Trump Suing to Hide Financial Records

Trump Suing to Hide Financial Records

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Trump Suing to Hide Financial Records

  1. Talaris Watts-El says:

    Joe Biden's response to Trump's slogan was a great response, make America moral again!

  2. Baraka Ali says:

    Mind your own Gosh Darn beeswax! I will use this words now on lots of 😂

  3. BeautifulMusiq says:

    Sigh… 🙄🙄🙄🙄😩😩😒🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Eric Schmidt says:

    Trump's probably broke. That's why he doesn't want his taxes released.

  5. Rich Beatty says:

    Knocked it out of the park!

  6. N P says:

    Lucifer – Jimmy Kimmel is, Shameless man, cant get over the fact, that then Candidate Trump has become President Trump, the most powerful Human being on Earth!!

  7. morgana marvel says:

    I expected to find the foundation lawyer behind bars.
    Who's going to take the fall for that scam!?
    (Scam #9865)

  8. anastasia pezzuoli says:

    What they said who knows him well he’s isn’t that rich anymore he’s hiding his taxes
    Every other president for over
    40 years always gave them willing to. John Kerry wealthy is married to the Heinz Corporation she had to put her
    money in a blind trust.just think 3 wives and 5 kids

  9. Tupac Shakur says:

    Desperation and deception at this point.

  10. Lourd O DaFlies says:

    LOL…. Joe MAMA…..

  11. Ramon Mora says:

    Evil. .mother. Fu….. Trump. And. His. Evil. Lazy. Wife. Melania. God. Help. Us. 😔😔😔

  12. Cory ryder says:

    he did trump threated to sue his school for realeaseing his grades

  13. His Holiness Pope Salty I says:

    Fred Willard is a national treasure. He should be on Mt. Rushmore.

  14. Sam360 says:


  15. Rochelle Eskue says:

    God love Fred Willard. He's so funny and can play thickheaded like no other.

  16. Grail Gal says:

    Biden is not in the lead that's bulshit mainstream media is pushing

  17. Stuart WARD says:

    FFS. Somebody tell him that it is a well established president (sic) to give full disclosure of your financial situation when you become President

  18. Fanty Morfa says:

    Mind your own….. Gosh Darn Beeseax!😂

  19. Sandi Billingsley says:

    The pope doesn't want them gossiping about all the priests raping children and all the other priests helping to cover it up.

  20. Felix DaSilva says:

    I don't remember Russians putting a gun to our heads when voting. Please stop playing games Democrats…

  21. Jaquin Hamdan says:

    No way Biden is up…

  22. Jaquin Hamdan says:

    No no no no! Bernie 2020

  23. Goodwins all access Media service provider says:

    This is not a joke – Incontestably damned malevolent consistently untruthful Trump is clearly without a doubt horrifically foul evidently untrustworthy visibly oblivious certainly egoistic shamelessly narcissistic disgracefully greedy voraciously avid blatantly arrogant cannily emboldened meanly ignorant irresponsible intensely reckless callously abrasive responsibly heedless brazenly patronising contemptuously provoking rebelliously bold gutsy middle finger up daring seemingly lawless criminally corrupt suspiciously defiant obstructing justice identified culpable censured liable notably unstable treacherously threatening acting guilty

    Do you agree?

  24. Rea Ality says:

    The political struggle in America is between 'Globalist/Liberals' who seek to weaken the limits of the US Constitution to allow big government control, and 'Nationalists/Conservatives' who seek to defend it.

  25. D.E.B. B says:

    Trump: 'I'm innocent of everything. Mueller's report says so'.

    Taxpayers: 'Great! Can we see the report?'

    Trump: 'NO. Just believe everything I tell you'.

    Taxpayers: 'Can we talk to Mr Mueller?'

    Trump: 'NO.

    Taxpayers: 'Since you're innocent, can we see your tax returns and other financial records that show you're actually a billionaire and donate so much money to charities?'

    Trump: 'NO. Just believe me. And don't talk to anyone else. Now go buy another red hat, and take a vacation at one of my lovely hotels'.

