Shadow IT discovery & control with Microsoft Defender ATP and Cloud App Security

Shadow IT discovery & control with Microsoft Defender ATP and Cloud App Security

[MUSIC].>>In today’s organizations, employees constantly find
new ways to get work done. Sometimes, this results in a huge range of
cloud applications being used, whether they are
sanctioned by IT or not. From the data that we have access to, we see large companies use
an average of 1,000 cloud apps and 60 percent of those are
completely unmonitored and unmanaged. Microsoft Cloud App Security is a cloud access security broker specifically designed
to help you identify, assess, and manage this flow of
information in your organization. What makes the Microsoft
security portfolio unique is the native integration of our individual security
solutions with one another to provide a more comprehensive
answer for our customers. A great example is how
Microsoft Cloud App Security integrates with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
on the endpoints, to help you discover the use of unmanaged cloud apps and block
the ones you consider risky. Once you enable this integration, cyberdata from all of
the endpoints managed by Microsoft Defender ATP is sent directly to Microsoft
Cloud App Security. Wherever the device goes; off to a coffee shop or on a plane, that monitoring is
still in place even outside of the corporate
firewall or proxy. We use this cyberdata
to provide you with deep insights about the cloud apps
that are being used, and you can break down all of this information into
the IP addresses, users, and machines that are
accessing the cloud apps. When you identify a risky cloud app, you can block it directly from within the Microsoft Cloud
App Security portal and Microsoft Defender ATP will prevent any future access from
all managed devices. Better protect
your environment today by enabling this integration
with a single click. [MUSIC]

Daniel Ostrander

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  1. GuyFauwx says:

    yeah imma need documentation on the website blocking from CAS thing please, that sounds too great to be that easy. And you wouldnt lie and make it appear simpler than it really is, would you?

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