QuickTime Tutorial: How To Record Your Screen and Voice-Over (Mac)

QuickTime Tutorial: How To Record Your Screen and Voice-Over (Mac)

Are you looking for an ultra-low cost
no-nonsense way to record your Mac computer screen? Well if you have a
relatively modern Mac you already have a great little screen recording
application already loaded onto your machine.
It’s called QuickTime Player and in this video I’m going to show you how to use
QuickTime Player to create great quality screen recordings coming up. Hey it’s
Mike with more tips and tools to help you create engaging informative and
educational video and if it’s your first time here welcome and make sure you hit
that big subscribe button so you don’t miss a thing. QuickTime Player is an often overlooked
media creation tool that comes pre-installed on a Mac. You can use
QuickTime Player to record audio record and edit video. You can also use
QuickTime Player to record your computer screen to create great quality
screencasts. Let’s hop onto the computer so I can show you the process. So here we
are on my Mac I’m running Mac OS 10.13.2 And I have this
keynote project open here. Now let’s say I want to record a tutorial using this
keynote project. Well obviously in order to do that I need to record my screen
and to do that I’m going to use QuickTime Player.
So to launch QuickTime Player I’m actually going to go up to this
magnifying glass icon here which is Spotlight Search open that up and I get
this search field and I’ll start typing in QuickTime and there’s QuickTime
Player. I’ll double click that to launch it. You can also find QuickTime Player in
your Applications folder. Okay now I’ll go up to the top menu bar and making sure a
QuickTime Player is active I’m gonna select File – New Screen Recording. You can
see there there’s also a keyboard shortcut for that.
Now when you select New Screen Recording you get this little screen recording
interface. This red circular button is what you select to start recording but
before we do that we need to set a few options. Now when you click this little
down arrow beside the Record Button you’ll get options for your screen
recording. The first option is Microphone so any microphones you have connected to
your computer will be listed including the built-in or internal microphone on
your Mac which you could use to record your voice for your screen recording. I prefer to use a higher quality external microphone which in my case is the Rode
NT-USB microphone which I have selected and I’m using right now. Now most likely
you’re going to have to adjust the level of your microphone. To adjust the
microphone level just go up to the Apple icon here and select System Preferences select Sound select the Input button and
then select your microphone in the list. Here is mine the Rode NT-USB microphone and
then down here beside Input Volume you can use this slider here to adjust the
input level of your microphone. This meter down here shows you your
microphone level while you speak into the microphone you can see it moving up
and down as I speak right now. You want to adjust your input level so that the
meter kind of peaks around this second-to-last little dot here. You don’t
want it sitting in this last dot consistently. Usually if that’s the case
your level is too hot and your sound could be distorted which isn’t very good.
Okay now that our microphone level is set up I’m gonna close out of the Sound
panel here and return to our screen recording interface. I’m going to open up
the Options menu again by clicking this downward arrow and down here you can see
options. You have the option to show mouse clicks
in your recording so everywhere you click on the screen during recording a
little circle graphic will flash onto the screen helping draw the viewers
attention to that spot where you clicked. I’m gonna leave this unselected for our
demonstration. Now this slider control here allows you to listen to your voice
through your speakers or headphones if you have them attached to your computer
as you record. A bit of a warning here there is a delay between when you speak
and when it comes out of the speakers which can be incredibly distracting. I
don’t use this setting so I’ll leave it all the way down. The microphone I’m
using the Rode NT-USB has a headphone jack built in so I can listen
to my voice while I record through the microphone itself with no delay which is
handy. Okay so now that we have all of our options set and our microphone level
all ready to go we can record. So once you have your screen arranged the way
you want it you select the red Record Button
and you’ll get this on-screen prompt “Click to record the full screen. Drag to
record part of the screen.” Okay so what does this mean? Well if you click
anywhere on this screen you’ll be recording your entire screen but if you
click and drag you’ll get this selection window and you
can start recording by pressing this button but you can adjust this selection
