‘The Five’ reacts to House Dems’ threats to Trump officials

‘The Five’ reacts to House Dems’ threats to Trump officials

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to House Dems’ threats to Trump officials

  1. FlyBaby says:

    No collusion. No proof. Baseless accusations. Completely disrespectful. Democrats are scum.

  2. toscodav says:

    Cranky old ugly dysfunctional democrats.

  3. Rick Lawson says:

    The problem with all these continuing investigations by Congress is the Democrats will not quit until they get their truth which is in direct contradiction to the truth

  4. CanadianPatriot says:

    Not pagan cult, satanic cult! Call it as it is, the "elites" and corrupt politicians follow satan. Trump is draining the swamp of evil!

  5. Robert Gauthier says:

    Bahars an imbecile

  6. Cinzia Tschantret says:

    Jesus is here and soon you will all KNOW He is here! Judgment for all!

  7. Robert Gillaspie says:

    The COUP is full speed. Time to defend our country and arrest these traitors and throw away the key.

  8. Mike says:

    But muh popular vote

  9. Gwenhwyfar Rising says:

    As members of Congress you are supposed to make America better and you have not been doing that since Hillary lost. All you have been doing is trying to get Trump out of office! Leave the President alone and get back to work!

  10. Gwenhwyfar Rising says:

    Is it just me or do other people wonder when Joy Bihar became the white Oprah. Like every time she says something we are supposed to boy down and pay homage to her!

  11. r s says:

    Who ever educated the liberal democrats should be banned from teaching . At least give a refund for the cost to the country for having to endure there out right ignorance .

  12. Opinion Matters says:

    Everyone tires of the democrats…they add nothing to the economy

  13. Shawn Strozyk says:

    Time to withhold the Democratic party .pay checks till they start .doing there job . There gilty of many crimes .that there trying to cover up . An they use the fake news to keep promote the fake news about trump .

  14. Francisco Alvarado says:

    One or Juan you are Moving and gesticulating like Socialists, to close to Communist Worm!

  15. Donald Grant says:

    Juan Williams is the reason I often turn off Fox News on my TV and XM114.

  16. So No says:

    Pelosi it's time for the retirement home, don't you agree?

  17. sirknight438 says:

    the five should change their name to "The Four and a Court Jester" and let the public figure out which "Juan" is the jester.

  18. Cindy Hargis says:

    the wall is way more important than his tax returns !! And isnt that the IRS's job ????

  19. Heinz Schmidt says:

    The need to get that weirdo juan off of this show

  20. Jordan Boninoed says:

    trump has made this country great again. why doesn't Dems see what trump has done already.

  21. Krudemon says:

    Pelosi sounds like she is talking with a mouth full of rocks.

  22. Bluewren Reilly says:

    I want to hear the other's please I forward wind Juan, I know he is just an alternative opinion but there must be someone better. Then I suppose he does serve that purpose.

  23. N Neichan says:

    Hey don't dump on pagans!

    Having everything except legally protected info given to them and they still scream. But if the info is leaked cases will be compromised. But then no one in the Dem party will accept any responsibility if that happens. Or take the fall for destroying reputations of innocent Americans who were witnesses, not criminals.

  24. Psyrecx says:

    "Our democracy is in danger"

    Ironically, because of people like her…

  25. Dave Studdaman says:

    5 seconds is about all I can take of Maize Hirono. That woman is go goddamn stupid. It truly is amazing

  26. Glenn Billings says:

    I highly approve of President Trump's behavior.
    However, if I were the president, I would employ many Black Bag operators to start making my greatest enemies disappear.

  27. Ferdinand Siegel says:

    Our government out of control.

  28. RE Styles says:

    In my town the Democrats are getting out of politics because of all this. Our mayor just announced his resignation today.

  29. Truth Serum says:

    Democrats are truly sickening criminal filth

  30. Doug Bolling says:

    He without sin , cast the first stone , Jesus said. and the masses left . Pelosi should clean up the state of California first before trowing stones at people that are doing the right thing . and for her tarring up the Constitution in public should be impeached for that by it's self . she is a sinner towards the American People

  31. jimmy walker says:


  32. RamonaforAmerica 2020 says:

    Juan, you ALWAYS sound so stupid! QUIT!! For the life of me, why are you people on the show have him hired? Are you willing to pay for our blood pressure going up? As for me, I am contemplating on fast forwarding every time I know he’s going to speak. 🤮🤮🤮

  33. Melodic Indigo says:

    Oh pelosi you couldn’t speak the truth. You don’t have it in you. Pure filth.

