Protester Says It Was ‘Very Satisfying’ To Record And Post Video Of Her Rival Getting Served

Protester Says It Was ‘Very Satisfying’ To Record And Post Video Of Her Rival Getting Served

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “Protester Says It Was ‘Very Satisfying’ To Record And Post Video Of Her Rival Getting Served

  1. Dee Dee Winfrey says:

    The mean girls need to go home clean their homes cook some food and sit on her fat butt and shut up.

  2. Dawn Margeson says:

    “I’m not an American citizen” when she already said that she was a dual citizen. Smh

  3. Alicia Gilberry says:

    LMAO the cartel lmao this is great

  4. Kym Jacobs says:

    Typical Trump supporters, childish bullies who's only means of communicating is aggression, because they aren't intelligent enough to be capable of mature discussion

  5. moodi a says:

    by letting everyone in You are destroying your country you are going to see that in the future

  6. Katrice Channel says:

    I will never understand how a woman of color could vote for Trump. Trump is a racist he doesn’t even like Hispanics. His wife wore a jacket that said “ I really don’t care” on tv whole shown with kids that have been ripped from their families. Trump don’t like NO ONE , but himself.

  7. Kerrianne Fudge says:

    Maybe, they should all concentrate on living their own lives and putting all that negative energy into helping others who are in need and turn it into positive . Maybe helping homeless or those less fortunate.

  8. Sky Rollins says:

    Just let them fight it doesn't matter

  9. V Kit says:

    Amazing how much hate and immaturedy
    these three show.

  10. Psycho Cookie says:

    Imagine being the judge and having to put up with this mess.

  11. Totalchaos1983 0 says:

    What a bunch of daft cows! Imagine being in your late 50's and this is what you focus on…being like a high school mean girl!!

  12. ReynaldoRay says:

    Redhead mustve got raped or beat sum like that, it’s okay let her hand out those court papers to ease the pain away from her rape case

  13. love black says:

    Sooo all these ppl are trump supporters

  14. alanavox says:

    Absolutely shameful! 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  15. Seraphina Evangeline says:

    Aren't these these the two ladies that came to that shelter my father works at and was screaming at the young girl outside the gate telling her to go back to her own country? I hate to tell you that girl is LEGAL US citizen. You two white ladies are racist. You think just because people are of color they are all here illegally. You don't own the land either . I don't care what this mexicans ladies political agenda is, but seems you two ladies hate her because she is Mexican.

  16. Marc Breau says:

    Both side have to stop using social media to harassing each other it so childish they need to grow up.

  17. Batcavesales Batman says:

    What are they going to do after the impeachment? These ladies need jobs . If they were working they would not have time to fight .

  18. mayariviro says:

    They are an embarrassment to the American people

  19. Sone6 66 says:

    They need to put their energy into eating only 1 lean cuisines a day and black coffee, all three of them.

  20. Kat says:

    These women are embarrassments. Get a life ladies.

  21. Queen Alice Kingsley says:

    "Intentions" always be clear on them.

  22. ROMA Portugal says:

    I still don’t get how a Mexican can support trump, that’s the real question

  23. Olivia Keith says:

    Ok I’m sorry but what do you expect from WOMEN who support TRUMP especially a MEXICAN WOMAN.

  24. Zainab Kriel says:

    🤣 I'm sorry but this is so hilarious

  25. Guise Guise Guise says:

    Hi Baldy

  26. Jackie Leon says:

    Wait…are all these terrible bitches on the same political side? 😂

  27. Pam lee says:

    Paloma not wearing her hooker outfits?

  28. silly pebbles says:

    paloma is a disgrace to any mexican. and these no upper lip ladies look like warm mayonnaise.

  29. Brittany Kennedy says:

    Wow! The two friends are the bully’s for sure! They won’t even let Paloma talk 🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. Andrea Clyndes’s says:

    The two Trump supporters are just horrible people.

  31. Javier Ramirez says:

    Trump supporters are fighting about who's more patriotic hilarious..

  32. megancooksey says:

    I feel sad for all these women. Their life is nothing but anger. They put their anger before even their families. Anyone with emotional intelligence knows that anger starts from within and others carry the blame. These women are without grace. It’s devastating to know that they are given a platform and that others enjoy stewing in their anger with them.