window by grabbing its edge clicking and dragging. You can also adjust the size by
grabbing these little grey circles on the outside of the window clicking and
dragging to size the window. Only content within this selection
window will be recorded. If you’re not happy with your selection window just
hit the Escape key and that’ll take you out of recording
mode and back to the screen recording interface.
Alright let’s actually record something. So I’m going to hit the red
Record Button again and I’ll get that prompt about the
screen area. I want to record my entire screen so I’m going to just click
anywhere on the screen and now I’m recording and I know I’m
recording because of this little Stop icon way up here on the top menu bar.
Here’s a little tip you want to wait until this little Stop icon is fully
black before you start delivering your content. When it’s fully black it means
the recording is up to speed and running. If you don’t wait for that icon to be
fully black before you start the beginning of your presentation may be cut
off. Okay so now we’re recording. So I’m going to deliver a little bit of this
example tutorial here. So one of the great features of Apple Keynote is a
transition called Magic Move. But it works more than like a transition it’s
really an animation technique. Here I have a slide and I have some basic
shapes on here and I have Magic Move applied to this slide to transition from
this slide to the next slide. So let’s just see how this works. So I’m gonna go
up and select Play – Play Slideshow. Here’s my slide. Now I’ll hit the Forward Arrow
key and watch what happens. Very cool. Let’s get out of that by
hitting Escape. Okay so I’m gonna stop my little tutorial demo here and when
you’re ready to stop recording there’s two ways you can do it. You can go up to
this Stop icon and click that. Another less conspicuous way to stop your screen
recording is to use the keyboard shortcut Command-Control-Escape which is
what I’ll do to stop this recording. Once you stop the recording your
recorded file will pop up automatically as you can see right here so that you
can check it. I’ll quickly check my recording. I’ll hit the play button here on
the QuickTime Player. “…and now I’m recording and I know I’m
recording because of this little Stop icon way up here on the top menu bar.
Here’s a little tip. You want to wait until this little Stop icon is fully
black before you start delivering your content. When it’s fully black it means
the recording is up to speed and running. If you don’t wait for that icon to be
fully black before you start the beginning of your presentation maybe cut
off. Okay so now we’re recording so I’m gonna deliver a little bit of this
example tutorial here. So one of the great features of Apple Keynote is a
transition called Magic Move but it works more than like a transition it’s
really an animation technique. Here I have a slide and I have some basic
shapes on here and I have Magic Move applied to this slide to transition from
this slide to the next.” Okay I’ll stop that. It seems to be all there. Now if
you’re not happy with your recording you can trash it by going up and selecting
this red Close icon the red X here. You’ll get this dialogue that will give
you a choice to delete your recording and you can do that by selecting the
Delete button right here. You can also save your screen recording from this
dialog and that’s what Export As means. You enter a name for your screen
recording file here in this field and if you select this drop-down arrow you can
find a place for your recording on your hard drive. I’m just going to hit cancel
to get out of this dialog screen. Another way to save your recording is to go up
to the top menu and select File- Save and then find a spot on your machine and
then hit Save. So as you see making a screen recording using QuickTime Player
is pretty simple if all you want to do is record your screen and your voiceover
narration which to be honest is pretty much what you’re going to want to do for
most of the screencast tutorials that you create. But what if you want to
record your screen, your voiceover narration and the sounds coming from
your computer, sounds coming from the applications that you’re demonstrating
for example? Well unfortunately you can’t do that with QuickTime Player alone. You
need an extra piece of software. Now if you’re interested in learning how to do
that – to record your screen, your voiceover narration and the sounds
coming from your computer using QuickTime Player I’ve got a video
tutorial that explains how to do that. I’ll leave a link to that tutorial in
the description below. And as always if you want to learn more about how to
create engaging informative and educational video be sure to subscribe
so you don’t miss a thing. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Daniel Ostrander

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