ReadSpeaker webReader 3.2: The Dictionary Tool

ReadSpeaker webReader 3.2: The Dictionary Tool

Do you sometimes come across a word that you
do not know the definition of? If so, you can look it up using the dictionary tool. The dictionary, which has a book icon, is
found on the pop-up command list when you highlight a word in an html file.
Let’s use the example of not knowing the definition of the word librarian.
To use the dictionary, first highlight the word and then select “dictionary” from
the pop-up commands. A pop-up window with the definition for the
word will appear. Notice you can play, pause, or stop the reading
of the definition. You can also increase or decrease the font
size, change the reading speed, or change the text font size, font, and background colors
by using the tools at the top of the page. Let’s look up the word “articles.”
Notice that the definition cannot be found. Words that have suffixes such as of -s, -ed,
-er, and -ing are not found in many online and paper dictionaries, but the root word
can be found. To find the root word definition, highlight
the word, leaving off the suffix, and then click on the dictionary in the pop-up commands.
If the word can be used for more than one part of speech, the definition will appear
for each part of speech that applies. Notice in our example that the word “article”
can be used as a noun and a verb. By looking up definitions of unfamiliar words,
your vocabulary will increase.

Daniel Ostrander

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