SentinelDB: The ‘Privacy by Design’ Database | LogSentinel

SentinelDB: The ‘Privacy by Design’ Database | LogSentinel

Personal data: your company’s most valuable asset … and probably the most vulnerable. Every third company has suffered a breach with an average cost of 7.5 million USD. Get total protection with SentinelDB: a blockchain enabled, AI-powered, ‘Privacy-by-design’ database. SentinelDB protects your data by encrypting every single record. Thanks to the multi-layer encryption, this advanced technology prevents data breaches while ensuring complete user control. This provides full compliance with a privacy and data protection requirements in GDPR, HIPAA, PSD2, and information security standards SentinelDB runs on cutting-edge technology that enables fast performance and horizontal scaling, allowing for a major increase in the amount of the securely stored data. The intuitive API integration is easy and requires very little change to existing systems, infrastructure and processes, while keeping the information flow completely uninterrupted. SentinelDB’s sophisticated dashboard offers a 24/7 log monitoring, plus AI-driven fraud detection tool, which makes leaks and manipulation attempts impossible. No more data breaches.

Daniel Ostrander

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