Storage Wars: Hats Off to Darrell’s Big Win (Season 10)| A&E

Storage Wars: Hats Off to Darrell’s Big Win (Season 10)| A&E

Daniel Ostrander

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48 thoughts on “Storage Wars: Hats Off to Darrell’s Big Win (Season 10)| A&E

  1. Yandel Rosado says:

    Hahahahaha 😂 lol

  2. Moshe Levy says:

    Definitely a Jewish owner

  3. Fra Cazzone says:

    Who is here before 1,000 views?

  4. Jay Nuisance says:

    Why so cringe?😂

  5. Saß ßas says:

    Super early

  6. raccoon says:

    BS so noone would go over 50 but all can see a tv worth 200

  7. Juan G says:

    I might have a new addiction. But live Pd is my num1#

  8. Cówboy Bebop says:

    I like toes

  9. Anduke #253MTG #253EDH says:

    This show is too fake 4 me

  10. Junior Torres says:

    Typical American
    “It’s written in Russian I think”

  11. Dat nigga Roger says:

    a Feminist 30 seconds in 😂

  12. Jagger Belt says:

    That tv isn’t worth 150 new lol.

  13. YOUNG LEGEND says:

    Me when I go thru a alien locker full of junk in Area 51

  14. ToneBone says:

    Fake News

  15. Argee Learner says:

    Go Mendi Go!

  16. John Bonson says:

    Who would buy that garbage for that amount of money? A Jewish person spending $4000 for an akward hat? Good luck selling it. Hahahahaha

  17. Slippin Jimmy says:

    Lool cool jew just sees the doors are closed and is like yupp

  18. Marryann Lamb says:

    Love storage wars show thanks for sharing.

  19. Gotb2chn says:

    No way that's worth 4 grand. Brand new ones go for between $1500 all the way up to $5000. But that's custom fitted and higher quality tails.

  20. Mohammad Shia says:

    Darrell so weak now ..
    I am really miss Dave and Barry and mark balelo ..
    I hate Dan and laura

  21. Mason Bennett says:

    Did this guy say denomination not dominantion

  22. Daniel Hughes says:

    That TVs worth like 20

  23. Big Rhonda says:

    Anyone that wears hats can tell you that contraption is to fit a hat

  24. lmehra7443 says:

    The fur hat is a shtreimel, a hat worn by married Hasidic Jewish men on Shabbos.

  25. Snoop Dogg says:

    2:01 an old lady with a hot accent… weird mood

  26. biggreenmachine2007 says:

    Pause the video at 1:18 and you can read it says "Place hat on dome as far down as possible." and "Use for stretching hats only."
    Me: I think its for haberdashery.

  27. biggreenmachine2007 says:

    Good God is Darrell low class.

  28. Jesse Cantu says:

    I think darrel sale bud 😂 a buck and a half 😁

  29. pure survival says:

    Proof that brains dont equal success lol

  30. Diwangga Lianto says:

    Nice hat bruh

  31. Gary Shields says:

    That's a Jews hat. It's worth more than a thousand dollars. I'd call in a rabbi & see if he wants to buy the stuff.

  32. Anon Ymous says:

    This show is fake. If it wasn't, it would be illegal. Lein auctions are supposed to be put on public notice and put on auction open to the public. You only see the same handful of people in every auction. Not like the auctions I go to

  33. mark Smith says:

    It's for you to sit on

  34. Wewus Cangs says:

    hehe, 4000 shekels for the good goy.

  35. member status1 says:

    who is going to buy trash?

  36. NightClub Dj's PH says:

    Im here because of the voice of the announcer..

  37. Illegal Sea eagle says:

    The Mad Hatter.

  38. Raymond Haupt says:

    Auctioneer is absolutely gorgeous holy mackerel

  39. pafpaf paflol says:

    Darell the best

  40. Ashley Ice says:

    30 foxes shouldn’t have to die for such an ugly hat

  41. Mark Singer says:

    I knew that was a streimel lol,my great grand parents probably ripped up the old country in one of those

  42. SSheichman Sir says:

    Finds old Russian hat from ww2 oh 10 bucks

  43. Adolf Kitler says:

    AS long as the Jew isnt buying the hat, he'll give you a decent price

  44. Junior Diaz says:

    Not a russian hat lol jewish

  45. W M says:

    This is what I love about Judaism, staying respectful.

  46. James Barriere says:

    Darrell watch your mouth

  47. Richard Conner says:


  48. Justin W says:

    What a bozo.

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