The Cryptal Show – Episode 16: Big News For The Coin Listing Competition & We’re Hiring

The Cryptal Show – Episode 16: Big News For The Coin Listing Competition & We’re Hiring

sworn stay we know all the hey I’m chyrrelle from cryptal dash encrypted – I’ve been
the one bugging you guys it’s about the coin listing competition I’m not about
I’m real person it’s all coin season and that means it’s going to be very busy
the market is going to be extremely active and it’s going to be like Bitcoin
2018 even your grandma is going to be talking about it so listen cripple – is encouraging all
the points to join our point listing competition this is your chance to grow
your coin and get listed with what’s position to be the rising star crypto
exchanges that’s us crypto – that’s change the competition is has five
phases each phase picking top five winners and closing at the last day of
the month so phase 2 ends on April 30 phase 3 on May 31 days four and June 30
and phase five on July 31 so gather your coin community and vote now don’t wait
this is now going to be a regular video series – so it’s going to be focused all
about the coin listing competition we’ll be featuring coins to join the
competition we’ll also be talking about their cool projects in the show so
encouraging your community to follow us and interact with us so what should you
be doing click on the subscribe button below to follow this series and if you
want to get on the voting part click on the point in listening competition but
you’ll find on the description so see ya Krypto – is growing we need more people
we need you for job openings visit for staff onsen
actually just walked out in prison yes crypto friendly Iceland witnessed
their first massive cryptocurrency related theft way back in December and
January even two million worth of Bitcoin mining computer and harder
rashly stolen from several data centers now safe onsen was actually detained for
two and a half months but there was no relevant evidence to keep him locked up
promptly the judge to adjourn the decision for 24 hours now the Fontan
smart enough use 24 hours to actually leave prison and he
booked his flight to Sweden on April 19 and actually left the country now the
policemen are suspecting that he is currently in Spain meanwhile there is no
information coming from anyone about the missing hardware prompting the big
crypto whales to put up a value of sixty thousand dollars just to get information
to find a location of the missing hardware now the question is will
Stephane send me back in Iceland and tell everyone where those hardware is
who knows but you can always subscribe to our YouTube channel to find out the
latest news about crypto

Daniel Ostrander

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