President Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims | The Fact Checker

President Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims | The Fact Checker

-We were confronted with the problem that Donald Trump says things constantly that are false and misleading. -So we decided to start a database on the Washington Post website cataloguing all of President Trump’s false or misleading claims. -And we’re still paying for the consequence of that ambition. -It was supposed to just be for 100 days. -But after the first 100 days, readers kind of begged us to keep going. So we said we’d do it for another year. And then they begged us to keep going for the rest of his presidency. ♪♪ President Trump has crossed 10,000 false and misleading claims. -So many claims. -There is nothing cool about that. -Normally, reaching 10,000 of anything is good. -There it is! -Whoo! -My goodness! $10,000! [crowd cheering, bell chiming] -But here, it’s just big — like, really big. Like, the state of Maryland is almost 10,000 square miles big. Like 100 times 100 big. So, how did we get here? ♪♪ ♪♪ -We review every speech… -…every tweet, statement… -…White House event, cabinet meetings, campaign rallies… -…really everything he says. -We list all possible factual claims that he has made… -…and then we evaluate them, and if they’re false or misleading, we add them to our database. -Of course, every president says things that are false or misleading. -Most modern presidents have one big false or misleading claim that is inextricably linked to their time in office. -Well, now you’re going to hear the facts from a White House source, and you know my name. -Some are more memorable than others. -I did not have sexual relations with that woman. -…that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised. -They’ll see that if Americans like their doctor, they will keep their doctor. And if you like your insurance plan, you will keep it. -I’ve already started building the wall. We’ve built large sections. -But President Trump doesn’t just have one. He has nearly 300 claims that he’s repeated three or more times since taking office, and some of those claims he’s repeated literally hundreds of times. Here are the top three. -We’ve been building the wall. -We’re building the wall. -It’s started. -And we’ve started the wall. -And we’ve started the wall. -It’s doing well. -…including the building of the wall, which… -…we’ve started, but we should build it at one time. -President Trump’s wall is not being built. -The funding that Congress has approved is for repairs and fencing. -Power of the purse isn’t agreeing to it. You can’t do it. That’s the way the federal government works. -You have to see these trade deals. -We’re losing a fortune. -…hundreds of billions… -…hundreds of billions… -We lost $500 billion. -…$500 billion. -…three hundred, four hundred, five hundred… -…billion dollars a year. -…billion dollars a year. Billion! -And for years… -…we were losing a tremendous amount of money. -We’re losing a lot of money. -That’s false. -It’s just a false construct. -Countries don’t make or lose money on trade. It’s not like a pickpocketing situation. -It’s the biggest reduction in taxes in the history of this country. -It’s the biggest tax cut… -It’s the biggest tax cut… -…in American history. -This is the largest tax cut… -…the largest tax cut… -…in the history of our country. -The biggest tax cut, biggest reform of all time. -That’s false. -Trump doesn’t even get past what Obama did. -Trump’s tax cut is the eighth largest in the last 100 years. -But the claims don’t happen in a vacuum. There are trends. Trump made nearly three times as many false or misleading claims in his second year than he did in his first. Almost a quarter of these claims were during campaign-style rallies, and nearly a fifth were about immigration. And what Trump talks about fluctuates based on what’s happening in the news. -We’re doing this in part for the historical record. It is such an unusual situation when you have a president who is constantly saying so many things that are false and misleading. -He’s sui generis. He’s of his own kind. -But that’s what makes it history. -Oh, believe me. If it’s off by one hundredth of a percent, it’s like I end up getting Pinocchios, right? Because you know they’d say, “I’d like to give him a Pinocchio! Four Pinocchios!” -So if there are things you’re curious about or statements you’ve heard and you want to know if they’re right or wrong, check out the link in our description to the full database.