  26. hategreed1 says:

    Ageism is the worst, and stupidest, American form of DESCRIMINATON. We all age. DUHH. Other cultures revere the wisdom of their elders, because that is how our species has survived. By conflating maturity with incompetency, Americans couldn't be demonstrating worse, more dangerous, stupidity. If younger people can lead better than mature people, why isn't it happening? Anywhere? As for corruption being related to any one generation, show me a person more corrupt than Jarad Kushner or Ivanka tRump, or Steven Miller. Or Sarah Sanders. t Or all of these millenial and gen X men who have been killing their wives and children to get Go Fund Me fortunes and a new life with a young whore. Sick of your ageist bullshit. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤑

  27. Frans van Mook says:

    Trump does not lie. He has his own thruth, but forgets today what he said yesterday. Old age!

  28. Omegaperfectstorm ! says:

    🌹 So the Pope was warning people to Zip It, or you'll get murdered like Joan Rivers for The Truth???????? Barack Hussein Soebarkah Indonesian Birth Certificate Civilization Jihad! Hakrab Eos = Anti Christ and "wife" *EXCEPT MICHELLE IS A MICHAEL. THERE ARE DICPICS EVERYWHERE!!


  29. Ignacio Guerrero says:


  30. SmallTownGamer says:


  31. Presley Conkle says:

    Fred Willard is amazing!

  32. Stefmanovic says:

    Borscht rules!!!

  33. 2thealexjoneschannel says:

    You tube are Nazis

  34. Paul J. Burns says:

    A terrible hat, however a great greeting – "Yo, Mama!".

  35. Brian Jensen says:

    biden is 24% ahead of bernie? wow what a load of bs. never thought i'd see jimmy shilling for the MSM but i guess you don't get to this level without being a pathological liar

  36. Miss Understood AngelaWalker says:

    Six bucks huh? 🤣🤓😎

  37. Miss Understood AngelaWalker says:

    White walkers 🤣

  38. Liesbeth de Vries says:

    Biden is another corporate politician. Bernie 2020

  39. Zed Dead says:

    millions of people who watch Fox News are ready to die for a Putin/Trump America.

  40. Chris Clark says:


  41. choknuti says:

    Russia made sure that America elected the worst possible president? No matter what you think of Donald Trump I think he has the DNC to thank more than anybody else. They managed to give him the only opponent that he had a chance of beating.

  42. Peter Smith says:

    Please jimmy u are funny stop with the trump jokes. Every night my dude

  43. Raymond Orzecki says:

    Win win win win.. Communist Comedy shows loose loose loosers. Trumps a genius and has got nothing to hide . If you disagree vote for ??? From the commy democates take your pick they are all goi g down.

  44. Jason Chevez says:

    Dude you did the best thing to bring that old man back he's he's Priceless he's amazing good work Jimmy

  45. Terry Oesch says:

    I dare them to put Mueller under oath yes beautiful

  46. Otto Kristen says:

    Seems as my friend Donny, The Pink King got that wrong while talking to his best friend Vladimir Russ-Putin, who supposedly said that the hoax about Russian Intervention in to the 2016 elections “started as a mount and ended up as a mouse”. A person of Slavic background would say; “Started as a mammoth and ended as a mouse”. But poor Donny wouldn’t know what it means.

  47. Steven Torrey says:

    Note the picture of Melania and Trumspter sitting on a couch–3 feet away from each other….

  48. say what? says:

    Biden reeks of Macron, if he wins, he only will bring someone worse than Trump for 2024, because Creepy Uncle Joe will do nothing for the people hurting economically.

  49. Vito Paredes says:

    Lying ass jimmies Kimball,

  50. Vito Paredes says:


  51. Larry Daniels says:

    Trump was never qualified to be the executive on "The Apprentice",he should have been the permanent host of "America's Biggest Loser"! Way over $ 1 billion loss in 10 years,living on his tax-cheating Daddy's money while he lost on almost every transaction he ever made.

  52. John Villalovos says:

    Our PRESIDENT is under attack by the DEMOCRATS lets stand with him

  53. suparna singh says:

    This is how crazy men can get

  54. Dean Naisby says:

    American history just keeps on repeating itself.