  33. Nah Bruh says:

    There should be a fat fee in America.

  34. Tammy Ruggles says:

    Being a social worker turned writer, I have to say all this hatred, bullying, and division really gets to me. I don't know how people fight day in and day out. Some people thrive on chaos, though.

  35. 667mumble says:

    They're all idiots

  36. William Bai says:

    I would trade these 3 fat pigs for any 3 Mexican STEM graduates anyday.

  37. I Spy says:

    Imagine stalking someone to film serving papers. Using the courts for petty vengeful fights that use tax payer dollars and time that could be spend on worthy cases. This gets more ridiculous.

  38. Vashti Chanel Gradwell says:

    This is why I am SOOOOO AFRAID of America. I am South African, went to visit Texas to do some outreach work and was called a "dumb Mexican" , "you are disgusting, clean my garden". I am South African, not even MEXICAN!!! I immediately went to the airport and booked a ticket home, slept at the airport and literally kissed the ground when I landed in Cape Town. These women are what we all fear about America!!! This is disgusting!!!! its RACIST!!!!! These women are cyber TERRORISTS not bullies. Urgh.

  39. Fly Wifi says:

    Not a trump supporter but im team paloma.

  40. Lady MF Unicorn says:

    Those two are lying. A a restraining order last a whole year. They filed and where refuse the order. You can not get an order without, being physically twice.

  41. t Time says:

    Trump supporters in a nutshell

  42. Rob Davison says:

    Less them arguing and more doc

  43. Rhonda Taylor says:

    Bullies usually consist 9f two people.

  44. john folsom says:

    Democrats are nuts.

  45. Dee says:

    I think they need to grow up.

  46. Deplorable Arab says:

    Well I know which one of these women are a few screws loose! Hint: It's the one with nothing better to do than to comment on every comment that she does like. Lmfao 😂 Just wow!!!

  47. Kendra Smith says:

    I feel so bad that paloma has to go thru this

  48. Miss Lucid Dreams says:

    Aaand…this is wat the social media platform has given us…grown middle aged women acting like spoiled children 👎

  49. Alden the movie guy says:

    I’m a hardcore democrat and I think the two white ladies are ridiculous. Seriously grow up.

  50. Martha Rosario says:

    Palma we are with you all the way.and to the 2 OLD lady's get a life you need one

  51. SxryptS says:

    Basic stupid mongoloid Dump supporters showing off their racism against each other, you gotta love em! So accepting!

  52. Patti Carey says:

    Holding a grudge, seeking vengeance and refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Pathetic women.

  53. R Go says:

    Paloma is a trafficker do some research

  54. Tila Bryant says:

    Racism at it’s best🤦🏽‍♀️

  55. Pancakesa ndCuddles mwah says:

    Jeez Ladies…we only get about 90 years on this earth ( if we are lucky). This is how you spend ur time?

  56. nacho mama says:

    Karma is defined as the force created by a person's actions which causes good or bad things to happen to that person. These ladies problems are a creation of themselves.

  57. Marcela Beas says:

    Paloma has physically and verbally attacked and abused CHILDREN while close to the border – look up the video she posted it herself. Her “activism” is whack. Not defending the other women at all they’re horrible and part of the promblem – but I understand their frustration in the way dr. Phil is misrepresenting Paloma.

  58. Sports Central says:

    Honestly if you still support trump at this point, your either a racist, blindly ignorant, or just plain stupid.

  59. Jasmine Elise says:

    Trump…. come get ya girls!

  60. L W says:

    They all support Trump. I could care less about what they do to each other.

  61. Progressive Blacksmith says:

    As embarrassing and petty it is to be a Trump supporter, out of the three of these women, I'm much more inclined to believe the Paloma lady, because the other two don't seem to have very solid arguments for why they're doing what they're doing. They can't even answer Dr. Phil's questions that well.

  62. Vicki Krulikoski says:

    Why are Republicans so mean and haggard looking?

  63. Farhana Fathima says:

    Don't they have a job? How they pay their bills 🤔 Really. Are these billionsire heiress 😆😆

  64. Tessa marie says:

    Um… its weird…they look 45-50 but I swear they are 10. I don't get it.

