there is no way he is gonna get Greenland if he declares war I'm pretty sure the whole world would be against him.

  86. Hestia Demeter says:

    Shouldn’t he be dealing with the gun issue?

  87. Rep0007 says:

    Imagine the insurance liability when the glaciers melt and whoever owns Greenland is on the hook for 20 feet of sea-level rise and resulting damages!

  88. Eric Ellis says:

    Trump the King of waffle and puffed.

  89. The Deplorable Jared Brodersen / Trump 2020! says:

    I don't see why this is such a big controversial issue. I guess people forgot about the Louisanna purchase. And for those who don't remember what that was, The Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition of the territory of Louisiana by the United States from France in 1803.

  90. Chris P Bacon says:

    A new "Pedophile Island" is needed for western elites by the looks of things.

  91. wellington wonsang says:

    Just so we are all clear on this: There is a facility built by the United States government in the 1960's called Camp Century. in Greenland. The area is also has a major strategic value as does Alaska. This was an option brought about by members of his staff and all he said is that he would consider it. He also said that it was not a priority. As Commander -in-Chief, it would be irresponsible NOT to consider it.

  92. NaturalNikkiSmile says:

    Every person on this sit should make sure you register or talk to at least 5 people about importance of voting or this just may not go away!!

  93. Paul Lavelle says:

    bruh. if this goes through then rip eroupes last big colony

  94. kissmyaass1 says:

    If Greenland ever came up for sale we should buy it in a heartbeat. What a giant and great coup it would be for this country. The monstrous benefits are too numerous to mention. The land,the oil,the minerals,the strategic importance.

  95. Frank Scerbo says:

    Can we trade Puerto Rico for Greenland instead?

  96. Antu Rodrig777 says:

    President Trump is a master thinker

  97. rollie4 says:

    we shall call it Libertyland.

  98. Kumar D says:

    That thumbnail though 😁

  99. Christopher Masters says:

    I'm half Danish.

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