Daniel Ostrander

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100 thoughts on “President Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims | The Fact Checker

  1. Gene Ground Jr says:

    Well you're dead wrong about number one and you're dead wrong about number 2 and you're I'll phone number three you have no credibility therefore no support from someone that speaks the truth go ahead and lie and prop up your line liberal media

  2. J P says:

    The irony of videos like this are the people who make them are more liars/manipulators than Trump is…

  3. kdriggs4 says:

    The Washington Post considers false or "misleading" claims as anything that doesn't fit their liberal agenda.

  4. kdriggs4 says:

    2:52 Does she seriously say that Countries don't make or lose money on trade??? Talk about false AND misleading.

  5. Isabelle Mavendorf says:

    Why don't you moronic trump supporters do your own research instead of making blanket claims against this video. It's not hard to catch the orange turd in a lie and even easier to know when he's making misleading statements. He contradicts himself or makes up a bigger lie every time he's caught.

  6. Rae Maxine says:

    WP and NYT is the traitor of Americans. Won’t waste my time with their lies

  7. Brad Smith says:

    He must be a liar he says CNN is fake news and in bed with the Washington Post. Seems to me like the media is doing a really good job of slanting the truth theirselves. When the news is reported correctly ! All give the benefit of the doubt can't see it anytime in the future.

  8. Keith S says:

    And how many false and misleading statements has the fake news made? Many more than Trump has I’m sure.

    He IS building the wall so get over it!!!

  9. Land of Stan says:

    That's about 10 a day since he has been president. Amazing.

  10. K PD says:

    "Normally reaching 10,000 of anything is good" 😂😂😂 that's not true at all

  11. K PD says:

    Where's the database containing falsemisleading claims that the Washington post has made?

  12. Paul D says:

    What The Washington Post does is hate. They hate this president simply because he won. The Democratic party joined the mainstream media. It's pure hate and it's divided the country. The media and the Democrats are the true enemy of this country.

  13. Dewey Henry says:

    We see the results of his claims. And the dems have done nothing since in power in the house so go screw yourself

  14. Frank Cox says:

    Washington Post is just as bad as New York Times

  15. Dona Herndon says:

    Washington Post just lie

  16. Robert Verzola says:

    Are you counting your own B.S. And the MSM as well!?

  17. Jim Garens says:

    10000 and still not keeping Pace with CNN

  18. Hard working Canadian citizen says:

    You make anything trump says a lie , you can’t say he isn’t good for you , look what we have here and quit your whining and be thankful he cares for the people in your country!!!!!!!!!

  19. Ken M3ng says:

    ttump 2020. bring America down

  20. mgb gt says:

    Rep. Al Green (D-TX) has been one of the loudest voices on the left calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Representing a constituency that likely still believes that they voted for the legendary singer of such classics as “Take Me to the River,” Green has proposed articles of impeachment against Trump numerous times since January 2017, only for his proposals to be knocked down time and again by his own party.
    But while Green usually talks a good game about Trump’s supposed crimes and unfitness for office, this weekend he came about as close as any Democrat has come to admitting that the best part about impeaching Trump is that it would weaken him for the 2020 election. Meaning…this isn’t about carrying out a constitutional duty or protecting the nation from a wicked tyrant. It’s just about winning next November.

  21. Ronald Wakefield says:

    More like you clowns twisting every around to suet your fake agenda. Then you cry when you’re called fake news media. Most of the news media are truly the enemy of the people.

  22. Max Geronimo says:


  23. Eric Blackmon says:

    If Trump has made 10K the Washington Post has made 100k false statements. THEY PRINT A NEWSPAPER FULL OF LIES every single day.

  24. dee jay says:


  25. Don Harris says:

    You interpret your Liberal beliefs. Show just five that You think was a lie. You are lying about Trumps Lies.

  26. Don Harris says:

    Trump promises and Liberal courts shut him down. Having Mexico Pay for the wall was truth. A liberal judge said no they won't and it SOMEHOW stuck. We just don't understand why Liberals think they can manufacture New Liberals by outright lying to them and saying Trump Lies. IDIOTS.

