QuickTime Tutorial: How To Record Screen with Voice-Over and Computer Sound (Mac)

QuickTime Tutorial: How To Record Screen with Voice-Over and Computer Sound (Mac)

How can I include computer sounds in my
QuickTime Player screen recordings? Well I’ll show you how coming up. Hey it’s
Mike with more tips and tools to help you create engaging informative and
educational video and if it’s your first time here welcome and make sure you hit
that big screen I don’t forget to click the little bell
icon so you don’t miss a thing. You know QuickTime Player is a great
little media creation tool that comes pre-installed on a Mac and since version
10.6 of OS X QuickTime Player’s had the ability to do screen recording-
very handy for creating software tutorials or recording slideshow
presentations. But QuickTime Player has one big limitation when it comes to
screen recording. You see it can record the screen, voice-over narration but it
can’t record computer sounds, can’t record the sounds coming from the
applications that you’re demonstrating for example. QuickTime Player just can’t
do that alone. It can do it however if you add an extra piece of software
called iShowU Audio Capture. iShowU Audio Capture is a free audio driver
made by a company called Shiny White Box. So let’s hop onto the computer so I can
show you how to use iShowU Audio Capture to record computer sounds for
your QuickTime Player screen recordings. So here we are on my Mac. I’m running Mac
OS 10.13.2 So the first thing you’re going to need
to do is download and install iShowU Audio Capture Now I’m not gonna take up
time in this tutorial explaining how to do that. There are detailed instructions
for downloading and installing iShowU Audio Capture right here on Shiny
White Box’s website. You’ll find a link to this download and installation page
as well as other helpful information for installing iShowU Audio Capture in
the description below this video so please check that out. So once you have
iShowU Audio Capture installed you’re going to have to do a bit of virtual
audio wiring on your Mac. There are a few steps involved but it’s not too crazy
just stay with me and we’ll go through it step by step. So the first thing you
want to do is open the Audio MIDI Setup application on your Mac. So I’m going to
do that by going up to the top menu here and selecting the Spotlight Search icon
this magnifying glass icon and then in the entry field I’ll type MIDI
and the first search result should be Audio MIDI Setup. I’ll double click that
to launch it. You can also find the Audio MIDI Setup application in your
Applications folder within the Utilities folder. So having a look at the Audio
MIDI Setup interface you can see in the left panel here we have all of the audio
devices on our Mac. Here is the internal or built-in microphone, the built-in
output which is usually your speakers or headphones if you have them plugged into
your computer. Here’s the USB microphone I have plugged in the Rode NT- USB and
here is iShowU Audio Capture. You can think of I show you audio capture as a
virtual device that captures and plays sounds coming from the computer. Alright
getting back to the task at hand we want to be able to record our voice through
the microphone along with the sounds coming from the computer – the application
sounds, etc. for our QuickTime Player screen recording. So what we need to do
is combine our microphone sound with the computer sound which is represented by
iShowU Audio Capture in this list here. To do that we’re going to go down here
and select this little plus icon and from the drop-down list we’re going to
select Create Aggregate Device. Aggregate is just a fancy word for something
that’s formed by combining many separate components or items. In our case those
separate items are our microphone and iShowU Audio Capture. So with our
aggregate device selected you can see we have some settings on the right side of
the panel here. So in the device list down here in the Used checkboxes column
you want to select iShowU Audio Capture and your microphone. For Clock
Source select your microphone. I found that selecting my
microphone as the clock source gave me the best results. And for sample rate
44.1 kHz is fine. Just make sure all your other sources
are using the same sample rate. So you can select iShowU Audio Capture and make
sure it’s using the same sample rate in our case that’s 44.1 kHz and do the same for the other audio sources you’re using if possible.
So once your aggregate device is set up you can change its name to something
that’s more recognizable to you. All you need to do is just select the name and
type in a new one right here in this field and then just hit Return to lock
it in. So now that our microphone and computer sound are combined into this
aggregate device it’ll show up as a single source that we can select in the
microphone settings for QuickTime Player. That’ll make a whole lot more sense when
we start our QuickTime Player screen recording. The next step in our setup is
going to allow us to output and listen to the computer sound as we’re recording
our screencast which is important. We want to be able to hear that computer
sound so that we’re not talking over it during our screen recording. So to set
that up we’re gonna go back down to this little plus icon at the bottom of the
audio devices panel and select that and from the drop-down list this time we’re
going to select Create Multi-Output Device. The Multi-Output Device is like a
splitter. It allows us to send different sounds simultaneously to different
places. So in our case we want sound to go to iShowU Audio Capture which is
our computer sound so we’ll select that. I’m going to select my Road NT-USB
microphone because it has a built-in headphone jack which allows me to
monitor sound through the microphone. So if I select that here I’ll be able to
monitor the computer sound as well as my microphone sound through the Rode NT-USB. Now if your microphone doesn’t have a built-in headphone jack
you can select Built-in Output. This will send the sound to your speakers or your
