‘The Five’ reacts to Trump, Taliban peace talks breaking down

‘The Five’ reacts to Trump, Taliban peace talks breaking down

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to Trump, Taliban peace talks breaking down

  1. Subic Warrior says:

    just click past when juanita talks…trouble is he never shuts up

  2. King Ocho says:

    we don't negotiate with terrorists point blank.

  3. Shirley Savage says:

    A few on this panel is weak beyond journalism.

  4. rich s says:

    5 jackasses and their chosen idiot

  5. Aa AA says:

    I haven’t seen a SANE liberal/DEMONcRAT

  6. J B says:

    Remember the tan suit? Dementia Don and hypocrisy go hand in glove. Tiny gloves.

  7. mark Good says:

    Ya right if Obama had done this they'd be praising him and licking his boots.

  8. Cheryl Clark says:

    So here is Trump playing with dictator countries and these countries are laughing at him,in the meantime we are loosing all of our allies because they know what this game is all about,Trump is playing with fire and the US is the one getting burned,this is a dangerous game for the US 😡

  9. Ulrich Skaarsgard says:

    tRUMP is a con man, not a successful "dealmaker". The problem is that there are so many losers in this country that aspire to be like him. They think cheating on their wives with porn stars and running some shady business is being successful. Pathetic losers.

  10. Cheryl Clark says:

    Lindsey Grahams feelings about Trump 3 years ago summed it up beautifly,Trump is Shallow,says the worst things possible about Imagrants,doesn't know how laws work,he's a race baiting xenophobic,religious bigot,jackass 👍

  11. Dave B says:

    Trump's incompetence is a betrayal of America and all it believes in.

  12. Mavis Pruitt says:

    Trump knows Iran is a bad deal! Liberals are so evil they don’t care if the military or innocent people die! Go Trump!
    Vote Trump in 2020!!!

  13. Viking72 says:

    I respect and admire my President but the second I heard he wanted to bring those dirtbags to Camp David, I jumped from my chair. NO F'ING WAY!!!

  14. freewillobjector says:

    So al Qaeda got the pentagon to allow itself to be hit by an airliner… You guys aren't serious. This is insulting.

  15. freewillobjector says:

    bin Laden supposedly attacked because we wouldn't leave Saudi Arabia. So we stay overseas so they won't attack us, on their land… again. Man, rich people are dumb as dogshit.

  16. Matthew Rand says:

    First you meet with one side then you meet with the other side then you get both sides to talk, basic .

  17. passtime for civilwar says:

    Democrat liberal socialist are stuck with the nothingburger. They were foaming at the mouth either way. Now the Goebbels machine be is in full melt down. The lies the liberal spread are growing.

  18. Noble Tarkan says:

    Oh – for God's Sake – they killed an American soldier while the US President was calling for conciliation – they can come back to the table once they have suffered for every American life they take – American servicemen's lives are not cheap – they are real people with families and loved ones…

  19. Kimbo Slice says:

    You meet with a bad person every morning you wake up and look in the mirror

  20. sly pen says:

    They wanted to wear "vests" to the meeting.

  21. Cody Richards says:

    He can't even give the correct weather forecast provided by international meteorologists. Much less any political action. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡

  22. Tended Olive says:

    So tedious.

  23. Red Pill says:

    nobody kills more people around the world then the United States.

  24. M Dugger says:

    We're you there? To hear them and see them do as you said?

  25. M Dugger says:

    Why was it in secret anyway?

  26. Iam N. says:

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ TRUMP 2020 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  27. David Aponte says:

    Real integrity. Tulsi Gabbard for President.

  28. David Aponte says:

    Real dignity. Tulsi Gabbard for President.

  29. David Aponte says:

    Real honor. Tulsi Gabbard for President.

  30. David Aponte says:

    Lets REALLY drain the swamp. Tulsi Gabbard for President.

  31. David Aponte says:

    A real veteran. Not a draft dodger. Tulsi Gabbard for President.

  32. Debra Jones says:

    Donnie the Draft Dodger's dementia is progressing nicely, I think it's even sped up a bit.

  33. bisquitnspanky says:

    The current WH battle cry? "QUICK, TRUMP!!!!!! DO SOMETHING STUPID!!!!!!!!"

  34. Death Usagi | Kantai Collection says:

    Someone mind telling me why Greg has been off the Five for past 2 days?

  35. moffix says:

    Why don't you guys talk about the Turnberry and Doonbeg corruption stuff. I know you can't spin it.

