Record Skype Calls with ONE CLICK – Skype Preview (New FREE Video Call Recorder Built-in)

Record Skype Calls with ONE CLICK – Skype Preview (New FREE Video Call Recorder Built-in)

The people over on the team that is developing the Skype program You know that that calling program everyone used to use for content creation and video chatting
and messaging and things like that. They’ve been working behind the scenes
developing new tools for content creators I previously showed in the last video
how you could use this new skype update to send NDI feeds of people in video calls to OBS or other live-streaming programs to create a really cool podcast or interview format with virtually lag free and lossless recording setups, which was pretty freakin cool. Well in this video I’m going to
show you a built-in tool that they have which is a dedicated recorder for Skype – something that we’ve always
had to use third-party tools for or bots and things always stopped working and it was really frustrating because it seemed like the easiest way
to record interviews or podcasts or dual commentaries collaborations would be a form of recording a Skype call back in the day and there was never an easy option and they now have a built in option So we’re gonna be checking it out But this is in a beta or preview version of Skype typically reserved for people
in the Windows Insider build I will have a link to the download for the preview version in the description down below This is, again, it’s a preview. They’re looking for feedback. It’s not fully out yet. There may be some bugs, whatever, test it It’s not fully ready yet, but it’s still something I want
to share with you and showcase because it is really neat Let’s flip over to the desktop and check it out Plex is the media streaming app that beautifully organizes your media collections and lets you securely access them on all your screens now with live TV viewing and DVR Click the link in the video description to learn more Alright, so I have started a Skype call with myself over on the other computer I don’t know why it says poon network connection, I’m on a gigabit fiber line and we’re on the same network not that that actually affects anything, but Skype still has network connection
issues somehow I guess So I’ve started a video call with myself here and you have a couple things you can do You have your normal settings where you could
go in and enable the NDI feed as I showed before you can take a snapshot so you can just take a picture
of both of your cameras at once which is kind of cool and and then over here under the plus icon you have an option to start recording. And what that is going to do. It is is going to bring in a cloud Skype contact. It starts recording the Skype call and it will record your video and your audio or just your audio if you don’t have webcams Going it’ll record video from both sides. I actually have the wrong webcam here because I was using it for OBS, so now I can sit here and change it so I can showcase it Cam Link Okay good to go I am now sending a feed from
both of us to the Skype call and it will record So the whole time you’re sitting
there chatting yadda yadda. How was your day?
My day was great. Let’s do an interview Okay, and you want the job. Do you have anything to say about this? Damning news story about you. Oh, I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me. Okay Skype call done When you hit end, it’s going to take a minute and then it’s going to send you *inaudible* a recording of that Skype call and an option to download it, which is really freaking neat. There we go. It’s already here. Recordings are available for 30 days They’re stored up in the cloud, which if you don’t like it, sorry, it’s just an option You’re gonna either play the video from here I’m just gonna start playing and if I fast forward a bit you can see okay I have both of our video go-oh and then I set up my video and now we have both videos going It does crop your view a bit, so you will want to check on
framing based on the call view. You can see that looks more like
the call view framerate is amazing. You can see that’s not 60fps or even 30fps necessarily but for its purpose it’s kind of cool and if you wish to download it you can just save to downloads save as, you can forward it to someone else or you can remove it I’m gonna just hit save to downloads. It’s downloading the video and once it’s done we will have “File saved” and I can even click where it said
“File saved” and start the video It’s that easy that easy so I know mass opinions on Skype
can go one way or the other but I do think this feature is really cool It’s something I’ve wanted in Skype for… What? A decade now? And I’m really glad to see it enabled and when I just need to do a quick recording call that I don’t need like super high quality for this was probably the option I’m gonna go with cuz it’s just a quick quick and dirty record of what you have and the file is delivered and if I pull it up from my downloads here Video.mp4 It is a 1080p file 15 frames per second and about one megabit per second, so nothing amazing, but nothing terrible either and That’s okay. So hope you enjoyed this tutorial If you did again check out the Skype preview down the link in the description down below hit the like button if you enjoyed like I just said subscribe for more tech education and I will see you in the next video

Daniel Ostrander

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39 thoughts on “Record Skype Calls with ONE CLICK – Skype Preview (New FREE Video Call Recorder Built-in)

  1. RAGNES7 says:

    U mean Skype is real?

  2. GinFort says:


  3. DVZN Media says:

    still looking for the best high quality way to record audio from an over the net call and two inputs on my side….trying to do podcast like that is some BULLLLLLLL

  4. djazz says:

    Another Skype ad?

  5. JakeFox says:

    Ooh. Great!

