Securing your applications with Azure Active Directory

Securing your applications with Azure Active Directory

Passwords Both an IT nightmare and a pain for
employees around the world. Which is why more and more companies
are turning to Azure Active Directory. Microsoft’s identity and access management
for the cloud and all your other resources that lets you jump from application
to application, without having to enter passwords
for each one. Once you’re signed on, go from Outlook
to WorkDay to Concur to ADP, as well as thousands of other productivity
apps as fast as you can open them up. Quickly and securely. Then easily collaborate with partners and
even others outside your organization all without having to call to IT. What’s more, Azure AD helps manage risk by
securing the apps you use with things like multi-factor
authentication to verify who you are, using continuously adaptive machine
learning and security intelligence to detect suspicious sign-ins giving you secure access to the
apps you need, wherever you are. It’s not only great for
users but for IT as well. With just-in-time access, access reviews,
and full auditing suite, Azure Ad helps you stay in compliance and
enforce policies, too. And get this-you can even automate
provisioning user accounts, making permissions a breeze. And you know what all that means for IT? Azure AD saves time, money and
a whole lot of headaches. If you’re ready to migrate
from your existing on-premises
solution, or even start fresh, head on over to: to start easily managing identities
for all your applications. You can even try it, Free. It’s time to get more productive. It’s time to upgrade to Azure AD identity
and access management solution. Only, from Microsoft.

Daniel Ostrander

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