Ripping a Phonebook with Pure Strength

Ripping a Phonebook with Pure Strength

Hey guys, it’s my friend Nazim. He’s gonna show you guys how to rip a phonebook correctly, without all those fake creases and stuff… Go in the sun. You know how people cheat to rip it? He does it entirely straight. Done. Okay, good job! On the side. Crazy! That’s it!

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Ripping a Phonebook with Pure Strength

  1. lit per says:

    yeah, they have so much in common. They hate gays, and use their force for no reason on innocent things.

  2. aattitude says:

    I checked the etymologoy and you're right, it's not a muslim name.

  3. Peter says:

    he created the ripping crease when bending it in half at 0:20 . it is semi-strength related otherwise 🙂

    cool vid tho. thanks

  4. Cesar Esparza says:

    8D NICE!!!

  5. Ddd Ggg says:

    I know that guy..

  6. biniaimelle299 says:

    how tall are you? (:

  7. TomaS Sylvester says:

    WTstrong ?

  8. Dimh Co. says:

    hush up. A phone book happened to really come in handy when i needed a cab late at night, and my phone was dead so i couldn't look it up online. Don't generalized. Just because YOU don't use them, doesn't mean others don't.

  9. Naz Shikhantsov says:

    Im 6 feet tall

  10. Naz Shikhantsov says:


  11. Naz Shikhantsov says:

    thanks:) look closely to see that there was no crease.

  12. Peter says:

    Cool. I guess it just looked like it from my end. I'm not doggin what you did in anyway man – so don't think that.

  13. Naz Shikhantsov says:

    Thank you for being very respectful I appreciate that.

  14. American Paprikash says:

    This was Crazy man!! when i was small i saw those giant guys that called themselves bodybuilders rip big phone books and you just made them look like 3 year olds lol

  15. Naz Shikhantsov says:

    @IsaiahDT43 u need to be strong to rip it. or you can rip it like some fools put there

  16. Milan Ivic says:

    Hi Paul… In back lever and planche are the same muscles involved, right?

  17. Matai Duang says:

    Lets play mercy.

  18. Fortress says:

    The lower back – yes, but not shoulders.

  19. Dan-Tormod says:

    when you grip and bend, it will become an air crease automatically.

  20. Sonic the Hedgeteacher says:

    Hey Paul am from Russia too but l live in Serbia now anyway l want it to ask you what do you think is my progress any good l can do 20 muscle ups in a row about 85-90 dips and 65-70 pull ups l've been training about 9 months so my question is: is that good or not hope you respond and btw you check out my channel l have some videos there 🙂 😀 🙂

  21. R1tux1m4b says:

    The muscle ups you do are in the worst form i have ever seen^^

  22. GOAT says:

    dont know if i misunderstood but, the front deltoids are used in bac
    k lever

  23. Stephen Montoya says:

    no! most people dont these days, thats my point of course some people still use them

  24. isaiah walker says:

    More like watch me rip a phone book in half

  25. WagwanCiscoKid says:

    You try do that in china ! Phone book twice as big

  26. jon vance says:

    interesting way of ripping it

  27. Prem Magar says:


  28. Ezequiel Mata says:

    @Shivam Patel Depends of ur tring to get bigger

  29. The Stoacked says:

    rippings 4 wimps… he broke that shit 🙂

  30. Zog eTv says:

    Hello, this is not pure strength, it does matter the way that you are pulling that phone book.

  31. Ddd Ggg says:

    how about you stfu?

  32. Naz Shikhantsov says:

    Thank you.

  33. Naz Shikhantsov says:

    i really didn't understand what you mean by that? have you tried ripping the phonebook?

  34. Zog eTv says:

    Sorry for confusion. "This is not ONLY pure strength". Maybe you are strong enough to rip a phonebook but if you don t know the technique you can' t.

  35. DavEATS says:

    He must really hate phone books

  36. Ivan Ivanov says:

    very impressive because he didn't use the air pocket way to rip the phonebook but just pure strenght

  37. Robin Grimm says:

    Mr. Satan!

  38. 551223 says:

    holy fuck! he must jack off a lot

  39. Jorge Téllez says:

    O.O DA FUQ???

