Hello, welcome to the last video from our
installment on the manual journal entry request process. In this video, we’ll review and go over
some shared documentation and links in our accounting repository from our Fiscal Affairs
website to help guide you through the preparation of your journal entry. First, let me show you how to navigate to
the Fiscal Affairs webpage. From the SFSU homepage, click on the A-Z link. Click on the header letter “F” within
the directory and then click on “Fiscal Affairs”. From the Fiscal Affairs website, please click
on the “Journal Entry Request” link to access the repository. Within this page, this will be your one-stop
destination for finding all of the resources necessary for successfully submitting a journal
entry. Now let’s review some of these items. First, you may click on the image to access
the Flow Chart. This will be a general overview on what you
may expect in the life-cycle of a journal entry request process. Feel free to read through each step to gain
further insights of what each stage entails. The “Instructional Videos” link will contain
some video tutorials that our team has put together to guide you on the journal entry
request process. Since you’re already watching this video,
you’re probably already familiar with this page! Next, we’ll go over the Practice Directive. This document combines the orders executed
from the Chancellor’s Office with the directives prescribed by SFSU’s Accounting Services
to inform and guide you on the process of manual journal entries. Please use this document to better understand
the various elements of a journal entry, the key definitions, the level of approvals, and
our retention requirements. The next link contains the Journal Entry Request
Template. This link will take you to a box page that
will allow you to download the required template for a journal entry submission. If you have not set up your account,
it is highly recommended that you do so in order to access this document. Lastly, you will find the Chart of Accounts. This file will be updated and maintained on
a monthly basis with all chartfield value elements on our campus. Please refer to this file to view the status,
descriptions, and values for all six of our chartfields. Finally, there are three supporting links
that will lead you to resources which are important to your submission. The first link takes you to the Data Warehouse,
which will give you the financial reports required to attach as support. The Imaging System houses information such
as the Delegation of Authority, Invoices, and Trust Agreements. Please refer to this if you need to know who
the appropriate authorizer will be for your request or if you need invoice documentation
as support. If you do not have access to this portal,
please contact Joey Bondoc to request for access. The third link will take you to the Completed
Journal Entry Library. All processed journal entries along with its
support will be uploaded to this box site for you to review after its completion. If you have any questions or have a completed
journal entry request packet to submit, please click on this link, which takes you to our
email [email protected] Thank you for watching our videos!

Daniel Ostrander

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