  34. Chris Suggs says:

    Screw the dems. Hope the American people actually do see who's the threat to our republic. And republicans need too get a backbone and start investigations into Obama and every dem in office

  35. LIFE-IS-GOOD says:

    Juan must be Obama’s secret daddy…or maybe his boyfriend…

  36. Casandra McCray-Gospel says:

    Why don't you two idiots GO TO WORK and earn your salaries, you bombs! Nancy Pe-loser and Schmuck Schumer.

  37. Sandesign2 says:

    Juan Williams your obvious. I would say stupid but we know your just following orders when you twist things the way you do. We see that.

  38. Jerry Clark says:

    Thank you Mr President my wage has doubled in last 18months

  39. Lane says:

    @10:10 Dana cracked me up………Juans a tool.

  40. Road Runner says:

    Why does trump keep saying these people are smart? When their obviously mentally retarted, I mean c'mon what are they getting out of it besides constant embarrassment

  41. Big Moe says:

    Martin Luther King would sleep this black dude so quick.

  42. DK viking KD says:

    Dana is one of my favorite Fox reporter:)

  43. DK viking KD says:

    How on earth do these people not see their own hypocrisy? The left literally owns 90 % of media, 95 % big tech, 85 % of education and half the politicians, and the leftist propaganda are pumping out into our lives 24/7 from all sides , and STILL this is not enough!!??

  44. Al Masry says:

    Women failed in politics.    Shame on you

  45. Daniel Wells says:

    It's some what heartening that Democrats are consumed by the oversight aspect of their job, perhaps in the years to come they will find that same passion for addressing the needs of the American people.

  46. Lee Walsh says:

    I like to pop over to the Fox channel just to see comments post by America's idiots.

  47. findingout says:

    What does high lighted comment mean?

  48. diane michelle says:

    I'll tell that dumbass what the president isn't doing he isn't trafficking and raping and killing kids …

  49. Mendo Tolevski says:

    make love not war according to trump with kim and vladimir

  50. Deidre Loyda says:

    All of the Trumps work for free, so threatening to hold back paychecks is ridiculous

  51. Trump 2020 says:

    "It closes the wealth gap at low levels " did Juan just say Trump was helping the poorest Americans.

  52. Al Milligan says:

    We saw what the poles meant in 2016.

  53. pingota pingota says:

    Conservatives need to march in Washington to show support for the President I’m broke from Texas but I will do everything to get to Washington someone’s in politics need to organize this March that’s all
    Viva Trump the great white hope

  54. tim vickers says:

    Greg was a never Trumper i see he came to love him

  55. John Jeffrey says:

    juan is an idiot!!!

  56. lovelymawithbrains05 says:

    Juan, you are so disgustingly negative, sook. I don't share your views. You are a waste ot time on every Five show.

  57. Prot says:

    I was going to ask my Trump University political science professor about all of this to see what they thought, but I'm having trouble finding any of my professors lately…

  58. Antonette Altese says:

    can someone pls feed hirono to jaws JUST LISTENING TO HER VOICE MAKES ME LOSE BRAIN CELLS

  59. Roman Gerard says:

    These democrats should not be allowed to use the term "the American people" or "the truth" because they don't stand for either

  60. Just me 06 says:

    Juan is so negative, he turns my stomach. Wake up Juan, the rest of the world is waking up, we know about the big lie.

  61. Repairguy 2 says:

    The Democrats will keep throwing $hit till they get thier way . This Country is doing better DESPITE them now !!

  62. Kabob Brewster says:

    Polls mean nothing Juan Two. I wasn't polled and either was you. Come poll my state and it will be well above 50%.

  63. Ringo Garvin says:

    I fast forward thru Wahn and Dogin.

  64. Ringo Garvin says:

    Juan … UR FIRED!

