Sony PS4 Rebuild Database in Safe Mode

Sony PS4 Rebuild Database in Safe Mode

Hey whats up YouTube? Today im going to show you how to refresh, defrag, kind of re-initialize your
PS4 And i no allot of you are going to be like no its not defrag but
right whatever it’s just a way after youve installed whole wack
load of games and stuff kinda give the you know rebuild database basically
anyways without further adue Ill show you how to get into the safe mode menu on PS4 for and rebuild your database defrag, kinda help speed up and fix
up the PlayStation 4 So whats your going to want to do is power down your system completely So just lead into the turn off ps4 lol So here we have our PlayStation 4 Wait until the system powers down completely, and what your going to want to do is plug in your controller So make sure its plugged into the USB port Now with the system completely powered off What your going to do is press the power button and keep holding it just like you see im doing here Now your waiting for the second beep, once you hear the second beep you can let the button go it’ll instantly come up to the menu this will go amber, when you turn the controller on itll change to white will be in the safemode so ill go threw each menu just real quickly “Restart PS4” Means, it’ll restart, “change the resolution” So we can actually go in and change the resolution and that is for if your stuck i guess with a weird tv, you can “Update system software” using a USB drive, you can download the official latest release and use it off the flash disk encase you don’t have internet access, You can “Restore to default Settings” if your having issues, set something so crazy you just want to go back to fresh, stock you can do that “Rebuild Database” is what this videos is about, thats why we are here Initializes PS4, so this basically this kind of wipes the PS4 if you were to go and sell it or whatever “initialize PS4 (Reinstall system software)” will not just wipe the system completely but it will also reflash the current system software. So we are here to rebuild our database which was option five, so it says it may take hours to rebuild, Ive done mine recently so it probably wont, the longest i have actually ever seen this was my buddies playstation 3 it had a terabyte drive in it its not a ps4 but it took almost thirty minutes to rebuild and the terybyte was almost full so i guess it depends on how much is there, anyways let your playstation, reboot at this point you can disconnect you controller and keep it with you as well as turn it on, as you can see Ive activated it here The blue light will come on so right now we’re rebuilding the database so this is part that could take up to an hour that was in our previous messages there I’ve actually found the PlayStation 4 in
the updating process is even installing games, to be very quick even with the stock harddrive in it I find, it’s probably 7200 I could do some better research, maybe ill post in the comments what it actually is and the difference on the solid
states which a lot of people have been doing so here I am I can log back into my
playstation And here we go, so one thing i noticed right away is after you do you rebuild database it will actually move the Home Video
Unlimited Music Unlimited and tv/video all the way and kinda messed up the the flower of all your games so I
don’t know if that ll annoy some people so just a kind of a FYI before you go and do
this, anyways as you can see there destiny with destiny i got some beta access here with Playstation now ill be doing more videos to show you guys the future
with ps4 very fortunate and thank you to Sony to bungee to all the other I companies who
are offered me these betas to test, its a real honor to be able to do some of that so thank you! anyways I
hope you enjoyed this video hope it helps trying to speed up keep a healthier guys PlayStations
going so thanks for watching Cheers (Subtitles by Ceadd)

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Sony PS4 Rebuild Database in Safe Mode

  1. flintlights says:

    Thank you sir!!!! This helped me sooo much. My ps4 was so buggy the past 2 months and couldn't even play, and I tried so many methods. This is by far the best fix, and made my console run better ^^ thanks again!

  2. Cameron M says:

    Does this help with error code CE-30005-8?

  3. Kiorae Garrott says:

    woww u played warframe in 2014

  4. Doemaargames says:

    Jij bent nl

  5. Liberty Larpenter says:

    Thanks for the help I used this to stop my console from skipping and freezing. Can’t wait to see the results

  6. Victor Gonzalez says:

    Does this reset users data? I have quite a few users on my PS4 and don’t remember the passwords for all of them.

  7. GrimGolem 216307 says:

    Does this earase storage

  8. SPD Rose gaming says:

    So rebuild data base is to just if you're in safe. Mode rebuild data base you is giving all your data back not deleting anything?

  9. Ann Dailida says:

    Im русский

  10. Roberto Solis says:

    I am concerned. My PS4 suddnely stop recognizing my internet speed when all my other electronics are connected with the proper internet speed. will a rebuild database fix that or should I initialize the ps4?

  11. GK -Showcase says:

    When I press the ps button nothing comes up

  12. Zenci Adam says:

    Pu allah belanı versin

  13. Ya_boii Charlz says:

    thx man didn’t work smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. StoRm_BlaZeR-XD says:

    Will this delete data?

