Storage Wars: Kenny’s Biggest Score Ever (Season 11) | A&E

Storage Wars: Kenny’s Biggest Score Ever (Season 11) | A&E

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Storage Wars: Kenny’s Biggest Score Ever (Season 11) | A&E

  1. Dr.B Mirza says:

    Watch your profanity.

  2. Diro says:

    Kenny has the spirit of Bernie mac in him.

  3. random vibes says:

    most stupidest estimation ever good luck selling at that price

  4. Tin Cam4 says:

    They deadass just think they know everything a “wheelchair 50$ each box of Wires 20$ each”

  5. KniGht1st says:

    My man out there sweating like a pig but keep wearing a fat winter vest for some reason.

  6. lube frenchman says:

    Yea this box full of old coat hangers………… 100 bucks easy

  7. Youza says:

    IDK what everyones complaining about this guy has had the most reasonable prices out of all of them

  8. Xanxiety says:

    tastes floor

    Yeah about $500 for this dust

  9. The Germans Are Coming joe says:

    Why is he wearing a flak vest lol

  10. Luke Longua says:

    This is the only person who doesn’t over price everything he touches

  11. Ant PoP says:

    unwatchable…right chear

  12. Bitch Lasagna says:

    Right chea

  13. Dee Jones says:

    He’s hilarious

  14. mark merk says:

    Dude…stop're making us sound bad…and i hope you were smart enough to sell to that guy cuz ii doubt anyone thar would come to your store got $3000 to blow on that….

  15. eat first ask questions later says:

    Fakkkkke as sh0w

  16. Javier Juarez says:

    How much could I get for some red wings tennis shoes I found under a freeway…are they worth big bucks?

  17. Alk says:

    Kenny is the greatest

  18. ur father o3o says:

    2:34 what did you call it?

  19. Marlene Castillo says:

    this right chere

  20. Alexa V says:

    $125 for a bike???

  21. SmithsRus says:

    I can't understand a word Kenny says.

  22. Beavis says:

    It's all a fake drama

  23. Francisco Arroyo says:

    Right chea!

  24. LYZZY LOVE STAR says:

    Ok were u from I got to know lolol

  25. #kane poe says:

    Why is everything a chair?

  26. the Gaurdian says:

    “Watch your profanity”

  27. Phillip Martin says:

    Where is Kenny store? His prices are under on some stuff

  28. samsherman313 says:

    4:26 😂😂😂

  29. Abby Meadimber says:

    This looks like kid presidents dad

  30. shonestars says:

    Why does Kenny sound like riley from the boondocks?!

  31. mark night says:

    The cigar guy remind me of that dos xx commercial.. lol.

  32. Trippie Dude says:

    When you get caught in a lie🤠

  33. JumpShot says:

    Ain’t this the dude that sang pants on the ground 😂

  34. joe p says:

    Yay for Kenny

  35. Mohammad Shia says:

    I miss Barry ,, Dave , Jarrod..
    And Roy garber

  36. Guillaume Martini says:

    Right trea 😂

  37. UsTm72 says:

    Uncle ruckus

  38. ysf says:

    Right chere

  39. ZUCC BOI says:

    right chear

  40. MURRAY LAD says:

    How old r we taukinnnn annnntonnn?

  41. Christian Beau Anastasiou Astrop says:

    loved Kenny on the Kanye Albums

  42. Tim Gimeno says:

    fake show and a real auction would have like 50+ ppl because of this dumb show thats fake.

  43. Braze Blade says:

    He sounds like Bernie mac

  44. Asif Ikbal says:

    Thos show is funny, I like it

  45. Daily Dosage Overdose says:

    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] chairs?!?!

  46. Delivert Us 4rom Nesha says:

    Omg Kenny sounds like the late Bernie Mac

  47. Davey Socks * says:


  48. Damon Appelblatt says:

    Love this dude

  49. Jobu_Cerrano says:

    What on earth is an aircomandition? He sure likes to 'cheer' a lot.

  50. Michael M says:

    this is such facepalm THE ASHTRAY IS A REPRODUCTION not from 1700s… worth like 20bucks LOL… look at it and tell me thats a 300 year old piece of furniture 😂

  51. Brandy says:

    Ashtray is worth over 8k

  52. David Cabello says:

    He wants to sound like bernie mac so bad lol

  53. SleepMeechiV says:

    This dude is funny af, and where can I get a shirt😭😂

  54. Alonso Hernandez says:

    Kenny one of the few that doesn’t triple the price of what things actually cost!

