Triton: the Son of Poseidon – Mythology Dictionary #16 See U in History

Triton is a marine deity, son of the God of the seas, Poseidon, with his wife Amphitrite. Triton has a fish tail and the torso of a man, like mermaids. He fills his role as the messenger god of the seas, taking Poseidon’s messages throughout his father’s domain. According to some reports, Triton would be Poseidon’s heir apparent, and this is one of the reasons why he also has a Trident. But this was not his main weapon. He used a shell, which, when blown, caused a lot of noise, to the point where it frightened even the biggest giants, but, when softly played, the shell’s
sound could calm the sea waters. Triton lived in a golden palace underwater, along with his parents. The god was often part of his father’s parade. He walked at the front, calming the sea waters, so that his father could smoothly walk through the waters in his chariot, followed closely by nereids and Oceanids, who were his subjects. Like his father, Triton had several children, many of them were known as Tritons. During the adventures of Jason and the Argonauts, Triton met with the lost heroes, close to a great salt lake, which was one of Triton’s domains, and helped them, pointing to the right path towards their destiny. In pop culture, Triton also became known thanks to the Little Mermaid cartoon. Where he is the father of the little mermaid Ariel. Triton continues to be worshiped by those who are passionate by the figures of mermaids and Tritons.

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