The Guido Dictionary 📖 10 Years of Jersey Shore

– [Pauly D] The Guido Dictionary. – Two episodes after the show was airing, Katy Perry was wearing a GTL shirt. – [Mike] GTL, baby. Gym, tan, laundry. It’s back in affect. Looking FTD and trying to
get chicks that are DTF. – Oh, I love it this time of year! – Jersey Shore took over the world. – What time is it now? – [Pauly D] I would say it’s almost – [Both] T-Shirt Time! – We would just talk
and have a conversation, like, bro, it’s T-Shirt Time, then the episode would air, then all of a sudden, it’s everybody’s T-Shirt Time. – At the end of the day, your man’s just gonna
look like a (beep) Chooch. – Where’s that cute-o, Chooch? There’s my, Chooch! – We’ve changed culture. We’ve been trend setters. – You trying to smush right now? – Through here, my room. – The Smush Room. (door shuts) – Is it all right if I get The Smush Room? – Yeah, we smushed. – The cabs are here! I was like in Australia or something, I just like stepped out of a car and like, 15 people rushed me and yelled “The cabs are here!” I’m like, this is Australia. Like, how…
– Cabs are here! – Yeah. Cabs are here! The cabs are here! – Yeah buddy. – Yeah buddy. – [Everybody] Yeah Buddy!

Daniel Ostrander

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