SaberVox | Providing Business Cloud Computing Solutions

SaberVox | Providing Business Cloud Computing Solutions

In this video, I’m talking with Dan Wright,
the CEO of SaberVox about what SaberVox is, what they do and why you might be interested. Good day Dan, how are you? Good, thanks Tim. So SaberVox has been around for a little while, what are the big chunks of work that you guys do? So we started as an IT Services Company, servicing
businesses in regional areas. So, IT Services anything from I’ve got a problem
on my computer all the way through to installing new servers. Making sure computers are backed up into data
centres around the country. So, any IT services that a business needs
to function. So, IT Services would be our primary focus,
but then we do work in data centres as well. So the second part of SaberVox is our data
centre component, what we call a private cloud. So we own infrastructure and data centres
here in Newcastle and also in Sydney where customers can take a small amount of data
that they want or as large as they need to run their business. So we subscribe that data out to customers
and sell that to their mono monthly subscription. Okay. The third component, what we do send us around
IT Security for businesses. So ensuring that a business’s data is secured
as best as it can be. It’s protected accurately so that hackers
and people trying to steal that data from the outside have a real hard time getting
to it. Alright, excellent. So I’m hearing IT Services which is making
sure your computers work, Cloud Services which is making sure you data works, and security
which is making sure no one nicks anything. That’s it. Have I got that’s a rough summary? That’s pretty good. Alright good. I wanna ask a little bit. What kinds of companies are you guys typically
working with? I know you are working with the regional focus,
but are you working with I wanna say a fish and chips shop at the corner, are you working
with a big company, what sort of companies, what sort of profile would we be looking at
here? So we would normally work with business-to-business
businesses. So somebody whose customers our businesses. And that might be a small accounting firm
that might have three or four people, or it might be a large law firm that might have
several hundred people. So, a business that generally needs computers
to operate. And, they might have different locations as
well so, a typical business for us would have a location in a regional area. Possibly in Newcastle but they might then
also have smaller offices out in different locations as well. So I know that you also assist companies with
sort of I wanna say technology, strategy and growth. But one thing, when I’ve been talking to you
that’s been fascinating to me is some of these security stories. Without naming names, tell me what goes wrong
when someone gets I wanna say hacked or gets one of this ransomware attacks, what unfolds,
what does that look like and how does sort of unfold in the first couple of hours? The first few minutes of getting a ransomware
attack on your network are the most critical like any major operations. So what happens in those few minutes really
determines what’s gonna happen over the next few days, weeks or sometimes months for that
business. So the very first thing that happens when
you know you’ve been hit by a ransomware attack is that you’ll see a pop-up come up on the
screen that says something to the effect that your data has been compromised, you need to
now to pay several hundred dollars worth of bitcoins, to be able to secure your data. That can’t be a good day. That must freak people out completely. That’s generally when people make one of two
decisions. They either just back away from the computer
and say “it’s 3 o’clock on a Friday, I’m gonna leave now and come back on Monday” and they
win. They leave a couple of days? Mm-hm. That’s the worst thing you can do. It doesn’t sound good. The second thing that people do is generally
pick up the phone and they’ll call us and the first thing we’ll say is turn that computer
off as quick as you can. So get to the wall, yank out the plug. As quick as you can. So it’s like of every American movie get an
axe and just put it right through the power cable. If that’s what it takes. Probably not the axe, but we just say turn
off that computer as quick as you can. And then have a look around the office and
see if there’s other computers that are affected because ransomware will then affect other
computers, maybe the person in the cubicle next to you. Maybe the person in the other office but you
just wanna find out if it’s affecting the other computers as well. And turn those off as well. Okay. Okay. Once you have stability, once you know that
no one else is affected that’s when you call your IT Service Provider and say we know we
have a problem, can you come and help us. Now I know, just in terms of SaberVox, I know
that you guys have some kind of extraordinary recovery time, how long, let’s say you get
hacked let’s say that all happens, you turn off the machines, give you guys a call, how
long could it take for you guys to put people back online if they’ve subscribed, and up
and going with everything that you guys offer. Look, in some cases we can get a business
back up and running within just a few minutes. It really can be fairly quick. Dead set. So those servers whatever it is that you’ve
got going on can recover in minutes and bring you back to where you were. It really depends on what the customer has
that the easy now data centre. What’s the worst case you’ve ever ran into? In some cases, if the customer does have a
lot of data and perhaps is not backed-up as good as it should be. So they weren’t subscribed and they weren’t
working with you and what have you here, what’s the nightmare scenario? It may be up to couple of weeks. Dead set. To get everything back and do you get everything
back? Or maybe, maybe not? It just depends on how much data the customer
has backed-up. Alright. So we’d like to say if you have it backed-up
in one of our data centres and if it’s then backed-up in multiple locations we can generally
get it back fairly quickly. Alright, now that we freaked everybody out. Thanks very much Dan for all of that information. If you like to get in touch and perhaps sign-up
with SaberVox, please visit them online at or Dan has a phone number. 1300-788-515. Terrific. Thanks very much.

Daniel Ostrander

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