Rational Team Concert: Flowing changes to different repositories (basic setup)

Rational Team Concert: Flowing changes to different repositories (basic setup)

Lesson 1: Set up a basic distributed source
control environment and deliver a change set
across repositories. You can flow changes between Jazz Team
Servers, so that you can accept change sets
from or deliver them to different repositories. From a user’s perspective, distributed source
control behaves the same way as typical
source control for flowing changes to a repository. After repository workspaces and
streams are created, users do not need to be
aware that distributed source control is enabled. Flowing changes has security
implications that are discussed at the end of
this lesson. Enable the distributed source control property
on each server. Note: You must be a member of the
JazzAdmins repository permissions group to
enable distributed source control. In the project area editor, set the roles that are
permitted to replicate change sets between
repositories. In the sandbox, the Pending Changes view
displays a change set that is associated with
a work item. The target repository has a stream with the
appropriate components. Change the flow target and deliver the change
set. The change set is replicated on the target
repository, which has a copy of the stream on
the source repository. To create a copy of a stream on other
repositories, run the Duplicate action on a
stream and set the repository in the stream editor to be your target. When change sets flow to another repository,
the other repository has complete control of
those changes. The change sets can be made visible to all
users of the repository, and additional
changes can be built on top of them. For that reason, Rational Team Concert
requires distributed source control to be
enabled on the entire server, as well as on individual projects. End of lesson 1.

Daniel Ostrander

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