  27. kurt krill says:

    lol wow the wp points to some one lol, they are commie libby soros bought n paid for commie anti Constitutional and anti USA slime wipe rag trying to pass as a truthful newspaper who nothing but lies and spin and misinformation and perfidy.

  28. dane kelly says:

    Fake news washington post…cnn duplicates!…you suck!

  29. Ronald Hinton says:

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is real folks. Imagine if they did same to Obama or either Clinton.

  30. Dana Rider says:

    Fact check cnn and yourselves. One sided maggots.

  31. sb says:

    Well let's see the Russian hoax didn't work, the Kavanaugh hoax didn't work, the Coventry kids set up hoax didn't work, the recession hoax didn't work. Now the shameless and disgraceful Washington Post tries to come up with a lying hoax and the NY post is trying to change history by promoting a racism hoax. The msm keeps losing and losing and losing and president Trump and the American people keep winning winning and winning!!!!! Six more years baby!!!!
    By the end of the next 6 years were going to need as many mental institutions as we can get to admit all the Democrat sociopaths and the media psychopaths sitting in rubber rooms strumming their lips with their finger on one hand while their thumb on the other hand is up there asses🤣

  32. Wonder Wonderful says:

    One thing Trump is consistent about is lying. Although he didn't keep he's promises to the American people. They would win so much you're get tired of winning. Mexico will pay for the wall. Trump is fact checked by CNN, MSN, and the Washington Post, and get upset or want to avoid the truth it becomes fake news when he's caught. He want you the people to do as he say; not as he do. Believe what he says; not what you hear. Only listen to him; don't fellow your own instinct.
    One Nation under God!

  33. Alan Olson says:


  34. Tom Sticht says:

    WaPo sux.

  35. Will Padget says:

    Christ. Facts still exist, but truth is in flux. Good luck everyone. Hold on tight to your sanity, or death. Sweet, sweet death.

  36. Joseph Collins says:

    Fake news. Liars. Democratic support based on lies and rhetoric. You should be ashamed, this is the beginning of the end for nyt

  37. Kevo A says:

    Those men looks like pedophiles boy lovers

  38. Jay Muller says:

    If Trump has lied 10,000 times it should be very easy to list 100 of the lies here with hardcore proof to back it up. We are all waiting for that.

  39. Maxine Bomareto says:


  40. Mary Eagle says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂you are such a liars!!!!!!!!

  41. Bunkiebe says:

    Apparently there are about 400 people who have seen this really being conned and lied to constantly, multiple times per day.
    Cultists are like that.

  42. Oakley Fightclub says:

    Let’s see, Busch lied about weapons of mass destruction, Clinton lied about having an affair, name a political official who hasn’t lied? Believe nobody!!

  43. Dona Herndon says:

    Lie lie lie
    Washington post is a lying rag.

  44. glenda wood says:

    Have you ever counted other presidents lies?

  45. Jo Wauneka says:

    MSNBC tells nothing but lies so I lost count. Fake news. Trump 20/20!

  46. Jo Wauneka says:

    No one can beat the Don. You can try though.

  47. Edward Puddy says:

    How many will you make in this. Oh i would say most of it

  48. entertainment pro says:

    looks like FOX news is sniffing potus butt aswell…your either ALL in or GET out…period..we dont need COUNTER opinions from WEAK ..DEMOCRAP sounding news anchors..ill get my trumpys message elsewhere..FOff fox.

  49. Dee Dish says:

    Commie pukes

  50. Phillip Shaw says:

    "Let he among us who is without sin, cast the first stone". Trump 2020

  51. Israel Peralta says:

    Fake news!

  52. Linda Patterson says:

    I’ll trust Trump over DS and Hillary anytime🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  53. Mark Farley says:

    Are the unemployment rate and the drop in welfare participants false claims. The wall is being built, he was wiretapped, he has cut more taxes to the middle class than Obama. Ask yourself are you better off now than you were w/ Obama/Biden.