  6. Serge Brocteur says:

    I HATE Skype and its quality ! I am recording window within OBS.
    Zoom is pear to pear, Skype is sending your data to Microsoft first (that is why the quality is poor).
    Notice also the Skype "SPECIAL" general conditions for broadcasters :

    (a) For any Program where use of the Skype software will be fifteen (15) minutes or less in duration, You shall transmit an identification announcement at the beginning and end of such use, as described in the Skype Broadcast Guidelines;

    (b) For any Program where the use of the Skype software will be fifteen (15) minutes or more in duration You shall transmit an identification announcement at the beginning and end of such use and over the course of the Program in no less than fifteen (15) minute intervals, as described in the Skype Broadcast Guidelines; and

    (c) If You wish to include in any Program a sound to represent a particular Skype-calling feature or action (for example, but without limitation, a “call answer” sound for when a call is accepted or a “hang-up” sound for when a call is terminated), You shall use only the Skype specific sounds found in Skype and You shall further comply with the requirements relating to the use of Skype sounds set out in the Skype Broadcast Guidelines.

  7. StudioGeek32 says:

    Nice so cool

  8. _iNCEPTiON says:

    Why does you're face need to be on every thumbnail?

  9. Pram says:

    Nice cat btw

  10. bubdrum says:

    can you record audio only in this for a podcast, while streaming the video/audio for a webshow ?

  11. Gobbo says:

    Loved the self-interview 😀

  12. Capp00 says:

    I can't even get into my skype account. haven't used it for years. They merged the accounts with the microsoft accounts, and mine doesn't work at all now. lol

  13. Christopher John Taylor says:

    Yeah, I think doing a Skype video today for anything (even not so amazing updates to the ancient writings of the program) are gonna be about as exciting as a video on a Playstation 2 unboxing in 2018. Let's stick a GoPro on the cat and see what happens! 😀

  14. Mr HunterF λ says:

    Zoom is better and it's on Linux natively

  15. Michael Miano says:

    Tried it but I can't get the recordings to show up, both audio and video

  16. ISeeNight says:

    Me and a few friends attempted a podcast on an old channel (now deleted) and we had taken a crack at using Skype, but of course, we had to use third party software which made the process far more difficult in mainly the setup phase. Good to see there is finally a helpful integration coming.

  17. Kuldrin says:

    What about an audio only call? What format and quality does it save it at?

  18. Mehtab Malik says:

    Vids doesn’t play on IPhone, I mean recorded videos.

  19. Chel-lalasVeganMania says:

    Adverts that you are not allowed to click off. This sucks. I don't watch scam product marketing.

  20. Azad Pukhtunistan says:

    It is the time to dump skype forever. Because now it is only for collecting data and money money money

  21. JP.SUPIE Gaming says:

    So what if u got off the app to play a game how would that work or would u just do voice for gameplay

  22. Mitzz says:

    Thank you for this but I have one question, is there a way to only record the other person and not yourself? Thanks in advance

  23. Rodney Nelson says:

    Can I record just one side or do I have to record both sides?

  24. Rodney Nelson says:

    How do I record just remote video side using this method?

  25. Steve Bartol says:

    Is this available for Apple iOS 10.14.1 Mojave

  26. DramaLama says:

    Option is gone in Skype 8.33 Win 10

  27. American School of Hypnosis says:

    Hi, I want to use Skype for side by side interviews using OBS and NDI plugin on YouTube live. I followed your instructions and added an NDI source for her video and a video source for my video. Everything worked great except she cannot see my image on her phone for the interview. It’s like my computer will only allow my video on one source; either the video in OBS or the Skype call but not both. Can you tell me what I may be doing wrong? Thank you so much…

  28. Keepit Real says:

    Does the other person know you’re recording?

  29. Mike Pratt says:

    used this video and a couple others to set up a 24 hour live podcast interview show. We used Skype to host the calls and used obs to push them YouTube. was a blast and couldn't have done it with out people like you. Thank you for being the canary in the coal mine for the rest of us.

  30. combi101 says:

    So when I'm finished with the recording, can I send it to my YouTube channel or uploaded to my channel

  31. SidRandom says:

    After 2 minutes of mindless babble the tutorial starts. 2:09

  32. Imran Khan says:

    Great vid. And I like your beard.

  33. Ethan Hardy says:

    Does this work for audio calls?

  34. Josh Fernandez says:

    i hope 10 months later that its out now

  35. Josh Fernandez says:

    i am on skype web and i do not see the plus sign at all. where can it be?

  36. letisha malakooti says:

    We can only record other SKYPE users right? This wont work for our cold calling outreach?

  37. yaser AP says:

    How to share the recorded video on drive from android phone

  38. Setare Maz says:

    Thank you for this video. Some questions and concerns please. Is there a limitation to the length of the video call? Is there a way to make it better quality? Don't we need to first press Stop Recording before we end the call in order for the recording to be saved? I have recently bought a high quality internet only so that i can take a good connection Skype course online. However, i just tried to Skype with a friend and recorded it as per your tutorial. Unfortunately i noticed that the video quality is terrible and the sound is even much worse than that 🙁 i feel very bad as all my 2 hour a week courses are through Skype and with this sound and quality i can hardly hear and or even see clearly 🙁 appreciate if you can help in any way.

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