Should There Be a Domestic Violence Registry Like for Sex Offenders?

Should There Be a Domestic Violence Registry Like for Sex Offenders?

david seventy-odd david that downtown we’ve known about the welfare for you
can just go on and look at a map of the sex offenders that are registered obviously where you live at
the end of the four there’s a kind of a punch in our area
even though i don’t recognize any of them haven’t seen any walking around there’s a bill that’s been proposed in
texas that would create a similar type of registry for those who have been convicted three
times of domestic violence this would apply to men women pp and obviously men and women in
same sex relationships as well but apply to everybody according to state rep tree martinez
fisher san antonio he says that this would be which he says once you’ve been in an
abusive relationship you have some trust issues you always have some doubts and
this would be one way to relieve some of those doubts my question is how far does this go employers can already find out of
potential employees have been convicted of things we already have the sex offender
registry we add the domestic violence registry what else could be out there in public i mean how private do record criminal records have to be i
don’t know this like this idea and i think you agree with that and ideally odorless yeah i think effing us to a pretty good idea and again this is if the bill passes if
you’ve been convicted three times of domestic violence you would be required
to register as a repeat offender the registry would be free and open to
the public it would include names birth dates in recent photographs of the
offenders basically just like the sex offender list some critics are saying there could be a confidentiality issue for the abuser but for the victims in
other words if you see someone’s last name presumably would be easy to find out who
there what x why for ex-wife is and then you’re not really protecting your
confidentiality of the victims whereas with a sex
offender list even though many times it is someone you
know there is at least no assumption that the person has a let’s aim lastname
and you can to do spend their uh… arnelle i don’t know about that the the question really is how far can we go on this shift
everybody’s full criminal records be open to the
public in other words if somebody has been arrested for a deal why could i’d
not as their potential employer this is a random person go online say
well you know what if there’s people who who drive drunk in
my town pattern i want to know who they are yeah it doesn’t make that much sense
that example doesn’t but how far could is really go i don’t know i don’t know whether
there’s a constitutional limit either yeah i can see where where this could be a problem but some people in your own this doesn’t go
far enough they’re saying waiting for three convictions is the problem cuz
let’s be honest many times women dropped charges because they’re afraid of getting
another beating three convictions if somebody is actually been convicted
three times of domestic violence made probably been involved in more than three incidents of domestic violence right but i think you can just have one
because if you have one it could be there could be extenuating
circumstances right i guess the other issue is the u_s_ already has
really high incarceration rate any between the patriot act wiretaps
internet monitoring cameras in public so on and so forth summer saying how much freedom do we really have do we
want to live in a police state some would argue we already do and are we
going to fill prisons with even more people i don’t know discovered this necessarily
would fill prisons more this would just let people know in in a sense ifb if women stay away from the guys who
are three convictions already a maybe it would keep them out of jail
by preventing them access to a fourth domestic violence in savannah perhaps but employers would would definitely be
looking at this site if they had the chance to employers with
over already have access in other words they already ask you have you ever been
convicted of anything even once or usually that’s usually that some felony right sometimes it’s misdemeanor
depends where your playa it really depends and i don’t know i believe that there is
both filling in this community messing violence probably a i don’t know

Daniel Ostrander

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13 thoughts on “Should There Be a Domestic Violence Registry Like for Sex Offenders?

  1. Boomer1949 says:

    I once rented an apartment next door to a couple who were constantly fighting to the point of the cops being called. They took turns on who got hurt the worse. Had there been a domestic violence register in that area, I would never had moved into that apartment. It's no fun listening to it, or having one show up pounding on you door for safe haven in the wee hrs of the morning.

  2. GigaBoost says:

    The sex offender's list is a terrible idea, and so is this list.

  3. Kevashida says:

    Should There Be a Domestic Violence Registry Like for Sex Offenders. We demonize sex offenders so much as it is. The way we treat sex offenders is criminal. Look, I'm not saying rape or anything like that is good, but when pissing in public is treated more harshly than muggings. When putting a dildo in one is worse than putting a knife in someone. I could go on, but I'll just say this. Why is beating up someone you live with, worse than beating up a stranger?

  4. Graham6762 says:

    The majority of people in the sex offender registry are people caught peeing on the side of the road or 19 year olds having sex with a 17 year old girlfriend.

  5. polemius01 says:

    How strange that Texas would give a crap about women being abused in their relationships.

  6. SmogHouseTradingCo says:

    @Graham6762 Thank god you're coming to the aide of the sex offenders. Play devils advocate much?

  7. CarlosIsDown says:

    @SmogHouseTradingCo Well, the scumbags on that list deserve justice too, I guess. . . damn it.

  8. okieoneshinobi says:

    Lumping everybody into one category is just wrong. There are major problems with the Sex Offender list. We don't need any more BS laws.

  9. penutwi says:

    @usintelreport true because we all get mad. im not saying lets all go beat a woman but im saying there are those that do it once and those that will do it when he does not get his beer.

  10. silverpairaducks says:


  11. silverpairaducks says:


  12. Anna Fisher says:

    neanderthals … turn the tables of justice, thanks for bringing this to light!

  13. Steel Darklord says:

    If your cool with putting a guy with one rape on a adult on a sex offender registration it Should be a no brainier that guys who have beat women or children to a pulp should have one. You really can't justify being for one and not the other. As far as only having one domestic abuse I think it depends on how bad it is. I mean if you beat her into drinking from a straw for life I'd say you should be on the registery. If you just lightly shoved her then no. I mean we got guys on a registry who had drunken sex with a girl . Not passed out. Just drunk. He was also just as drunk but somehow they didn't Both get raped🤔. Anyways it's kind of hard to think it's ok to have that guy on a registry created for pedophiles but not the guy who has one domestic violence where he broke his eight year old son's jaw.

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