Pleco Chinese Dictionary App 2019 review + DISCOUNT

The Pleco Chinese dictionary app is one of the most popular and useful apps for Chinese learners. You can think of it as a Swiss Army knife
for looking up unknown Chinese characters, words, and entire phrases. Many of you guys already know and treasure
the little Pleco fish on your phone. But even if you’re using the app already,
you might find this video still interesting as I will also discuss some of the premium
add-on features it offers and how you can get them cheaper! So stay tuned and find out how it works! 大家好 and welcome to Mandarin-Language! My name is Matt, also know as 天赐 and if this is your first time watching, this channel here is all about helping you to make faster progress with your Chinese
studies. Here I’m going to show you the currently best study material, tools, and strategies. In other words, it’s all about HOW to learn
most effectively. If this is what you have been long looking
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out on any future episode. But back to today’s topic which is all about
the Pleco Chinese dictionary app and how it can be your one faithful companion on your
learning journey to Mandarin Chinese proficiency. So without any further ado, let us switch
right to my smartphone and I show you exactly how it works. Alright, welcome back on my phone! You can see the Pleco dictionary app in the
top-left corner. Let’s open it up. And here you can see the main input screen. So we can search for an English word, a Chinese
character or its Pinyin depending on what you are looking for. Let’s start with something simple. So let’s say we want to translate the English
word “phone” into Chinese. And it’s actually the very first entry I
was looking for. So I tab on that. Now what you can see here is the basic dictionary entry. And it’s actually from several dictionaries. So we got the PLC dictionary, the CC dictionary. These dictionaries are already installed by
default. And you can also download additional dictionaries
if you are looking for a more comprehensive one or which is more specifically related
to your field of study. You can also see the characters being displayed
both in simplified and traditional. We got the pronunciation written in Pinyin
below. And we can also tab on the little speaker
icon for an audio sample. diàn huà Below that you can find a couple of useful
tabs. Let’s check those out for a moment. If you tab on “Stroke” which btw is a paid feature,
you will be shown in which stroke order the characters are actually written. This can be quite useful for complex characters. And “Chars” will give you the composition of
the words. So, in this case, the word for “phone” is
composed of two characters, the first one being DIAN for electricity and the second
one for HUA for talk. So basically the word for “phone” in Chinese
could be translated into something like “electric talk” you could say. Below once again you can see the traditional
character writing which is still being used in Hong Kong and Taiwan. And we have some alternate fonts. Now if we click on the tab “Words” we see all
the dictionary entries that contain the word Phone, such as phone number. And “Sentence” will give you some example sentences. This can be very useful if you want to see
how the word is used in the context of a full sentence. This makes it easier for you to grasp its
proper use and remember it better. Now if we go to the side menu we will see
all the other features this app offers. And some of them here are not in the free
version. Some paid features, for example, include the
OCR which is the optical character recognition, as well as the Reader and the Flashcards. Let’s go to a very powerful feature which
is the Live OCR. And this is gonna activate my phone camera
here. And I have with me here preparing for the
Chinese language exam. So I can try to scan the characters here and
tapping on pause afterwards. And now I can simply tab on the individual
characters and words to learn more about the meaning and pronunciation. This is a very powerful feature if you
want to make sense of any Chinese character written in a book for example. It is a much faster way to look up characters than using traditional methods. This is very powerful stuff! You can also apply the OCR to images. Here I just scanned a page of the book I was
just using. And with the frame, I select the parts of
the text I want to scan. Tap on capture afterwards. And now it shows me exactly the characters
I was just scanning. Now I can again tap on individual characters
and words to learn more about them. Or tap on the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation. Or listen to the entire text. This OCR, the optical character recognition
I find extremely useful. Yeah, so this is it. These are some of the very useful features
the Pleco app offers. If you are interested in the OCR scanning,
if you think that could be useful to you, go right to the website. And I have the website right here. Here you can learn more about Pleco’s numerous
features. And if you are interested in purchasing them,
I would actually suggest you buy it via their website. It’s about 20% cheaper and this probably
has to do with the App Store otherwise charging you on top for every purchase you make directly
inside the app. So you can get them much cheaper when buying
through their website. A link to you can find in the description
below. They also have additional dictionaries here
in French, Italian, Spanish, German. As well as some advanced dictionaries, specialized
dictionaries. And even ebooks. I haven’t tried those myself, but I think
especially here the HSK ones, if you wanna prepare for the Chinese language exams, could
be quite interesting and useful. Because you can simple tap on the words and
it will instantly show you its meaning. So, in my opinion, it is much better than
working with books these days. I hope you enjoyed this video and learned a
few new things along the way. If you like this kind of videos, please give
it a like and let me know in the comments which of the numerous Pleco feature you find
most useful for your studies. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to this
channel if you want to learn more about how to learn Chinese more effectively while having
more fun in the process. Until next time!

Daniel Ostrander

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