Raleigh Record Sprint Retro Bike Restoration

Raleigh Record Sprint Retro Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to Bike and another Restoration This is another Raleigh We have covered many Raleigh’s on this channel, however this one is Black its Gold which can only mean one thing. it is a Raleigh Record Sprint Back from 1987, we have covered a lot of bikes from around this time period and if you are new to the Channel what we generally do is cover a little bit about the company itself. However we have done this many times with Raleigh itself As I say we have done this bike actually in a Mk1 this is a Mk2 but I will get on to that in a minute. We have done the Raleigh Team Corsa which kick started the channel off We have done the Raleigh Team Cadet which was the same colours but a lower end A Raleigh Sirocco which was the Reynolds 501 tubing which was the same as this one and more of less the same spec but different colours all around that time period so yes we have done man of Raleigh’s before As I say this is a Mk2 the Mk1 that we original did and the reason I can tell its a Mk2 straight away is the Crank set On the Mk1 it had a full gold anodised Crank Set and what I feel was a shame was as it progressed. The Record Sprint lost its Gold appeal so the crank went at first and then as it went on. The Mk3 do not even think had Gold callipers so it is a real shame in that respect. So yes, this is exactly how I got the bike. I am sure it will bring back a lot of memories for a lot of people. Because they did sell a lot of these a good looking bike in deed So lets start at the front end, regards to our bike itself We generally take it back to how it used to look in the brochure itself So what I first of all noticed was that this cabling was actually black So we are going to get rid of this Gold cabling it has got a Cat Eye computer on and it has also got some cork handlebar tape which is going to need replacing anyway But we are going to get some Black plastic leather handle bar tape which is what was more original. Change the cable to Black come down here it has got the Gold Weinmann Callipers on which is great We are going to get rid of these fenders or these mud guards here.I may actually put them on another bike by the way but yes Recycling Best Way We have got anodised nuts here now I have noticed in the brochure that they were the normal standard quick release so I am going to replace these anodised nuts and I am also going to get rid of these water bottles here Because in the Brochure it did not have them so we are going to take them off New saddle yes I have got one in mind for thatand we are going to get rid of the quick release thing here We are going to put a new bolt in there to take it back to how it should be the rear mech did used to be on the Mk1 the Gold Arrow which then late became to be known as the Shimano 105 However we have this Mech on here I really do not know how well that is going to work to be honest with you this whole thing, yes it is erm. yes it is not working at all very well so yes it does definitely needs stripping down the pedal yes that is definitely un safe so we are going to get a new set of pedals so there is quite a bit of work to do on this I am not to sure who the previous owner was it has a number on here so I do not know if it came from an auction But lets get this bike stripped down as we generally alway do and we will take it from there Well there is the Bike all stripped down it wasn’t any hassle all. lots of rusty parts but no seized parts which is an absolute dream we have a bucket down here with all the parts as I generally alway say Put all parts in a box or a bucket for safe keeping if you take any bolts off put them back on and if you think that you are going to struggle with any parts that look a little complicated then just take a photograph of the parts as you dissemble them put there is the frame itself we are going to start cleaning this up We have got an old bottom bracket to replace I do have a few of them to hand so we are going to be putting one of them in so yes lets get a move on and start cleaning this bike up So some good news and some bad news Where are we up to we we have some nice gum wall tyres for these black rim wheels so they look really well and I am looking forward to getting them back on the bike. and we have also done the black bar tape and the handle bars which look really well with these gold levers so yes thats all fantastic they are all finished However on the down side we have got a few issues first one being was the Crankset When we used the degreaser it has taken the gold off the Crank set itself and also some of the Black on the Chainrings themselves so I am going to have to take this apart sort the chainrings out and get them back to black and we are going to polish this crankset up the other one was the rear mech if you notice at the back here this is really worse for wear all this is actually bent off and it is just not usable at all so I am going have to replace the rear mech. and the other one is we have t-cutting the frame itself we have not done any touch up as yet However When I took the forks off and had a closer look I am getting a bit older now so these forks are actually dark blue So they are not original forks and they also have these little nibs here this one here would be for a bicycle lamb or whatever but they are not original what I plan on doing with this is I am going to get an angle grinder on here going to just take them off and I am going to sand these down and we are going to spy these black to match the frame up so that is exactly where we are up to I do not really want to be spending any more money than we have to we have some parts on order a Saddle things like that so what are we waiting for we have got a lot to do. lets Crack-On! Well we are finally here which is the rebuild and if you watch these videos this is my favourite part of the restoration it has taken a little longer than anticipated I did just think that it would be a deep clean However the anodised gold came off the crankset so it required us to polish that up. If you do want more information on polishing metal then we have a video dedicated to that for you to watch and it goes into more detail if you do watch these videos that generally we put all the equipment on the side there so that is all there ready to go it is very shiny and I cannot wait to get that gold back on the bike The gum wall tyres are ready and also the forks which we had to take the little nibs off if you remember I also said that we a swede saddle I have polished the seat post the swede saddle its absolutely perfect Very in keeping and very much more so than what was originally on the bike so that should look fantastic so what are we waiting for lets get this bike back together Well brilliant, this is the Raleigh Record Sprint Mk2 back from the 1980’s it looks fantastic and such a transformation from when the bike first came in here it was full of rust It had these large fenders and to be honest it was un able to ride we are going to try this bike out in a moment so hang around for that but yes the bike itself has cleaned up lovely the crankset we have got these black aero pedals new aero pedals on here and the seat really does finish it off so extremely happy with that purchase and it just looks a good bike to ride we do generally finish these bikes off with a water bottle However you will notice this bike does not have a cage even and the reason for that is I wanted to keep it as original to the brochure as possible. Remember all those brochures are available on our website so if you need that then jump onto there so all that we are going to do now is take it down to a local park we are going to give it a ride try it out and take some photographs down there Sio lets get a move on with that Well what a transformation this bike has been compared to when the bike first came in it rides and looks like a new bike So many new parts its absolutely amazing and I really would encourage anyone to get involved with these early 80’s bikes They are really simple to work on and its a great starting point very rewarding and it is another Bike saved there is no better way to cycle than on a recycled bicycle if you do enjoy watching these videos then please Subscribe it is completely free of charge other than that then drop us a like or why not visit our website at www.bikeituk.club Other than that then thanks for watching and bye for now!

