The ONLY 2 Reasons to Hire a Listing Agent – Home Selling Tips

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay Realtor Lance Mohr
and in this video I’m going to talk about listing agents. There are only two reasons and two reasons
only that you would ever hire a listing agent and I’m going to go over what these are in
this video. So let’s go over the two reasons why you would
ever hire a listing agent to sell your home and neither one of these has to do with the
value that an agent is going to put on your home or the price they say. You should list it for you’re the owner. You’re the boss. You’re the decision-maker. You’re going to put the price on the home
not the real estate agent. The two things that you want to make sure
when you hire a real estate agent is number one their negotiating ability. They need to understand how to negotiate. Now, I know this is really hard because you
don’t really know what their negotiating ability is like until you hire them, until you get
a contract but you need to ask them questions. You need to look at their listings that they’ve
previously taken. Look into them and look at some different
things. So let me give you an example and what I mean
and this is pretty basic but this really holds true. So when I list a home whether a seller tells
me they’re going to give the buyer the refrigerator, the washer, the dryer, even home warranty. I never put those in the MLS never and a lot
of times they’ll say I’m going to give the buyer of the refrigerator because that’s standard
in our area in Tampa. Giving them the buyer of the refrigerator
is normal not necessarily the washer and dryer but what I’ll do in the MLS, it will say included
appliances. I don’t put stuff obviously the oven the dishwasher
garbage disposal microwave stuff like that but I leave out the refrigerator even though
it’s in the body of the top of the contract and our contract it is but I’ll leave out
the refrigerator. I’ll leave out the washer. I’ll leave out the dryer even if they wanted
home warranty I don’t ever recommend that and here’s why. It’s just not good negotiation. The first rule of thumb is when it comes to
negotiation. If you ever give anybody anything for free
it’s deemed to not have any value. So you just arbitrarily go out and start giving
the buyers your refrigerator your washer your dryer they’re not going to put any value on
this it’s not going to be any leverage on negotiation. So I’ll actually have real orders it will
call me up every once in a while and they’ll say hey I was looking in the MLS and it doesn’t
look like your sellers are going to be including the refrigerator, the washer and the dryer. I say, well if your buyer wants it just have
them put it in the contract and let’s see what we can do because I want to negotiate
it even if the seller is going to give it away for free but you know afterwards or even
before if they don’t want it. So I always use it as a negotiating chip and
I never give it to the buyer or suggest the seller do up right. Now there’s really only two reasons why an
agent would ever do this or recommend number one they don’t know. They don’t know much about negotiating and
they’re just willing to give everything away for free. The second is they don’t really care about
your money. They don’t really care about the negotiation
and I don’t mean to be blunt but those are really the only two reasons. So think about it up front and see and ask
agents that you’re interviewing. Say hey I’m thinking about I’m giving the
buyer the washer the dryer the refrigerator maybe even home warranty would you recommend
that? Would you recommend I put it in the MLS or
how would I tell him that and see what they have to say? They should understand this. Again this is very basic negotiating. So that’s number one you want to make sure
the agent knows how to negotiate. The second, it really comes down to marketing. It’s very simple math. The more marketing equals more buyers equals
more showings equals more offers equals higher price. It’s really simple. You need to understand what the realtor is
going to do to market your home. So forget everything else when you invite
a realtor over to your house. When you interview realtors and please folk’s
interview realtors. Statistically 76 percent of all home sellers
go with the first realtor they meet and then they wonder why they have such a bad experiences. So interview Realtors but focus on their negotiation
and focus on their marketing. Pay attention to the type of marketing but
not just what they market, where they market but how they market everything is critically
important. I’ll give you an example. Anybody could take a picture right? I could go out there I could take my 4k camera
and I could take great pictures. It’s a phenomenal camera but I’m not a photographer
that isn’t what I do. I’m a realtor. I’m a marketing expert. It’s what I am. I’m not a photographer. I don’t have the $3,000 lenses and I don’t
have all the equipment and you know stuff to make everything look great whatever that
is. I hire professional but how many rulers take
crummy pictures a lot of them and I’ll tell you what the number one thing buyers want
are nice pictures to look at some of the photos that the realtors have taken of some of their
previous listings and see what type of photos they’re given because at the end of the day
this is just the tip of the iceberg. You got to make sure the agent not only does
stuff but does it really good because we all have the same amount of tools. It’s how we use those tools as real winners
that separates a top producing realtor from a non-top producing realtor. I hope this helps. If you have any questions at all leave them
in the comments. Reach out to me. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area and you’re
looking to sell your home, you’re looking to buy a home I would love to help you out. If you liked this video give me a thumbs up. Have a wonderful day and I wish you the best
of luck.

Daniel Ostrander

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