Quick-Thinking Driver Uses His Vehicle

Quick-Thinking Driver Uses His Vehicle

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Quick-Thinking Driver Uses His Vehicle

  1. GreenTools NYC says:

    Amazing job

  2. Ignite Ent. says:

    The guard was out of the danger zone with swiftness. He watches ASP for sure😅

  3. Novidsbro says:

    Luck was definitely on this guy’s side, he could’ve slammed into opposing traffic with that maneuver; the gamble paid off though. 👍

  4. S&W Shield 9mm Love says:

    Rubbing is not a bad thing

  5. S&W Shield 9mm Love says:

    Where the heck did the guard go???

  6. Derek Dudes says:

    The guard wasn't much help.

  7. Flint says:

    Good outcome. Seeing the bad guys catch some lead would have been better though

  8. Dr. Tech says:

    Good driving skill, "rubbin is racin" lol, yes, I agree.

  9. Hidden In Plain Sight says:

    Glad there was no cross-traffic! 🏁

  10. TictacAddict1 says:

    And that's why my next AR build will be a 300 Blackout car gun pistol with brace.

  11. Dave C says:

    I'd have rammed the getaway car so it couldn't move.. and why isn't that guard armed?

  12. supersmashbrosevil says:

    That reverse was majestic

  13. Timaz says:

    geez, so much for a security guard!!

  14. Kennith Chapman says:

    He didn't touch that SUV! Good driving altogether!!!👍

  15. Angel Angel says:

    I feel like the guard set him up. I dont know why I just have that feeling…

  16. Steve Kinsella says:

    Increase of rifle use is not at all surprising to me.

  17. Megan H says:

    They actually did a hell of a job backing out of that spot….😂😂

  18. bogeyman 12 says:

    That's what you call driving..

  19. Kimo Sabe says:

    Sub-70 IQ cannot react quick enough.

  20. Nedjean says:

    And they want to take our rifle away.

  21. BIG JIM SLADE says:

    Bad guys are always looking for the biggest intimidation factor. They likely believe the long gun is packing more of that.

  22. Majer Rahim says:

    thats how you drive an AUDI

  23. Axel Ruiz says:

    No need to reprogram your car if you drive a manual 😎

  24. FAT LOLO says:

    They didn’t have time to see the sunroof open

  25. In Gratitude I Am says:

    A vehicle was ALWAYS Louis Awerbuck's first weapon of choice.

  26. None of Thee above says:

    They really wanted that car or the driver

  27. pinkmillk says:

    My work car has no means to disable the auto-unlock when placed in park. I have developed the habit of locking the door as soon as I get in and when putting it in park.
    I'd rather lock my doors a million times for nothing than not lock them the one time my life depends on it.

  28. MrScottytoohottie says:

    The guy was very lucky another car wasnt coming up behind him when he backed out. If there was, he would have probaly crashed into it, and give the bad guys a chance to to shoot him, and get his car.

  29. Hørsu says:

    Ghana Is DE Best Out Of Many Countries In Africa!

  30. AAGP says:

    I have a video of myself almost a victim to an armed robbery in my driveway on my way to work. Maybe I could send it to you for your channel?

  31. Sam Stewart says:

    that is normal in SA today

  32. albirasistendragen says:

    lesson learned form this video: don't be a mark ass

  33. Jeff H says:

    Would have been more satisfying if he filled them with lead. These thieves need to take the room temperature challenge.

  34. Mike Franks says:

    Never fired a round lol thank god that p*$$y! Saved his life and thank god for horsepower and torque

  35. Bonita Wauls says:

    Quick thinking!! Great job!

  36. Tim Jenkins says:

    Please consider a video…perhaps woth a guest expert? On pistol carry in a car. Mine is strongside under a cover garnment and a seatbelt right now. Not exactly a 2 second draw. I have seen under steering wheel holsters and such. I dont relish the idea of reholstering my gun 10-20 times a day getting in and out of my vehicle. Nor would I imagine Chicago coppers would be happy about that placement during a traffic stop….console or glove box is too slow. Any ideas?