Daniel Ostrander

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46 thoughts on “Raleigh Record Sprint Retro Bike Restoration

  1. Biker Monster says:

    What a nice bike, i like it. Nice to See you with a new Bike rebuild.
    Best Wishes and support from germany ✌😉👍

  2. Alexander Chastney says:

    where have you been man?

  3. BikeIt UK says:

    Interested in seeing behind the scenes from BikeitUk? Head over to our Instagram give us a follow. Thanks for all of your support Andy https://www.instagram.com/bikeituk/?hl=en

  4. Khaled Zaidan says:

    Amazing! Your videos have been such an inspiration. Now that you mentioned that first bike on your channel, i remembered that it was the point when i first got started (re)building bikes, and it's always been such a pleasure. Thank you so much!

  5. Em_525 Merckx says:

    Very nice. I really like that black and gold look. Great work as always!

  6. nuskaha says:

    Saturday morning drinking coffee and eating toast as I watch another cracking video Andy. Great job, it looks brilliant. All the best. 👍

  7. Tony Veart says:

    Nice to see you back again Andy. Just out of interest what size frame was that one? Great video as always!

  8. during the meanwhilst says:

    really enjoy these – thanks 🙂
    I'm in the process of restoring a mid 80's Peugeot 531 professional team issue bike. Finding the parts is a real pain but hey-ho!

  9. Ocelot 22 says:

    Absolutely beautiful job Andy keep up the great work and I’m glad to see another old bicycle return to the road 😀👍🏻

  10. Jason Burke says:

    Another cracking video Andy. Always a pleasure to watch these as always. Good to see you getting back to it. Hope you and the family are doing well mate.

  11. Liam Smith says:

    Another fantastic Raleigh video Andy, I know some bike snobs scoff at them but the sight of a Raleigh in all its glory is pure gold to me. I've just taken delivery of an 1980 Raleigh Medale frame can't wait to get started.

  12. glenny oc says:

    See you using good old carplan cut very good product that. What brand tape did you use?

  13. Andrew Baxter says:

    Oh gosh this brings back fond memories. When these beauts came out my mate saved up paper round money for over a year to get one. It was stunning. The best bit is I recognise Bramhall Park – we lived in Cheadle Hulme and used to ride over there, so this brought some fantastic times back to watch- thank you!! 👍

  14. Ace Williams says:

    Crack On!!!