  55. Tracy Born says:

    "The goshiest…"

  56. iconoclast vituperations says:

    how do you spell 'gosh'? what a great word … when i type it in it just comes up with the short vowel gosh

  57. marisa benson says:

    Bernie is the lion and biden is the lame springbok

  58. marisa benson says:

    Also America beware a war with Iran

  59. mexican drifter says:

    Dopey Donald

  60. henry nemet says:

    what a no talent f – – k i remember no talent kimmel on the man show when he asked girls to guess whats in his pants . and this thing is talking about someone else. all he does is talk trump he better hope he gets re elected or he wont have anymore show then what will no talent talk about . he can go back to asking girls whats in his pants . i wonder if his wife says that to guys

  61. Joan Tron says:

    Bernie2020 🛑 Biden poll is fraudulent. Check out who they left out and how they got the pollsters that took the poll. MSM is so scared of The Bern! Biden is a horrible candidate with a terrible voting record. Look it up instead of just go on ur stupid “feelings”. Biden will lose to Trump. MARK MY WORDS.

  62. Joan Tron says:

    Hillary lost because she’s a worse candidate who didn’t travel to the middle of the country cause she knew her numbers went down when she campaigned (yes she’s highly unliked) NOT stupid Russia. EVERY Country tries to meddle in other countries elections. We do it and worse. Check out our coup history. Trump is the lowest of the low and a cretin but Hillary IS THE REASON WE HAVE TRUMP

  63. MsDrunkGamer says:

    Folks, I f you like what TRUMP is doing to America, you're a traitor
    just like him. Wake up. You can fix Washington easily without
    destroying Democracy. Vote incumbent politicians out of office after
    two terms. Simple.

  64. MsDrunkGamer says:

    Folks, I f you like what TRUMP is doing to America, you're a traitor
    just like him. Wake up. You can fix Washington easily without
    destroying Democracy. Vote incumbent politicians out of office after
    two terms. Simple.

  65. Another Agnostic says:

    What an establishment tool. 1. That poll showing Biden winning only polled people over 50. 2. There was no Russian collusion.

  66. dabong420 says:


  67. Michael G says:

    It's nobody's business what he pays or doesn't pay in taxes . Mind your own !

  68. Z T says:

    Well why doesn’t Congress give up their agenda and get back to work on focusing on the citizens of this country that are working soul crushing jobs, paying taxes that others are exploiting. Instead, these people tune in for some relief and get a mouth full of propaganda that they never have the time to really look in to what is being said because it’s time to go back to your soul crushing job! The cycle continues and the rich get richer. All these politicians are so far removed from all of us, yet we are so preoccupied with them!

  69. Judi Bickford says:

    Is it just me or Trump's lawyer and Kimmel's barber look like the same person? ROTFALOL!

  70. Rico Camacho says:


  71. G o. says:


  72. Whitey O'Banion says:

    Biden supporters haven't been paying attention, bunch of dotards. It's going to be 2016 over again.

  73. Cyndi Campbell says:

    Jimmy Kimmel , i wanna love ya, but You should stop Hating TRUMP, you are setting a very bad example, being unfair and acting like its ok…………pls STOP an apology would do you and us good, thanks

  74. Josh says:

    Jimmy is a moran. I wouldn't want to show my financial records to the world either. Most people wouldn't want to show the world what your spend every dollar on. There was not Russian meddling as proven. Democrats are the worst sore losers. You didn't see waves of crying when the failure Obama was elected. The MAJORITY voted for Trump because they didn't want another Clinton/ Obama/ so on in office. Suck it up buttercups and get over it!

  75. tommkone says:

    Jackass Jimmy Kimmel fails to apply his shitty attitude to his idol Barack who continues to hide any and all information about himself! Oh and he also fails to mention Hillary and Bill Clinton who also have quite and extensive corrupt background! Kimmel is a typical Hollywood kiss-ass!