  15. Jonathan Riihinen says:


  16. Jonathan Ruelas says:

    Mines still didn’t work

  17. Sidious HatesYou says:

    I do this every 2 months…

  18. TheCleverOneX says:

    I have a question, so if I rebuild my database I don’t need to plug a hard drive in it?

  19. ice burner says:

    Lol it said it may take an hour to rebuild data base and it took me like 25 seconds

  20. Antonio Espinoza Rodriguez says:

    Will it restart every thing? Pls tell it doesn’t

  21. DeenanTheKemon I says:

    Dude my fucking power button is stuck, am I screwed? Is there ANY other way to enter safemode?? Please, any help I appreciate

  22. Laurence Cortez says:

    What to do! I select initialize PS4 then all data is deleted, How to restore the deleted data? Pls reply asap

  23. BOT Galvan says:


  24. Barbiiee says:

    Omggg This helped me So much since i could'nt log back into my Account. Thank you

  25. Shadow troopa 7 says:

    U freakin lied right our in faces u really 😡

  26. Callie Brown says:

    Um, no. Initializing PS4 (re-download system software) doesnt "flush" the system software, it doesn't just softly clean it, This Wipes, and REMOVES your system software, deletes EVERYTHING off your system, and you have to manually download the software on to a USB drive and then Download it on your PlayStation through safe mode… Hope nobody accidentally Wiped there PS4 thinking it was like Boosting your Iphone…

  27. FNGXCha says:

    This is the best way to reset everything

  28. super hot water 1# says:

    Thank you

  29. boogerman says:

    Thank you so much sir, my ps was freezing like a bitch and this option helped me a lot!!!

  30. Toxic Gamer says:

    It took me back to the safe mode screen

  31. HumidSniperFN says:

    Fuck Sony

  32. kevin Dibilio says:

    Scusa ma ora ce la versione 6.51 non riesco ad risorgere il problema

  33. Jennifer Stretch says:

    I am a kid am I am terrified now that I did it

  34. Артем Жеглов says:

    Я сделал он все равно просит скачать обеовленрктс сайта и через юсб накопитель подключить к пс 4

  35. Siciid Fadal says:

    Is there wire to use to bring back the data

  36. run now says:

    Live life strong budder

  37. run now says:

    On my one it just turned off

  38. Cristian Singrün says:

    After doing what you said I am still in the safe mode
    What should I do ?

  39. NotLemon says:

    Pls follow step below for your safety

    1.Your software is on last version
    2.make sure your ps4 its not on heat
    3.dont use Enter Rest Mode
    4. restart then power off
    5. Dont connect any usb
    (Except the controller)
    6. Dont put or insert any disc ps4 (this is the most Dangerous)

    If you dont do this step..
    Some ps4 may lost your saved Progress
    Or corrupt when rebuild

    Good Video.. you helped some people….

  40. ninjaosaki24 says:

    bro i have a question does this make ps4 slow or better?

  41. 31tmdavies says:

    When I get to the ok setting on rebuild hard drive it doesn't go and I get an error code

  42. Lil peep на все життч says:


  43. John Savage says:

    Nice one. THis worked for me. Thanks!

  44. Raheam Stanley says:

    perfect fixed!!!!!😇😇😇😇

  45. VipGaming _2.0 says:

    Are my gaming going to delete

  46. Ahmet_fortniteYT says:

    Ik heb de probleem nu!!
    Als ik dat doe gaat dan mijn fortnite gegevens weg?

  47. Ronald shelton says:

    My ps4 was stuck in safe mode loop and the only way to get out was the reset default system settings and I read alot about it before I did it and it said it wouldn't delete saved files. Well it did and no I didn't pick the wrong option

  48. Joel Perez says:

    Tremendaaaaaaaa mierrrdddaaaaa cabrrroooonnnnn

  49. Shane Dubose says:

    Thank you! You just saved me alot of trouble going through links and sites trying to figure out how to do this!

  50. randy _ says:

    Can I do this without plus

  51. RE CROS says:

    TY SOOOOOOooooooooo much?!!?,[email protected]"@£!¥. I needed to update system Software and I did it through internet love you so much ty❤

  52. Paxonex says:

    My ps4's other folder was at 100 gigs now its 87 gigs, thanks for the tip!