  15. Zeke Zyzypt says:

    Excellent rebuild.

  16. sandydenny lives says:

    Your back, hooray! Had one or two Record Sprint 501's back in the day, including a black with bullhorn bars.Not the best steel, 531 was better. They were still around in the early 90's.

  17. FoD Brewing says:

    Yes mate ….ace cheers

  18. Eddy Pepe says:

    Another 80's Bike!👍🏼

  19. Aron says:

    I litterally threw one of these away yesterday, no knowing it could be worth something ..

  20. Chad Salazar says:

    just a question, how do you deal with spokes that rusts on the surface?, the spokes are still good though its just the surface that rusts, have this 1st gen mavic aksium race wheelset here. thanks for the help

  21. Mark Koussa says:

    Hey Andy, I'm wondering where you purchased those aero pedals from.

    Great work!

  22. Danilo Silva says:

    Excelente… Parabéns pelo belo trabalho que realiza.

  23. griftereck says:


  24. Lewis72 says:

    Great work !
    You know I'm a big fan of '80s Raleigh racers (& BMXs too !)
    From the brochure, it seems as though the '87 Record Sprint had a gold block and a black/gold chain. Tyres were skinnier 700C x20s, which always gives them a retro look. Quite difficult to get hold of them now though !

  25. Henjo29 says:

    It's nice to see you soldier on despite problems. Your work is amazing!

  26. Fursteve ferret says:

    My mate rides this exact model. I normally accompany him on my raleigh eclipse from the same period… Top job Andy Ride safe..

  27. FabricioNogueira1980 says:

    Very good ! Fausto Coppi please !

  28. Vanir says:

    Lovely restoration!

  29. Maryla Sikorowska says:

    Restaurował Pan może Cannondale? Co Pan sądzi,czy to dobra marka?

  30. 321bytor says:

    Splendid work!

  31. Ger Murphy says:

    Nice one Andy! Turned out super again!

  32. Michael Lee says:

    My Older brother had a mk1. Sweet bike. Happy days!

  33. Ethan Brackett says:

    i love my 86 trek 400, great bike, was a pleasure to work on before i upgraded parts with modern retro reproductions( Velo Orange is great) really 80's bikes are kinda that sweet spot between retro and more modern steel frames. glad to see you back andy! its been to long!

  34. Desmond Nutley says:

    Lovely build man ! another one saved , loooove vintage bikes especially 70s n 80s , I got a 531 from 92 tho , but doin it up more retro 80s so non aero weinmann , Brooke's saddle etc

  35. Desmond Nutley says:

    Ps any chance doin a midget bike 19.5 " Raleigh something , would be fun to see you ride it lool

  36. FUNatTECH! says:

    I have restored one my own, but it didnt have any gold on it anymore. Love that bike! 🙂

  37. Scott MacDowall says:

    Sweet bike Andy another great restoration and it’s always nice to see a new video segment👍

  38. jon Smyth says:

    Enjoyed watching that! I sold you the saddle on eBay, it suits the bike well. Please bring back your original video music though – much prefer it.

  39. Stephen Moore says:

    Another nice bike mate. I love the corsa and cadet team colours, they always remind me of watching Raleigh Panasonic with Phil Anderson riding😁keep it going mate 👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🚴🏽

  40. breathestrongcycling says:

    Another sweet Raleigh 👍 it seems like UK road bikes all specced shimano, do you ever see Suntour? …

  41. wroman77 says:

    Cool hat!!!

  42. Barry Monaghan says:

    Thanks for the cracking video Andy!My question for you: I have a stuck seatpost, alloy post/steel frame, what method do you use to free them?I am trying to avoid a big labour charge at the bike shop. I have a Marinoni.Cheers,Barry

  43. Rudy Ramos says:

    Great to see you back Andy
    …with another great video
    ..been waiting for your next project
    ..best regards…Rudy…🚴‍♂️

  44. sol star says:

    What’s wrong with the mud guards and bottle cages 😢

  45. Niels kjær says:

    You did a good job with this one. Very classic, beautiful bike

  46. Steve Volz says:

    Nice one. My limited knowledge makes this a mk3. I believe the mk1 had Campagnolo gears, gold hubs and gold cables and the mk2 had Shimano Arrow rear derailleur and oval downtube and seat tube and gold cables. Probably wrong, just sticking my oar in!

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