Quantum Computing in Healthcare / Episode 4 – The Medical Futurist

Quantum Computing in Healthcare / Episode 4 – The Medical Futurist

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Daniel Ostrander

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7 thoughts on “Quantum Computing in Healthcare / Episode 4 – The Medical Futurist

  1. kevinalvarado says:

    Helium is an essential part of building Quantum Computers. Helium is also a quickly depleting, non-renewable resource. Should this be concerning?

  2. Christina Johnston Pérez says:

    I love you millions dear Medical Futurist….you are one of my favourite beings in this world.
    Keep your awesome work. The world is much better with you in it!

  3. DrLuke onCall says:

    Loved your presentation. Truly exiting times to be a medical doctor!! 👍🏼😊💻

  4. Danny Rose says:

    Why this crazy asshole always shows his videos to my youtube? Future will be the same just like today anyway

  5. Tanner Wells says:

    So we very well could achieve biological immortality?

  6. Maia Prince says:

    Awesome video, thanks for teaching me something new!

  7. ELFATIH SHORA says:

    Great video , I am also calling my self medical futurist, thanks for the video

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