  40. krem4opld says:

    The poor phonebook… Oh well, i guess it deserved it for being so big and all 😉

  41. the1vampfire says:

    holy crap that was amazing:O

  42. imRenzae says:

    just curious what is your nationality? love your videos btw

  43. ThatDude says:

    Now try ripping a dictionary

  44. TheKingOfSting32 says:

    Strong socks & sandals combination 😉

  45. jakeydudey101 says:

    Holy beast! 😛 What's his main sport? Or is he some sort of grip competitor?

  46. Fed Ex says:


  47. KristijanRC says:

    technique 60% strenght 40%

  48. Alec Garcia says:

    Steroids? Jk

  49. gerwas112233 says:

    Nazim zajeban momak

  50. Dr. Benjamin Benulis says:

    Man I hate phonebooks too!! GIVE IT TEH BUSINESS!!!!

  51. Mason Lee says:

    that's one strong dude. I'd literally run for my life if he challenges me in a fight. He'd rip me to shreds like that poor phonebook.

  52. Naz Shikhantsov says:

    Thanks people

  53. Boom King says:

    meanwhile in russia

  54. Tommy Marchand says:

    Lnfaoooo the phone was cut smh firat off you aint rippin it&having clean rips like that without prior cuts second you can see cuts on the second rip

  55. Ellite Sbipz says:

    This book was old !

  56. Jordan Dalton says:

    The people trying to make excuses for this are laughable. Get a grip and appreciate this strength

  57. Naz Shikhantsov says:

    guys the book wasnt old and i havent done anything to cheat like someone had said i had it cut somewhere.

  58. KrutoyPostowoy says:

    would not want this dude choking your neck.

  59. SNiiPER155 says:

    he made the creases lol.

  60. Aslan A. says:

    Where is Nazim from??

  61. Bol Saq says:

    He cooked the phoneboom lol. I watched a video with the guy that bends frying pans and shit and he said you can cook a deck of cards or a phonebook for an easier rip

  62. Bol Saq says:


  63. danyt19 says:

    I'm just sad for the poor tree 🙁

  64. olives show says:


  65. MrQtpie090 says:

    It kinda looks like it just fell apart

  66. simosimeonov_ says:


  67. Lincoln Abernathy says:

    my god!

  68. LibraBoyy says:

    That strength is unreal

  69. chillnndc says:

    Now I know what to do with all my old telephone books laying around the place…lol

  70. Nayan says:

    This is actually a magic trick, search on youtube or google: " How to rip a phonebook in half "
    It is technique not stregth

  71. Milky says:

    You make it look so easy

  72. Mrherpis derpis says:

    doesn't mean your gay ass could do it, pulling it from ANY way

  73. Andre1 says:

    Wouldnt wanna do a handshake with this guy…an my handshake is strong actually.

  74. Jack Kendall says:

    I can do this…….I wish

  75. Omarheartsgames says:

    he has no trule opening those glass jars xD

  76. Pavle Djurdjevic says:


  77. Negative Effect says:

    i wanna see you do it

  78. Joel Hickman says:

    stupppiiiidddddddddd,,,,,,he stil puts a crease in it by the way he uses the push pull method

  79. DangerNikolajSRB says:

    0:40 finish him!

  80. chessdude67 says:

    They still make phone books?? 🙂

  81. BigDaddy Bear says:


  82. senseiofhaloPT says:

    Hulk smash!

  83. Christian Changa says:

    12 people are phonebooks

  84. jeffreyyw1 says:

    I can do that, hold my beer

  85. miguelram10 says:

    Those are some giant hands

  86. A1Avishek says:

    cut through it like it was a biscuit

  87. Ninja Dove says:

    I have some school books for you :p

  88. Ninja Dove says:

    I have some school books for you :p

  89. hassan Waleed says:

    Good job man, for a moment I thought that was you fortress

  90. hungry4more1 says:

    Tutorial? =)

  91. hungry4more1 says:


  92. johnny suave says:

    ivan drago

  93. Prod. StoreSim69 says:

    How do i send my school books to him?

  94. Prod. StoreSim69 says:

    How do i send my school books to him?

  95. jose w. says:

    Whoa @mia shlaen 

  96. Malfurionxtc says:

    new age Samson… could he crush the columns? XD

  97. Naz Shikhantsov says:

    Its funny when i read all this comments about me) thanks everyone) send me any books) wish there was a bigger book))

  98. JackSweg says:

    The question is, can Fortress do it?

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