  65. PEARL SWIRL says:

    Great example of what people mean when they say “you can get older but that didn’t mean you’ll get wiser”

  66. Dianna Soto says:

    The important thing here is they’re all TRUMP SUPPORTERS 😂

  67. Senor Chuubs says:

    i love Paloma she has a good heart and good intentions Trump 2020

  68. Wet Willy says:

    I love Dr.Phil but I just can’t deal with these dumbass people he’s interviewing anymore… ✌️ OUT…..

  69. lindsey Haralson says:

    Look what trump is causing. Even the same party is fighting. All negativity all the time is not okay

  70. erocker134 says:

    I have ZERO pity for this horrible person posing to be innocent. Shes lives in mexico, at that. Only reason she can cross the border because her mom married an American citizen whom was able to get her and her mom citizenship.

  71. MsSpider26 says:

    women, women, not woman. if it's plural it's women

  72. Anastasia Zoldak says:

    Melinda is a hater. Watch and learn how these people operate

  73. Chris Falconer says:

    wish they would stop calling them protesters and reporters and say it like it is, brain dead racist crones

  74. K D says:

    Love trying to actively find someone to serve them a restraining order to stay away from you

  75. sieffy91 says:

    I support Trump but these ladies are crazy and childish. Not all Trump supporters are like these loonies.

  76. Minka G says:


  77. vickie jackson says:

    if i was the judge ,i would ban them from social media and being any type of activist.

  78. Mia Carla says:

    AMY and Melinda came off looking jealous and like a bunch of sore losers. When they couldnt bully Paloma because she fights back they then got outright racist. They should be ashamed

  79. nicole galati says:

    how does the audience control themselves. I can’t believe these are adults

  80. Katie Williams says:

    This makes all Trump supporters look ignorant

  81. Klarissa Valadez says:


  82. Pyronixa says:

    this is effing hilarious

  83. gmadz says:

    So the trumpster lives in Mexico!!
    Profesional troll is the new normal.

  84. Christina Segundo says:

    Paloma put herself in major risk. She’s the one pushing children and making fun of them peeing their pants

  85. Anonymous Annie says:

    I’m just wondering why all the restraining orders were filed on the 8th of each month lol

  86. Egyptian Princess says:

    Well aren’t these ladies a treat

  87. Jasmine Houston-Burns says:

    Everyone has the right to publically demonstrate in the proper legal setting, in the eyes of the law. I've been to and seen plenty of planned disruptions. You don't have to like it, and even though she is criticizing them for that, they do have the right to do it, presumably, but of the political sides were reversed, I bet a lot of people would not be saying they're BOTH crazy, embarassing, etc. They would say THAT CRAZY TRUMP SUPPORTER. If a Trump supporter feels like I'm wrong on this, I'd love to hear from you.

  88. Don't Destroy America says:

    Paloma, you need to just ignore them and let them keep embarrassing themselves like Trump does with Pelosi and the squad.

  89. Ron We says:

    Two fat saggy @$$ H Os. Love PAL

  90. Dungeons & Friends HQ says:

    Let her speak! You racist fuks some M vind these demons

  91. Tee Carr says:

    Belinda needs help… her approach is clearly childish.
    That said, to be a woman and/or a minority and to be endorsing the Republican Party/Trump is sheer insanity and the height of ignorance. Paloma also needs help… and the Ranch won’t cut it.

  92. TKO Brosnan says:

    It is clear who is guilty! Paloma has it on tape!

  93. Random Channel says:

    grow up

  94. dreaming4ffr says:

    those woman sound and act like trump, but are attacking a trump supporter.. wtf

  95. Sara.d.henderson My3girls says:

    I don’t believe there was any death threats or threats of violence.. these are social media/ influences.. then they don’t talk to anyone they have differences with not without it being videotaped.. just like they videotaped Paloma getting served.. there’s a reason there’s no proof it’s my opinion that it never happened

  96. mizzramos says:

    1st off that lady Paloma stays supporting Trump… But lives in Mexico lady wth is wrong with you

  97. Bellezza Catenaro says:

    Idk why I am shocked that Trump supporters do this to each other as well as people they view as their political enemies.

  98. Carrie Ward says:

    Hey hey hey….
    Don't bring game of thrones into this 😆

  99. LouisTomlinsVogue says:

    I think political views have everything to do with this. This is EXACTLY how Trump supporters behave. They’re all in the wrong. They’re all hate filled middle aged women with no life.

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