PUI Upholstery Installation Tips Listings Buick Grand National Seat Covers Instructions How-To

PUI Upholstery Installation Tips Listings Buick Grand National Seat Covers Instructions How-To

So, we’re here today to talk a little bit
about installations. These are Grand National seat covers, and if you’ve ever opened up
a set of seats, you may have noticed that sometimes these listings are sewn down and
you’ve got to get them up there because you’ve got to get a piece of wire in there. So, I’m
going to move the camera and zoom it in so that you can actually see how we do this.
It’s very simple. Any installer, any professional who looks at this is going to know exactly
what to do with it. They’re just going to snip them, put the wire through, and hog ring
it down. The reason that we have to do this is because in order to get the listings in
the correct place and the seat put together in the correct sequence, it has to be sewn
down. There’s no other way around it. GM probably had much better technology than we do, so
they probably had a different way around it. So, let me just move the camera and show you
how we do that. So as you can see on this Grand National back
rest, this listing where you need to put a wire through to hog ring into your frame has
all been sewn down. Like I said, the reason for that is because there’s just no other
way to put it together. So take your scissors and just cut on either side of the seams because
you don’t need a whole lot of coverage on these. Half of the listing here would really
do the job. Obviously you want to be careful and make sure you don’t snip too far or too
close to any one exact seam. And you obviously don’t want to go through the seat. So be careful,
but a little bit of reasonable caution is all you need. So now I’ve cut a piece of wire,
and we’re just going to slide it through each of our cut listing pieces. This is really
pretty simple. Anybody can do this. So as you can see, this really made this installation
actually pretty easy because now you also have great spots to hog ring straight to your
original frame. This is just one simple trick that almost any upholsterer will know as soon
as they take a look at this seat, but now you know. So when you see this, you’ll realize
it’s not a big deal. It’s just how the seat has to be put together. So if you have any
more questions, if you have any install that you’re working on and you need a little help,
if we can, we’re thrilled to. So give us a call at 800-342-0610, or send us an email
at [email protected], or you can visit us on the web at www.puiinteriors.com and send us an
email from there. You’ll also be able to see all of our other videos, and if you have a
suggestion for one, let us know.

Daniel Ostrander

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