  53. Dvarian says:

    Quick question if select rebuild database will all my game data gone

  54. omar sultan says:

    Well when you press option number 5 everything works fine so that the ps tag appears and then the device turns itself off without re-creating the database, what is the solution

  55. Ghosts monkey 20 says:


  56. Danthe Mille says:

    Thank for this video its work

  57. KennyKingGamer says:

    It did nothing

  58. PetiteCaptain says:

    I know you made this 5 years ago but thank you so much for this, just going my instructions on the internet it was so hard to do it but thank you again for this

  59. Chronic Cranor says:

    Thank you so much

  60. ali s says:

    my ps wouldn't start any games and the console lag was horrible, this helped me so much! thank you 🙂

    update: the lag is back lmao

  61. GC says:

    Yo thanks I know this is late but what a life saver😂✔️ thanks man

  62. Abdikafii Bossman says:


  63. Kaitlyn Garner says:

    I initated the rebuild 5 hours ago and my ps4 has yet to turn on

  64. The fire man 17 says:

    Help please i cant even go to the menu,i click the button but i heard 3 clicks

    That means the playstation its not on


    I think its because im already in the menu,it says to collect a USB,but i dont have one with the files and im pretty scared to click undo

  65. Brutal_ JU says:

    Can you rebuild the data if you accidentally initiate the ps4

  66. BULLDOG ZACH says:

    I tried to charge my wireless headset and i tried to rebulid database but it didnt work.I did this because there was a message that said "too many usb devices" and this didnt help, i dont know what to do.

  67. BULLDOG ZACH says:

    This literaly made my ps4 slower

  68. JustinYourBae says:

    Saids error occurred

  69. RAHA PASHA says:

    is it will format your ps4

  70. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    I did that but it beings me back to connect you're control with USB

  71. Astrid Edworthy says:


  72. MarX gillfish says:

    When I press the option initialize PS4 it stays stuck at 99% and it says cannot initialize ps4.

  73. Nathan Folkins says:

    Thank you sooo much

  74. Will McKenzie says:

    Thanks man it worked for me🤞👌🏻

  75. OpTiCzZ_ Lulu says:

    I update System software but i am still at Safe mode

  76. PLEASE_HELP-_-ME says:

    It took my PlayStation plus and won’t connect to the WiFi thanks

  77. BFP JJ says:

    Mine stays at 24% then eventually says cannot start the ps4

  78. Matthew McWane says:

    Will it delete other accounts that I have on my Playstation?

  79. Joking 123 says:

    Will this delete everything on my ps4?

  80. stuhny1228 says:

    Alright so my younger cousin unplugged my PS4 while the bar was still on and I had a data corrupt can I do this same thing for it be fixed

  81. Sinister King says:

    After doing that my ps plus symbol is gone, why is that?

  82. Ruth Lionelle Lebondzo says:

    J'ai éssayer sur ma Playstation 4 ça n'a pas marcher

  83. Antonio Carrillo says:

    Thank god for you and your video. You saved my life…

  84. G3L3XY Animations says:

    It’s like it’s impossible to fix

  85. Cookieguy Mike 3 says:


  86. Moises Marin says:

    Noo it doesn't work

  87. ننا و says:


  88. Circlethewagons 0 says:

    I tried everything and none of the options worked this is the 4 th time in 2 weeks ive been stuck in this stupid safe mode loop and every other time i initialized it and it worked but now that won't even work it just brings me right back to the connect a usb storage device sceen everyrtime i don't have a computer or hardive so i pretty much just screwed

  89. Gyle Chua says:

    Hey anyone having a problem when it comes to "connect the dualshock 4using the usb cable, and press the PS button" window? or is it just me. I can't seem to get past this window.

  90. Shadow Scxpe says:

    My controller won’t connect when I get into the safe menu

  91. Dont Do it says:

    Am I the only one that finds it wierd to put your PS4 side ways….me only🤧

  92. TRUTH says:

    Thank you so much finally someone who knows what there talking about

  93. Jeremy Deveraux says:

    Fuck Sony there ass

  94. Angelo Lotito says:

    Ma dio mio hai messo mille lingue e non l 'italiano

  95. James Ward says:

    Finally managed to fix this problem, the only way that worked was to initialise the PS4, once it initialised it reset my PS4 so brand new basically, it also set all the settings to default. It gives the option to download version 6.72 onto a USB which I did, then it said something like ‘this will no all users,’ I know what your thinking, it won’t completely delete your user off PSN, it basically just signs you out (then I signed back in) now you then can also log back into your PSN and everything like (your friends, community’s, trophies) are still there. All you have to do is redownload all your games that had previously installed which can be annoying I know but it’s worth it. Now my PS4 is fixed, hope this helped some of you guys fix your problem 🙂

  96. Baitles gaming says:

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  97. Blacknightm says:

    Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH! It told me to reinstall system software with a USB but I really had to do a event that only comes round once a year

  98. BETRX says:

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  99. Thebosstoad says:

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  100. Big Chunges says:

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