The Pink One is Better!  LEGO storage boxes compared

The Pink One is Better! LEGO storage boxes compared

I’m Jang I’m a non-attorney
spokesperson and I approve this message these are Lego bricks they are equally
small and equally useful these are also Lego bricks they are equally large but
not equally useful the pink ones better you see I personally have collected a
small mass of these over the past few years or so they come in different
configurations from one by one as regular bricks two 1 by 1’s cylinders 2
by 2s and two by fours and almost forgot one by twos and they are intended to be
storage boxes so the top lifts off and you can put stuff inside like lots and
lots of brick separators these are officially licensed Lego products that
you can get from official Lego stores or the mega shopping at home website as
well as through other authorized retailers and they stack up just like
regular small Lego bricks which is very cool one thing that’s not so cool though
is that if you do start to get them into stacks and you have a bunch of stuff in
all of them and you want to get to something in one of the lower bricks it
just becomes a little bit inconvenient having to take off the top which slides
on and lifting off the weight of the ones above or you have to take these off
as well you can’t just directly get to the contents of a lower one well for
2019 they have a new design and these new ones have drawers built into them
the new ones are still compatible with the old and they stack together just
fine but with the new ones if you want to get at the contents of whatever is
lowest in the stack you just open the drawer the only trade-off is that in
order to get that more convenient form factor you do lose a little bit of
interior space because they do need to have this hole well or indent from the
underside for the anti stud in order to allow the stacking the drawer itself of
course needs its own walls plus its own floor and all that just reduces your
volume let’s see just how much space we lose I have filled up this old one
pretty much to the brim yeah that’s a non-trivial difference in
my opinion though for many people the trade-off will be worth it for the added
convenience of being able to load this and unload it from the side now they
don’t just sell the new style in pink they also have it in light aqua I’ve got
the little catalog that came with some of these let’s see I was hoping they had
the light aqua in here yeah there it is you can just barely see it down there at
the base I’ve not seen the medium blue or is that a light thing it’s a light
royal blue just yet but like aqua actually sold out very quickly with the
new style they’ve got them in two by two and two by four forms and they still
have the old style as well as some smaller versions available on some other
stuff as well minifig heads that are compatible with the same system so you
can still get the ones with the liftoff tops but these are expensive it’s kind
of a luxury niche storage item for example this right here cost me $25 u.s.
and the 2 by 4 versions of the same which just have two of this same drawer
side-by-side those are $36 u.s. at the end of the day though all I really
wanted to tell you in this video is that at least in my opinion pink one is
better thanks for watching I’ll talk to you soon

Daniel Ostrander

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