  37. kenneth shorter says:

    Not so much guard maybe a poor gate operator but I'd say he isnt guarding anything.

  38. Joe Shmoe says:

    Your videos show me exactly where not to travel to, thanks!

  39. Eric Rusch Sr says:

    I think they use what they can get a hold of.
    Rifles, guns, knives, whatever.

  40. Bill B says:

    That “guard” covered his ASP and got the hell out of there.

  41. Black Hawk International Security says:

    That was an awesome defensive driving move!!!
    What happened to the guard?

  42. Joe Tavarez says:

    Security guard was in on it.

  43. Jose Casillas says:

    , yes I've seen that it's growing every time or many other people are doing it and that is because of week law… but will the Bible says that this has to happen.. evil in man's heart is going to grow..,

  44. Overdrive Music says:

    Doesn't surprise me cause your country has no gun laws!

  45. Sherry Wyllie says:

    High speed controlled backing is s must know.

  46. Steve Miller says:

    He didn't touch the other car A+ driving and reaction time …. Might be taking a dirt nap if not ..💯

  47. X - Tactical says:

    Rifles and we're supposed to use strong verbal commands. I just watched a video where a young girl complied and then boom.. still shot point blank after emptying the register.

  48. Michael Locklear says:

    Dude got the heck out of Dodge Quickly all i can say is awesome diving.

  49. Kasey Okay says:

    "Rubbing is racing."😂💛 Great maneuver!

  50. Desmond Wright says:

    I live in South Africa it's a shithole this stuff happens all the time the driver is lucky The Robbers didn't just open fire and kill him then drag his body out to take his car because this is what they like to do

  51. Liam says:

    Let me guess Brazil?

  52. Vu Nguyen says:

    Damn is that a RS3? 🙁

  53. Art Marquez says:

    "Rubbing is racing" I love it John you crack me up. Shout out to the driver. That was nice reverse moves buddy.

  54. HorusZA says:

    Our ANC government made sure there are plenty of AK-47's in circulation… leftover artefacts from The Struggle. That and loads of R5 rifles stolen and otherwise acquired from the SA Police Service.

  55. q_lou92 Jones says:

    Dude driving skills still on point but I bet homie is the plug and it's not random

  56. Charles Conway says:

    I see the incredibly restrictive gun control laws in South Africa are working just about as well as they do anywhere else. As for rifles, no, I'm not surprised that they are starting to appear as things get more and more unstable in South Africa and Africa as a whole. They are more effective, especially at the ranges we are seeing in these videos, easier to handle by relatively untrained people, and are more intimidating than a pistol.

  57. Actual Factual says:

    Hey ASP? Can we work on Mexico Population for ASP? We want Mexico populace to be armed. Ive just started this campaign….but i know we need it! Please help. Your training in Spanish would get many views…double. Gun manufactureres many sales….ect….we want it all!!! 2nd amendment Mexico 2020!!!

  58. Scary Terry says:

    “rubbing is racing” hell yea brother

  59. Ray Mbuna says:

    He didn't rub their car at all. That was a nice move

  60. snookchaser says:

    John thank you for bringing daily content to remind us that a Relationship With Jesus and an attitude of self and family defense should be in our daily routine have you seen or heard of the new Owb lock leather holsters by urban carry and do you have an opinion on them don’t want to waste money there are not a lot of reviews on. them and I value your opinion in you have any knowledge on them

  61. Marvin St John says:

    guard was in on it or pressureed to be in on it

  62. donkey ass reviews and do's says:

    'She gone' gas station encounters

  63. S Perera says:

    South Africa and Brazil, kind of hell to live in

  64. Angel Martinez says:


  65. SunSniper _02 says:

    @active self protection check this one out its also from south africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFiMW66ro9o

  66. Justus O'Connor says:

    This question goes to you jhon, if i were about to get robbed and destroyed and you were near by me, would you cover my GD asp ?