  76. Miguel Salazar says:

    Yup ! The same clown that was divulging Mrs Clinton E-mails (30,000 that we know of) with gusto !s suing right and left and as a gang of four to hide his own ! MF ! ! !

  77. David Pauley says:

    Interesting, while only a tiny minority of Republican and Democratic congressmen and senators have made their tax returns public (57 of them), a vast, vast majority of Democratic and Republican Congressmen and Senators refuse to release THEIR OWN personal tax returns…(473 of them have refused to do so, to be exact).

    And did you all know that only 1 in 50 states requires their governors release their tax returns?

    So, if we're going to require this of the president, then why not the congressmen and senators and governors as well? Such would be fair and just and right.

    If we don't require it of ALL of them, we're just playing politics and don't really care about justice at all.

  78. DementedPrankster says:

    This finance and tax argument about Trump has no end game. There is no goal. IMO the only reason it's being brought up is because people wanna say "I told you so," or gain political points whether they are right or not. There is nothing about this taxes or finances that aren't already known to the government both currently and previously nor will change anything about what people think of him.

    I mean think about it, if he's less wealthy than he talks about, then he'll appeal more to lower income people because they can relate to him more whereas when Bernie announced he was a millionaire he got attacked relentlessly for a while by lower income people (whom he said he fought for) and his own party. The people who like Trump won't change their minds with any info on his finances or taxes, only the people who don't like Trump will have any amount of their opinions changed i.e it'll hurt the left more than it'll hurt Trump or his base.

    It's honestly this kind of constant no goal oriented attacking that got Trump elected in the first place and he will again in 2020 if it continues. As someone else said before me, if we don't require all political appointees to follow this same rule, than no one should have to as it is only playing politics and has no justice or truth seeking in it at all.

  79. Ryv Mutsu says:

    The data is oversampling older people, who more often than not are a product of their time, including a romanticized notion of Biden despite his actual record.

  80. Peter says:

    It's funny how they all call him President Trump smh I refer to him as Donald.

  81. Dave Lester says:

    that poll was a fraud, no one who is middle aged was polled. Check out Jimmy Dore's video which shows CNN as fradulent.

  82. Bonnie Mccarley says:


  83. rup pert says:

    I bet Trump will show his Tax records just as soon as obama shows his college records and how his net worth increased from 150.000 to millions in just 8 years of PUBLIC office. I am sure everyone wants to know that.

  84. walstib says:

    That is an insult to Gary Busey lol

  85. PutinTrump2020 X says:

    And Trump claims he has the most transparent administration. LOL!!!!!

  86. John Sticher says:

    Jimmy the toolbag Kimmel doing his bowdown to his bosses who force him to say anything that comes out of his parrot mouth.

    Roast in hell Jimmy.

  87. ON SONG says:

    There's a lot of left wing hatred and bitterness here. I guess the reason is: THERE IS NO HOPE OF BEATING TRUMP IN 2020

  88. ray ray says:

    Jimmy… You need better material. You're a sleazebag.

  89. polite critique says:

    make America, America again

  90. desi derata says:

    That is HIS financial records, moron!

  91. sandra brogan says:

    Like that fast counting

  92. Paul Burns says:

    Let me get this straight. If I am innocent of a crime, I should sue the person whose verifying my alibi not to talk ?

  93. debbie541 says:

    Deutsche…great bank, head office Frankfurt Germany – so much for BANKING IN THE now great USA

  94. Great Matth says:

    Funny! Didn't trump just sort of tell a reporter to mind his own "gosh darn beeswax" when asked what he planned to discuss with putin?

  95. Smileyface Smileyface says:

    Trump's base will have strokes when they find out trump doesn't have any money. Because they're living there lives through what they believe trump has.

  96. Ranger Bob says:

    Kimmel misses blowing that spook that was in before Trump

  97. TheSearaider says:

    This guy sukzzzzzzz!

  98. Maz Terbate says:

    Sad thing is….Trump prolly saw that and LOVED IT! Clapping along and shit..I can see it now.

  99. Ben says:

    my motto would be "move orange face out"

  100. Marcel Carlito says:

    Deutsche Bank would be honored if he could get the 250 million

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