  36. Hildebeast Clinton says:

    So, when does Fox News tell the left to stop extorting and looting it? Trump 2020. 🇺🇸

  37. Pamela B says:

    Nobody can negotiate with Islamic terrorists unless they are Islamic terrorists.

  38. Alphonso Devachenzig says:

    Trump does everything Putin tells him to because they bankrolled Trump businesses. When Satan 45 loses in 2020, Trump goes bankrupt (again) and sent to prison (finally). ANY FUNCTIONING ADULT 2020 🇺🇸

  39. sean ausome says:

    Politicians that vote for and support endless wars needs to be voted out of Washington ASAP.

  40. Moko Robson says:

    TUMEKE TRUMP GO Trump Go. Peace & 2U All. Tu meke – Maori for awesome or good job.

  41. Rich C says:

    At what point do Republicans say enough is enough. Come on people, you're much better than this. Get a moral leader 🙏

  42. great outdoors says:

    America's moderate majority wants our perverted president behind bars

  43. rational Dude says:

    Trump is doing good, at least he is honest and tries to do what is right for USA and for the world. And he can say NO to the deep state war party OWO imperialists.

  44. mr funball says:

    By "winning" trump must have meant f*cking everything up 🐴

  45. Russ S says:

    Keep these radicals out of the United States, permanently, they can't be trusted or the other fact is that they read and follow the handbook of evil called the Quran.

  46. Kevin Cummings says:

    Five of the DUMBEST people

  47. Jacob Monroe says:


  48. Prajwal Shetty says:

    Fox is all cool… now that it's not happening. No calling out the president for having such a dumb idea in the first place. That too in September!! Where is the line Fox news?

  49. Kamil Levi Pyka says:

    Mr.President what are you trying accomplish to meet with bad people,terrorists,dictators and oppressive regime leaders?You can’t simply accomplish anything with these kind of people.I am really disappointed at you now.

  50. Fern Walker says:

    Takes a real stable genius to even consider sitting down with bloody religious fanatics at Camp David and giving them the world stage. When will you wake up to the fact that the man is unfit for the job.

  51. John Monte says:

    The only president ever criticized for trying to prevent war and loss of life

  52. Allan Hill says:

    Would be interested! But not willing to watch the show,with that prick Juan Williams on t he panel.Bye

  53. Christophe Blanchi says:

    You guys work for Trump so make a better effort at venerating and adulating his every reprehensible actions, tweets, lies, sharpie lies, nepotism, corruption and crimes. Trump is a pathetic moron and his supporters, are endorsing his every move. Fox News, as the Trump propaganda / re-election campaign, you have a lot of work to do and be prepared to torch the very little integrity you had. Actually, Fox News you have no integrity so it will be very easily to support the most vile US president in history at no cost to you conscience. History will remember that Fox News and the Murdocks supported the destruction of everything that the US ever stood for. Trump's America is a joke on the world stage and no one Trust the US anymore as Trump lies all the time, is completely unstable, and is using the US and its institution like his own toys. NOAA, make sure you lie for Trump so that you do not hurt his pathetic ego.

  54. Chatla Suresh says:

    Most Taliban's are blacklist regime who created scoial-secular-liberal gangsters.

  55. Navy seals rock says:

    Trump lost my support.

  56. Alonso Salas says:

    So much wining 🙂

  57. l h says:

    🔴👍YES TRUMP 2020👍🔴
    This President knows how to play chess to WIN!!
    🔴👍YES TRUMP 2020👍🔴

  58. Pamela Russell says:

    Of course Juan as usual has no plan. None of the left ever do. All they have is criticism. The wars in the middle east have done nothing but suck the lives of American soldiers and money from American taxpayers. So when someone tries to do something about it, they get major criticism. Why is that? Well, it's an easy answer. Follow the money. Who is profiting from the middle eastern wars? Not you, not me, not the families of the American soldiers who die there. Our President is trying to put an end to it, and it is an Herculean task. I would think he would get more support in this effort. But no, except among the more intelligent, the real thinkers, he gets criticism. Oh, and the profiteers making money off the wars in Afghanistan and the middle east. And his political opposition, of course.

  59. Dave Osborne says:

    it is time to make iran a country covered with glass! you could call it iran under glass

  60. The Remixstress says:

    "We don't negotiate with terrorists" – Donald Trump

  61. Sir Monte Carlo says:

    Trump the great deal maker, who hasn't made any great deals while president.