  54. Steve Brown says:

    OK let's get this right most of the work done was the upgrade of a section from round Pelican to about Zaragoza alot of people mistake the overpass construction for Border Wall because it's right over the border from old Fort Bliss through the section of Juarez that runs near downtown El Paso the company that was given the bid is out of New Mexico no other bid were taken which is why you see nothing about it on news or anywhere else come on if they have CV actually started Trump would be all over it and the news would be reporting it's progress.

  55. neth ; nethanel mas ; masters says:

    Why didn't you keep track of obozo's lies. His lying is one reason i left the dummerrats in 2010. I'll never go back to the socialist party of america that was the democratic party. These morons telling their lies bitching about Trumps lies. I noticed that their opinions on misleading statements are biest becayse they take them and cut out or cut short some of the questions or answers he makes then say that's a lie or misleading. Look how the msm just plain lied about what Trump said in Charlottesville. How many time does he have to denounce the kkk neo-nazi's and white nationalist and white supremacists. He was denouncing them in 2012 or 2013 and before the ones supporting homeland hate groups is the leftist.

  56. Jay Dee says:

    Problem is the Washington Post has lied and misled more then Trump

  57. Behold the hand Behold the nail says:

    Guess I’m glad everyone else is so honest!
    Remember “no new taxes” ?, remember “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monika Lewinski” ?! Remember “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? Come on children… Listen!!!

  58. Manzoor Hekmatyar says:

    Washington post is trash journalism. I'm a muslim and I openely say you guys are liars, cheats and islamic terrorist supporters

  59. Chris Saldana says:

    Orange juice some real news by how many did Obama falsely claim how much actual money did it cost the American citizen that's real f**** news

  60. max wright says:

    This is why I no longer subscribe to the Post. Biased news reports from mainstream news. SO SAD

  61. Creeper MLG says:

    I can’t believe people are still voting for him in 2020

  62. stonecoldtruth says:


  63. Jeffrey Trammell says:

    What ever sico

  64. Danielle Everhart says:

    There's a big beautiful WALL being built! TRUMP4EVER 🇺🇸👌

  65. Julian Assange says:


  66. samuel barber says:

    The "Fact" Checker should do misleading claims on the Washington Post and see how many they come up with…their the ones misleading the people

  67. Anna Stilwell says:

    Your a fool he has done more for our country than any President we have had. God bless or President. Go look at the wall. No help from the DEMOCRATS. Fighting every day for our country we together will make it even better. VOTE TRUMP 2020

  68. Jeremy Pinto says:


  69. Blue collar Bob says:

    Fake news

  70. Dawnie Newman says:

    And he's such a liar he said we would get tired of winning 😂 and we are not,. 😊😂😂😂 Trump 20/20 KAG WWG1WGA with love

  71. sean kim says:

    President Trump 👍👍👍👍👍

  72. sean kim says:

    Washington post is nothing but the fake news

  73. Sabisch TruePain says:

    The American Dictator trump is above the law and under radar. he can lie all he wants.. no rules for the Dictator trump or the first family..

  74. I P says:

    So, if WaPo says it, it must be true. I once saw an analysis of his 6 trillion dollar remark about the Middle East debacles. One estimate came up with ONLY 5 trillion, so he got a "false". Another came up with 8 trillion. Yeah. Trump is so utterly misguided that we have record Stock Market numbers and the best employment in 50 years. Unless you are black, hispanic, or asian. Then it's the best employment in…oh…forever.

    Thanks, WaPo. Now about those Amazon tax returns…

  75. I P says:

    Wasn't WaPo being sued for a total fabrication and damage to a young person for 250 Million? Well, it got dismissed for a mere 5 million dollar settlement. To the Judge.

  76. I P says:

    Hey, all bullshit aside, AT LEAST WaPo didn't call for Trump's assassination, with all of his cabinet, in order for Hussein to continue his betrayal of America and its allies.
    That was some OTHER bunch of morons. Unless Wolf Blister has a side pension with the flying monkeys running THIS site.