  67. SunSniper _02 says:

    and here's one more!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPMHhbCUn0M

  68. SunSniper _02 says:

    @activeselfprotection please advice on how we should go about getting vids to you. i have some really good stuff for the channel

  69. Tiger Biker says:

    That "guard" ain't gonna help

  70. Lennit Els says:

    Regarding rifle usage. Most of these wepons are stollen during the all too familiar farm attacks, which are a near everyday occurance in South Africa now. Almost all farmers in South Africa have several rifles, for hunting or verment control. These criminals are oppotunists, they will use any means of intimidation they can, even a rifle for a car-jacking.

  71. IM THE BEST says:

    Lesson if your car is great you can escape coz they aint gonna shoot you

  72. Los Ronin * says:


  73. Christian Perez says:

    Dammnn the driver said “aight ima head out”

  74. HB Legal says:

    Let the person through the gate. No time for smoking and joking. Auto-gates that activate with a bar code on the window would have been faster and they never call in sick! Guards without guns are like teats on a bull. Nice driving! Now go trade-in that bright head-turning red car for the new Camo Edition!

  75. Adamantium T. says:

    "When you're driving a nice car, you gotta recognize!"

  76. Bason Journe says:

    It's sad that we need guns to protect ourselves from these lowlife pussies, yet guns are the reason these coward faggots are able to rob in the first place. Catch 22

  77. Danilo souZa says:

    That was baby driver`s girlfriend

  78. Big Thangz says:

    If the guard had shot the wheels of the getaway car, would that have been correct legally?

  79. Luke van Dongen says:


  80. TT Kgomo says:

    If is not Brazzil, Is South Africa

  81. CHANNEL 432 says:


  82. Kyle Duddleston says:

    I believe that the mainstream media's glorification of ar-15 style rifles has told the bad guys, "This is what mass shooters use, because it is very scary and effective. So you as the criminal should use it to help you in your ventures!"

  83. Juan López says:

    As soon as I saw the car trying to block him I knew it was SA. Like when you see two guys in a motorcycle you know it's Brazil.

  84. Jeff Price says:

    When I was in South Africa, we were told the weapon of choice or car jacking was the ak-47. So I doubt this is rare there.

  85. Normal Head Joe says:

    Nice driving. Left them empty handed. Too bad you didn't "accidentally" drive over one their heads

  86. BigFacts BigStacks says:

    This dude has to have become desensitized to murder.

  87. jim surfnfish 808 says:

    This guy must watch John's channel, because he definetely covered his a.s.p.😆👍

  88. Ashley Stroebel says:

    Leend has it hes still driving away with the audi.lol

  89. JustSomeGuy says:

    I agree about adding Drive to the list of important defensive skills. I shoot better than I drive, so many of the times when you advised driving away I was like "F that, I'd shoot my way out!" because I wouldn't have seen the driving solution quickly, or been able to execute so well as some of these people. I'd have just made pointless movement and been a target, better for me to fire.

  90. Steve Hay says:


  91. chris feleciano says:

    Were was this at????

  92. Mutshidzi Mathivha says:

    Lolss I know the guy.

  93. zbudda says:

    I suspect criminals watch these vids, and do critical break downs on how to stop making mistakes?

  94. Hankie ArmyLego says:

    are rifles legal?in what state?

  95. Demo 0.1 says:

    In South Africa it’s not uncommon for criminals to have ak47s and R7s in the black market there they sell for less that $500 each

  96. Inhuman Filth says:

    But i thought only sbr and sawn off shotguns were suitable for crime…… The nfa lied to me?

  97. A Beazer says:

    Excellent driving skills!!!!!!

  98. 99subigt says:

    John correia hi! Long time subscriber to your channel keep doing a great job👍 as you know holidays are around the corner and I decided to get a pom spray for some of my family members( so far I need 7-10 it might jump to more) but I don't see a promo code to tell them that I got the idea from your channel, if there is such thing as a promo code just figured that they would like to know where people heard about the pom …….and maybe maybe a few cents off the order.

  99. Ricardo Bernal says:

    More bad guys are coming because they know we can’t defend ourselves anymore .

  100. MyMusic Account1 says:

    That's a sweet hard top sun roof….

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