headphones which are plugged into your Mac. Now I don’t need to select this for
my setup because again I can hear all the sounds through the headphone jack in
my microphone but I’m going to select it so that you can hear the computer sounds
during this tutorial recording. Now under Master Device I’m going to again select
my microphone. And that’s it for the Audio MIDI Setup.
You can close out of that. The last step before we start recording is to switch
our sound output to that new Multi- Output Device we just created. So to do
that I’m going to go back up to the top menu here and under the Apple icon I’m
going to select System Preferences then head over and select Sound and select
the Output button and make sure the Multi-Output Device we just created is
selected. So now we’ll be able to output and monitor the computer sounds for our
QuickTime Player recording. So let’s test our setup. I’ll close out of the sound
panel here and I’ve got this iMovie project open
that I’m gonna use for our demo. It’s got a video clip on the timeline that has
sound as you can see from the waveform down here in the audio track. So we’re
gonna listen for this sound in our screen recording to make sure that our
setup is working. Okay let’s record. So I’m going to launch QuickTime Player
from Spotlight Search so I’ll head up to the top menu bar and select this
magnifying glass icon and I’ll type in or start to type in QuickTime Player and
there it is and I’ll double click that to launch it. You can also find QuickTime
Player in your Applications folder. Now once QuickTime Player is running
I’ll go up to the top menu bar making sure QuickTime Player is active and
select File – New Screen Recording and I’ll get this little screen recording
interface. Then I’ll select this little down arrow beside the record button to
bring up some options and under Microphone I’ll select that Aggregate
Device we created. So my microphone and computer sound will now be recorded at
the same time during my QuickTime Player screen recording. Now you may need to
adjust your microphone level. It’s pretty simple just go up to the Apple icon on
the top menu bar and we’ll select System Preferences. Head over to Sound and then
select the Input button and select your microphone. Here’s my microphone the Rode NT-USB. And then you can just adjust the input level of your microphone using
this slider down here. You’ll also notice that iShowU Audio Capture is in the
input list so you can also adjust its level by just selecting it and using the
slider here. I’m going to leave mine at 100%. Alright now we’re ready to
record. I’ll just close out of this Sound panel here
and in the QuickTime Player interface I’ll hit the Record button.
I’ll get this on-screen prompt “Click to record the full screen. Drag to record
part of the screen.” Now I want to record the full screen so I’ll just click
anywhere on the screen here and we’re recording, and I know we’re
recording because this Stop icon way up here on the top menu bar is solid black.
Alright let’s do a little demo screen recording. So here we are in the iMovie
interface and I have this video clip on the timeline down here. Let’s play this
video clip. I’ll do that by hitting the spacebar: “So there you have it avoid
those five big mistakes and you will be well on your way to creating engaging
and effective how-to videos…” I’ll stop the clip playing by hitting the
spacebar again. Okay let’s stop our little screen
recording demo. Now there are two ways you can stop your screen recording you
can go up to the top menu bar and select that little Stop icon again. A less
conspicuous way to stop your screen recording is to use the keyboard
shortcut Command-Control-Escape. I’ll just select the Stop icon since I’m here. Once you stop recording your recorded
file will pop up automatically so that you can check it. So here’s our recorded
file. I’m just gonna resize this so that we can see it a bit better. So let’s see
what we’ve got. I’ll head down here and select the play
button on the QuickTime Player: “…and I know we’re recording because this Stop
icon way up here on the top menu bar is solid black. Alright let’s do a little
demo screen recording. So here we are in the iMovie interface and I have this
video clip on the timeline down here. let’s play this video clip. I’ll do that
by hitting the spacebar: ‘…so there you have it avoid those five big mistakes
and you will be well on your way to creating engaging and effective how-to
videos…’ Alright I’ll stop the clip playing by hitting the spacebar again.
Okay let’s stop our little screen recording demo…” I’ll just stop that. So in
our final recording we have our voiceover narration from our microphone
and the sounds coming from the computer in this case that video clip on the
iMovie timeline. Now if you’re done doing your screen recording you may want to
switch your audio output from the Multi- Output Device back to the speakers or
the headphones. A shortcut for that is to just go up to the speaker icon on the
top menu bar select it and you’ll get this drop-down list of sound output
sources on your Mac. So you can just select your built-in sound output be it
your speakers or headphones from here. And finally if you’re happy with your
screen recording you can save it by going up to the top menu and making sure
QuickTime Player is active and selecting File – Save and then find a spot on your
machine to save your recording. So with a little bit of fiddling you can
turn QuickTime Player into a free, easy- to-use screen recording application for
your Mac. Now it’s not going to replace dedicated full-featured screen recording
applications like ScreenFlow or Camtasia but if you’re looking for a quick
solution to record your Mac computer screen it’ll do the trick. Well that’s it
for this video I hope you found value in it and if you want to discover more tips
and tools for creating engaging informative and educational video please
hit that big subscribe button so you don’t miss a thing. Thanks for watching
and I’ll see you next time.

Daniel Ostrander

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