  77. Ruach says:

    A different reprobate news terrorist said 12,000 lies. Anyway you count it, it will never step up to the level of lies and smears of the sick deranged puppets of fake news

  78. jim catalfamo says:

    this video say nothing and proves less. trump has done a lot of good things and people that can't think for themselves or only lives by a party are fools. i'm intelligent enough to see what is good or bad and i won't live only by a party. the people in this country and government spend more time yelling and screaming because their candidate lost than doing whats right for the country.

  79. James007 says:

    THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID. WP is for people who cant think for them selves. Lies and communist propaganda..

  80. Peter D says:

    Fake news, don't waste your data

  81. JAG says:

    Look at who is providing the information. In all fairness let’s hear about the veracity or lack of from the Democrats. They have lied, cheated, stolen, gave away billons of dollars to the sand people, gave them our technology, empowered 4 terrorist congress “ladies”, their lies, prejudice, bigotry and encouraged them to lie and do whatever that had to do to divide the country. They are doing this illegally. Put them in power and there will be no free world. How do you feel about cleaning up camel 🐪💩?
    God Bless a free America!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  82. Dee Higgins says:

    So, how does this work? If he repeats the same thing 10 times, does that count as 10 or just 1???

  83. I always shoot first. ask later says:

    so now the mainstream liars want us to believe their lies about the about cowards out in full force..

  84. Larry Neiderhiser says:

    No, Donald Trump is not a liar!!!
    IF YOU WANT TO SEE MY VIDEOS OF HIM AND HIS RED, BLEEDING, SWOOLEN GUMS. Which is proof positive that he is infected with gum disease!!!! JUST TYPE IN MY NAME "" Larry Neiderhiser"" which will take you to my YouTube channel. Where my videos are!!!

  85. Marlene Chapman says:

    TDS is real and kills!

  86. Patrick Maloney says:

    Compared to Obama, President Trump is the most truthful man that walked the earth.

  87. K Matt says:

    Trump 2020 Keep America Great. Democrats will continue to lie cheat and steal. And the lefties will continue tell millions of misleading lies. Fact


    Washington Post is the one who covers the veteran who was attacked by the student of a Catholic school wearing Trump hats.. they edited the actual video to show that Trump supporters are violent. The student and school sue WASHINGTON POST for false accusation .. Actual video show that the veteran and his group are the ones who attack…Now can you believe this. NEWS NETWORK about Trump…actually it is the democrats who tell lies starting with OBAMA who was born in Kenya in a Muslim family. The Requirement for a US President is a natural born AMERICAN…

  89. Ethan York says:

    Anyone who doesn't believe this lacks the capacity to think for themselves. It's self evident, and to think everyone is lying to make him look bad shows your susceptibility to manipulation

  90. Scott Wood says:

    So what's the count on YOUR lies & liberal biased BS ???

  91. Melody French says:

    The Democrats cut and paste everything they are the liars

  92. Jenn smith says:

    yall keep on keeping yer lists while Trump cake walks to victory in 2020.

  93. hone marshall says:

    Well done well done guys

  94. Tom Sticht says:

    WaPo sux! Fake news with an agenda…propagandist not journalists

  95. Tucker Hood says:

    should we really trust a bunch of liars to tell us about other people lying?

  96. snıɹɐɯ says:

    @AllFakeNewsPeople you talk about bias news but somehow you only listen to your little republican fox news networks🙄

  97. Robert Durning says:

    The Washington Post is still Pravda on the Potomac.

  98. Bmw EM says:

    In case you haven't noticed, we don't care, Trump is the best we could've ever picked for the office, can you imagine any of the leftist freaks in the office.

  99. Steven Wolf says:

    War will come to the US 'internally' if impeached

  100. GTP says:

    At least! The incompetent jackass, actually thinks people believe him!

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