The Docker’s Repository

The Docker’s Repository

Stories and memories are vulnerable to the
harsh winds of time, to be lost forever into the void if not preserved. The project sought to address the phenomenon
of Notopia. A description of modern development in which
one city looks and feels just like any other. This project acts as an attitude towards Notopia. The site was Prince’s Dock, Liverpool. By tracing back the routes across the world,
we can map out ports that once had a connection to Liverpool. The project develops and intertwined two broad
themes of enquiry: The personal history and memories of those who worked on the docks
and an exploration of the history of ‘collecting’. The project consists of two main components,
The Ship, and The Repository. The Ship travels around the world collecting
memories and transfer all of them back to The Repository. Here, is the refitted Ark Royal. A ship built on the Mersey in the late ’40s
and decommissioned in 1979. The refit contains space for recording memories
from groups and individuals, and for processing, cataloging, studying and storing both memories
of Liverpool and physical artefacts collected on the voyages to ports worldwide. The design combines spaces for the latest
digital scanning technology as well as group rooms for discussion and debate. Also the accommodation for the ships crew
and all the memory collecting staffs. As we exit the ship to the tower, we approach
the Loading Bay. The Repository is sub-divided vertically from
the most public to the most private spaces. At the ground level, welcome spaces with shops
and cafe. Then gallery and collection point. Above them are the museum – The Ship, The
Docks, The Warehouse and The Overhead Railway. On top of that are the archives, both digital
and physical. These are clad in the automatic storage and
retrieval system. Through endless collections and restless journeys,
this is the place where one’s voice can be strong enough to empower each other.

Daniel Ostrander

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