Look who I found.
Say hello, Dallas. Hello, Dallas.
Oh, you’re so adorable. Madison, I was thinking that we- Are we going to do this or not?
I have a client at eleven. I love it. He’s not even hard! Jeez, man. Get it together. I’m just not really feeling this right now. Still thinking about Nash? Yeah.
He’s not your friend, bro. A true friend would support what you’re doing.
Fuck him. Let’s do this again. I don’t feel like I’m doing the right thing. What the fuck are you talking about?
You want some coke? Dallas, give him some coke. I don’t want coke.
I, I don’t want to do this anymore! Are you fucking kidding me? You are not going anywhere.
Don’t touch me! These past two weeks have been insane.
I just- I need a break. Please!
I feel so out of control with everybody telling me what to do and I just need one night where
we’re not working. One night where I can make a decision for
myself. No, listen to me. You are not Nash. You do not get to make the choice whether
you do this or not. I took you in when even your parents didn’t
want you. I feed you.
I even gave you a fucking job with what little skills you actually have.
As far as I’m concerned, I own you. You’re my property. Without me, you would just be trash on the streets. When I was in your shoes, I had to work a hell of a lot harder to get a fraction of
you are getting. You have it so fucking easy! Now let’s do this.
Are you ready Dallas? I thought you loved me? Loved you?
Where did you get that from? You need to learn something about this world,
Austin. Love is conditional.
I thought you learned that from your parents. Is that what your parents taught you? Get the fuck out. Both of you get fuck out!

Daniel Ostrander

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28 thoughts on “Property

  1. Risa djinu says:


  2. Anitta FÃ says:

    he cannot die 😂

  3. Mouad Mouad says:

    its the last episode ???. no we want more why not 20 episodes 🙂

  4. shadowcat12000 says:

    Wut da fuck happend halp, need more

  5. OutliciousTV says:

    Great things are in store for this year. Whether Austin is alive or not, you'll have to subscribe and see if another episode comes out in the summer.

  6. hungup1984 says:

    Thank You for this series!

  7. erik3072 says:

    this is all? can not be. I love this TV show.
    From Mexico city

  8. Cici Torrez says:

    What's going on he cannot Die 😡💔

  9. Susan Bolden says:

    I am so in to it keep it coming

  10. Travels With Bruce says:

    what is the name of the song at the end of the video???????

  11. 2Yorkies2Chis says:

    😥 ohmygoodness!!!

  12. HermitVlogs says:


  13. Nelly The King says:

    Omg omg I'm subscribing I can't wait to see more

  14. carol neal says:

    5 video thats all that not a enough to be a series got to have more

  15. SlausivStudiosClips says:

    this show is…. everything

  16. Isaiah Dunbarr says:

    when are you guys making more episodes

  17. Matthew Frazier says:

    Can't wait for season two!!

  18. OutliciousTV says:

    We finished production on Season 2 today!! Check out our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for updates. We're looking at July 11th for the next episode and 4 more after that on Mondays.

  19. gidi1951 says:

    You can't kill him !

  20. Melódy Loverlewis says:

    please film more episodes!!!!!!

  21. Carlos Lopez Escobar says:

    When will the following episodes of the series

  22. Ish-Tahr says:

    well madison you are a son of bitch

  23. OneRandomVictory says:

    Martin Veida – How You Own Me
    Martin Hall – Monster

  24. It gets Better says:


  25. neilson elesis says:

    Nice rebuttal from Austin! It will crush anyone for sure ! Nice script !

  26. XxKarlosxX says:

    I told u guys he was bad… I can smell a wolf from a mile away… he was the big bad wolf, silly Little Red thinking the guy loved him because he took him in… no he just wanted 2make money off the internet with his nude pics and jerk off videos also to fuck him… there's lots of cruel sadistic men out there and they prey on innocent kids like this… it's quite sad this exist within the LGBTQ community but it's true… and they exist all around the world… the whole suicide hit my trigger agh… stomach hurts now

  27. David says:

    “Dallas give him some coke”
    To myself: Maybe he wants Pepsi

  28. Evenor Pineda says:

    anybody else more concerned with the ages of these teens!?

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