The Best Way To Backup Your Personal Data Files – Part 4

The Best Way To Backup Your Personal Data Files – Part 4

Thank you for joining us today. I’m Rudy
Stebih and this is HelpDeskTV for Windows 7. Today in Part 4 of our series on backing
up your computer, we are going to show you how to setup different backup sets that will
enable you to backup different files and folders to your online cloud based backup and local
storage device at the same time. So far, in part 1 we have showed you how to
install the CrashPlan software at In part 2 of our series, we walked you through
step-by-step on setting up a free local backup solution using a local storage device. Then
in part 3, we showed you how to backup your files to an off-site storage solution using
CrashPlan Central. Now that you have multiple destinations setup,
we can create backup sets that will determine which files and directories get backed up
to which destination. In others, you can have some files and directories backup to your
local storage device, and you can have a different set of files and directories backup to your
on-line backup solution at CrashPlan Central. So, let’s see how this works. First, from the CrashPlan main screen, click
on the Settings menu item. And then click on the Backup tab. At the bottom, you will
see the option ‘Backup sets’. Go ahead and click Enable. You will now be shown the default backup set
which includes all files and directories being backed up to all destinations. Here is where
we will create another backup set independent of the default backup set and select its own
files and directories to backup. Now, click on the ‘Add’ button underneath
the backup set list. And go ahead and type in a new name for the backup set. Here we
will name it ‘Local’. Next, we will select which files and directories
will be backed up. Click the ‘Select’ button in the Files panel and go ahead and
select some directories separate to ones you are currently backing up. And then press OK. Now that we have some files and/or directories
selected to backup, we need to choose a destination. Here, click the ‘Assign’ button in the
Destinations panel. And the click on the destination for this backup set. Here we will select the
‘backup_CrashPlan’ folder which is located on our local USB drive. And then click OK. And there you have it folks. You have just
created a 2nd backup set that will backup a different set of files & folders to a separate
destination from the Default backup set. Now lets make a quick change to the default
backup set and remove the local backup set from the Default backup. Click the Default
backup set in the backup set list at the top of the panel. And then click the ‘Change’
button in the Destinations panel. Go ahead and unselect the check mark next to the ‘backup_CrashPlan’
folder. And then click OK. Don’t forget to click the Save button to save your changes. Back in the Backup menu, you will now see
two panels that are labeled Default & Local. These are your individual backup sets that
you have just created. You can see under the Default backup set, that the current folders
‘Rudy Stebih’ and ‘ZZ’ will be backed up to CrashPlan Central. Where as under the
Local panel, only the directory ‘ZZ’ will be backed up to the local storage device. I hope you enjoyed todays HelpDesk TV. If
you need further assistance in setting up CrashPlan as your backup solution, you can
contact us on our support forum here at ‘’. Thanks for watching!

Daniel Ostrander

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