  65. Ramon Arellano says:

    No relationship between Trump and Russia. There is a clear financial relationship between Clinton and Ukraine. What gives?

  66. Fanndis Goldbraid says:

    When Juan is on I skip to the end to get to whatever news story comes up. His contribution has no value.

  67. Jay Bojorquez says:

    That ending though lol her frustration with Juan lmao huugghh

  68. GoodDogNigel says:

    Greg and Jesse are the best,

  69. Paul Fadden says:

    There was another youtube video where the presenter suggested Trump target the Democrat families in the same way his family has been targetted, that would stop this circus. Also if you can prove the Clintons are traitors execute them, the rest of their followers will backdown!

  70. Andy M says:

    Let voters consider salary reducing legislation for Congress. No reason, just because we can.

  71. William Lucas says:

    TRUMP 2020. Comments say it all.

  72. Optimus Prime says:

    No one approves of you Juan.

  73. realtruthtv says:

    I don't understand these dumb asses r breaking the law daily everyone knows it and they get away with it its a joke they r all in on it

  74. Buford C. says:

    Love Greg Gutfield. He tells the truth!

  75. Arnold Davis says:

    Lock him up or die in his sleep

  76. Karen Weldon says:

    I’m Pagan and I don’t think the world is going to hell we don’t believe in hell but democrats do suck

  77. Edmund Singleton says:

    The first meetings of each and every day of this American
    Presidency, is with his staff on hair and make-up, domestic and international crisis’s
    if any, must wait, as it is with so many of the journalists that will be
    covering him that day…trusting no one but those that are well known and skilled
    in their artsy craft for their own trumped up appearances…your news and
    information may be delayed one half hour today if necessary…

  78. Jerry wtf says:

    Trump needs to stop fu…n around and get rid of these leaches. Wasting more and more time and money put there salaries on the wall

  79. kevin willerson says:

    I stop listening at the point juan chimes in when will you get rid of him we hear enough dem crap already

  80. kevin willerson says:

    I disliked because of juan's presence

  81. Sea captain says:

    Keep these creeps under water until the election.

  82. Carol Defenbaugh says:

    Maybe their poll takers should go further than just asking the dem/lib/left people who are always the ones they ask, I have never been asked by a poll taker in person. President Trump all the way !!! Good man Great President !!!

  83. Rusharn Mal says:

    As we learned in 2016 you don't need to popular vote you need the Electoral College.

  84. Cheri Flake says:

    I dislike her

  85. Maz says:

    President Trump got better ratings without getting on his knees to the corrupt press, where as Hussaine has still not got off his knees, even sending planes full of other peoples cash to his favorite male friends.

  86. Memyself andi says:

    Nobody cares about Chuck about redhead it nasty and that nasty Nancy Pelosi

  87. Memyself andi says:

    Who cares about the popular vote she lost ha ha

  88. Rebecca Z says:

    Nancy Pelosi single-handedly caused the housing market crash. How did anyone justify voting for her since 2007??

  89. william micciulli says:


  90. Joe Williamson1970 says:

    Impeach all demonrats…fire juan fire juan fire juan fire juan fire juan…we want to know what demonrats are truely doing pelosi you would not know the truth have you ever told the truth ever…joy you a freaking idiot…you can never believe polls they lie…the point is fire juan! Obama worst president in the world…fire juan please…

  91. Robert Churchill says:


  92. Melinda de los Santos says:

    How much more lamer can you get? That is Panick-speak!

  93. Christian Wolf says:

    It´s the end of the world as we know it
    . . and I don´t care
    Sums it up for me, see you in hell folks.

  94. layne levins says:

    Polls … juan has lost his mind.

  95. layne levins says:

    Polls … juan has lost his mind.

  96. Ravishing Red says:

    Jackass you should never get your paycheck Dems Never do your jobs

  97. Diana Hamilton says:

    Shut up JOY Boy

  98. Brenda Potynsky says:

    We NEVER saw Hillary's TAX RETURNS!! Ummmm, hmmmmm!!!

  99. Brenda Potynsky says:

    You dippy people are OUTED and your STILL LIEING Pelosi!!!

  100. Roberto Torres says:

    Don't Reason That I watch this is because Juan brings them to reality even though they don't wanna see it

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