  62. Kendall Laughon says:

    Communication is better than neglect ( highest form of abuse) ….even harsh words….. GB POTUS

  63. Denis Paiement says:

    So little good faith! How do you negotiate with tyrants?

  64. josh_sulli 98 says:

    we don’t negotiate with terrorists period. Donald Dump is unstable

  65. Lewis Sharpe says:

    no one on the right or left wants us to leave Afghanistan especially our great CIA Secretary of State pompeo since God only knows how much money he's also making off of the heroin trade

  66. Joker 64 says:

    Upchuck Schumer knows how to create failure. He’s an expert.

  67. John Milton says:


  68. Spartan says:

    MOAB and call it a day. At this point, thats the only end I see. I'd imagine our president has to be narrowing down options. I'm for it at this point as well.

  69. talk everything says:

    yaser arafat did the same things isis is doing

  70. LovelyApples says:

    Trump only wanted a photo opp.

  71. HD MGTOW says:

    Sooooo tired of fake news!

  72. Gus Maldonado says:

    Trump is disgusting period .!!

  73. Gar Sm says:

    Trump thinks it's like a real estate deal … shocking.

  74. Caller ID says:

    Trump invited terrorists to the United States… what a moron.

  75. Adam P says:

    Call yourself a patriot? You’re not if you still back trump. No way!!!!!

  76. Caroline Siegel says:

    How dumb are you all? Trump is trying to get the american troops back from Afghanistan. But beofre he does that he needs reassurances from all sides they will keep peace and collaborate with their own government. Nothing wrong with it. Afghanistan should go it alone and not expect the Americans to send their troops. Good move from Trump.

  77. Erik Soto says:

    Not a trump fan or Fox News. Neutral for the most part, I just had to come see if they defended this….

  78. keith johnson says:

    Trump is trying not to be like a football team that calls the same play every down. Trump is right.

  79. Szusza Webster says:

    There is no negotiating with terrorists.

  80. Arishamar Johnson says:

    Bad guys the United States funded

  81. Arishamar Johnson says:

    Vast mineral wealth…Boom

  82. John Jandoh says:

    This has been one of Juan's most sensible comments ever.

  83. smokeythehobo says:

    This is nothing more than a failed attempt by trump to get media attention for himself for the 2020 elections. American voters KNOW it is just another trump SCAM by the LIAR IN CHIEF!!!!

  84. Derek Wilson says:

    Everybody , EVENTUALLY , need's to sit down and stop the war , Trump at least TRIED to have talk's , otherwise you will be in afghanistan forever !!!

  85. Derek Wilson says:

    And remember you U.S ppl are paying afghan's if their opium crops are bombed or just failed , where is the opium going???

  86. Lloyd Standing says:

    You don't want to talk to them, you don't want to keep fighting them, tell me, what would you do?

  87. Bob's World says:

    Why were there talks scheduled in the first place? Trump cozies up to dictators and terrorists

  88. Violet Kostun says:

    Oh Lord Juan Williams is there are no words for his ignorance. I can’t watch him make a fool out of himself

  89. A Pekkle says:

    Cannot stand juan.

  90. Samuel Jimenez says:

    What a piece of s*** Trump is all you Trump supporter are idiots

  91. Dennis Knauss says:

    Juan is a blue gum getting paid to run his mouth

  92. Susan Auger says:

    What's chuckie doing mouthing off? Lol who is he!!!!!!?

  93. Susan Auger says:

    The terrorists are horrid. I'm glad Trump cancelled. You cant trust Iran or any of these bad groups

  94. Susan Auger says:

    Trumps just trying to talk like adults to anyone. Negotiations is the only way forward in any situation

  95. Shovunizim Cordiforio says:

    Why are we just thinking about talking to terrorists? If I thought we were going on the same page with all the kids and the best part of this team is going to be expecting a call from the school 😀 so much more 😁 than 😬 I have been 😑 for the transportation like to 😭 it is so hard for us to make sure that we can afford to get together with our friends and family in society. Uh what if we don't have to negotiate? With terrorists..

  96. HENRY MARTIN says:

    I thought juan was gone. Still an idiot talker. He is rediculously negative!!!

  97. HENRY MARTIN says:

    Trump is always right….you'll see!!!!!

  98. HENRY MARTIN says:


  99. Stephen Good says:

    Trump thinks he can "wing it" when it comes to foreign policy negotiations – another example of just how stupid he is – got spanked by North Korea in the same way.

  100. Stephen Good says:

    I thought according to Stormy Daniels Trump doesn't believe in pulling out – has he changed his engagement philosophy?

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