  55. weebest says:

    So serious that he would have to smoke

  56. Billy Dee Cig says:

    The Clinton cigar comment was priceless!😂

  57. YetiTooTurnt says:

    You’re not Bernie Mac 😂😂😂 stop tryna sound like him

  58. Jason Olvera says:

    They let anyone on this show now

  59. PaChukoNight says:

    One piece of gum, $100 dolla .

  60. JakeWithDank says:

    Kenny’s like an irl uncle ruckus

    If you don’t get the reference get out

  61. Dorian Mcnab says:

    4:47 my mom when she hearing me back awnsering

  62. Cha Recc says:

    Watch your …profanity… 🤣

  63. John Taylan says:

    This guy got screwed over with the shoe collection and it looks to me he getting jip with this deal too.

  64. The Lucky Horse says:

    Honestly most of this guys prices that he gave were pretty realistic. Except for that bike

  65. jwang604 says:

    This won right chair…bout feety box.

  66. Mark says:

    Him and ivy are the only ones with reasonable prices on this show

  67. eMployeE99.2 says:

    This dude wearing a fragmentation vest tf

  68. Old Blue says:

    Only thing he scored is his own mom

  69. stunthero says:

    Has anyone ever thought that the people who used to own these locker are watching?

  70. GG Mandu says:

    Someone:*finds a rock*
    Them:eh easily 100 bucks

  71. DankzIsh says:

    Right chea.

  72. Goatcow38 says:

    Bike: $125

    Fridge: $25

  73. RAW Knowledge says:

    Is this in Riverside CA?

  74. Squar3d Guy says:

    So am I the only one that watches this for Kenny, he honestly should do voice work

  75. Kailen King says:

    Jim Jones on storage wars if you just heard the audio


    I love this show
    Kenny stupid hahahahaha love him

  77. TheVegasPlayz RE says:

    Pile of mouse turds in the corner

    125 BUCKS$

  78. Hooli Fruli says:

    this guy is so funny

  79. J 707 says:

    Right cheer

  80. ImVeryBrad says:

    kenny is awesome

  81. Vicente Debhard says:

    just saying y’all just because the value is super high doesn’t mean they’re gonna make that much money. loads of times they can’t sell the stuff

  82. Merin says:

    Imagine bringing your cat to a storage locker auction

  83. slithery Boi says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s a prop, 1700s wouldn’t be in that perfect condition

  84. Debraval Reyes says:

    Right char a 25 dolla

  85. Shaun Twed says:

    $125 for the Bike!!! You'd only get £25 for it in England 😂

  86. Your Mom says:

    Right cheer

  87. T DMJ says:

    Kenny be hidin he biddin! 😂😂😂😂

  88. William king Clift says:

    Kenny sounds like the guy in the beginning of kanye west’s collage drop out

  89. Lone Wolf says:

    I can’t stop laughing when kenny says oh my nuts my nuts 😂😂😂😂

  90. JangoTheMan says:


  91. Carlos Portales says:

    Right chi check it”

  92. Grnfinger says:

    Fake show, scripted and staged.
    Just ask Dave Hess ….

  93. Gacha Sukiyaki says:

    Isn’t kenny look like the man who did the “watch your profanity”

  94. Nguyen Vo says:

    Rye chair

  95. *•. Angela Mew *•. says:

    Kenny is the best, he's my favorite on this show!! YaY Kenny!! Many Blessings & Warmest Aloha to you all!! 🙏🏻💜😇💜🙏🏻

  96. KamTheOnly says:

    Rih Chea…
    Americans and their "English"… -_-

  97. Jim Southward says:

    Kenny is the best!

  98. Lbolting005 says:

    This cheap broken plastic, $900 right cheeeeir

  99. codydoodles2 says:

    Wait… Is this the "watch yo profanity" dude. He talks just like him

  100. toy man says:

    Like all the other so-called reality shows like Pawn Stars, this one is as phony as a three dollar bill. Scripted, rehearsed with seeded lockers.

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